Pack n Play vs Crib

Pack n Play vs Crib – Why should you select the Pack n Play?

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Pack n Play vs CribWe pick Pack n Play from the Graco and Crib two are handy furniture for your baby. Both are good enough, but we select Pack n Play as the most convenient option.


Why We select Pack N Play?

  • It has a portable infant seat, so you can place your baby in that infant seat anywhere you want. But no infant seat is available with Lotus travel Crib. 
  • Pack n Play has a built-in 2-speed vibration that helps attach the infant very safely and steadily over the swing. At the same time, the lotus travel crib is a simple baby swing that doesn’t include this facility.   
  • You will get a removable diaper changer with Pack n play. Unfortunately, the lotus travel Crib doesn’t have any diaper changing option.
  • A built-in storage facility is only available with Graco Pack n Play baby swing where you can put your kid’s essential things like clothes and diapers in it. Besides, this is not available to its competitor. 

Graco Pack n Play is a perfect baby swing for your home with all those specialties. That’s why we strongly suggest you consider this one. 

Similar Features of Graco Pack n play and Crib baby swings.         

  • Both items were manufactured with a comfortable mattress that allows perfect sleep and other activities. 
  • The sideway net system provides great air passing ability.
  • Zipper functionality and the easy folding system are straightforward to use for parents. 
  • A strongside frame has made these swings more durable.

If you buy any of these baby swings, you will enjoy these similar facilities with them. But if you want the best performance then you should go with Pack & Play.

Quick Comparison 

Specifications  Graco Pack n play baby swing Lotus Travel Crib baby swing
Editor’s rating  4.9 out of 5  4.5 out of 5 
Dimensions  28.5 x 40 x 33.3 inches 46 x 31 x 25.5 inches
Built-in infant seat  Yes  No 
Removable diaper changer  Yes  No 
Built-in storage facility  Yes  No 
High-quality mattress  Yes  Yes 
Sideway net system  Yes  Yes 
Strong frame  Yes  Yes 
Battery required  Yes (4-hours battery life)  No 
Weight  34.5 pounds 11 pounds
Designed for  Unisex  Unisex 
Portable  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  Yes (1-year)  Yes (2-years) 

Comparison of features between Pack n Play vs Crib baby swings 

Built-in infant 

Graco Pack n Play comes with a fantastic infant seat. This seat is easily attachable to the main swing. Also, this infant has great mobility. This thing is also usable as the main bassinet of the swing. Your little kid will be in front of your eyes with that infant seat. 

Installation system 

Both baby swings are easily installable. The Lotus crib has an easier installation system than all other baby swings. For airline traveling, you can take this swing.

This baby swing especially fits traveling activities. Because this thing has a total weight of 11 pounds, the manufacturing brand will provide a magnificent back carrier to carry this swing.

Another way the Graco Pack n Play Playard is also very portable. Mother can single-handedly open and close the baby swing. Also, you will easily get attachment sides for putting your baby’s toys. 

Diaper changer 

Pack n play offers a removable diaper changer. Where baby’s diaper changing is done without any hassle, also after the changing is done, this diaper seat can be removed from the top. A risk-free and hassle-free facility to have. Parents love this amazing facility of changing babies’ diapers without carrying any extra seats.

Built-in storage 

Pack n play baby swing has a built-in storage panel. Where parents can put up important accessories for the kid. Children usually need at least two sets of clothes along with some additional diapers. Also, the toy is an attractive thing for children. As a parent, you can put all those things on that built-in storage panel. 

Sound system 

Crib doesn’t offer any audio functionality. But Pack n play always fulfills all the needs of a child. The great audio system of this swing creates soothing sounds. That properly takes the attention of the baby.

Children will never feel alone sitting on this carrier. Nature sounds create a lovely environment for proper sleeping. Moreover, a fully charged battery will be active for more than 4 hours. 

Proper inside space 

Both carriers have this magnificent thinking. They provide a proper space for the toddler for free movement. A large sleeping panel allows an appropriate space for independent sleeping.


Lotus travel crib is only made for a proper traveling experience. That’s why this carrier comes with two years of long warranty clause. On the opposite side, the Graco Pack n Play comes with 1-year of warranty support. 


Graco Pack n play is a convertible baby carrier. You can use it at your home and outside traveling purposes. All types of facilities are there. That is why my first preference is Pack n play baby swing. But if you want a simple traveling baby, swing Lotus travel crib will be a better option for you. 

Frequently asked questions of Pack n Play and Crib

Question: Any additional mattress needed? 

Answer: No, because they come with very comfortable mattresses. That is a proper setup for your babies sleeping. I will not recommend any additional mattresses as they have proper facilities for better sleep and free movement. The built-in mattress has a great air-passing ability, which is an ideal sleeping condition. 

Question: Can I get any traveling bag to carry the baby swing? 

Answer: Yes, a proper bag will be there with a great design. You can easily fold up the swing and put it into the bag. That carrying bag looks so nice on your back. 

Question: Is it fixable for my 10-year son? 

Answer: The maximum carrying capacity of the Crib baby swing is 18 pounds. Which is suitable for a toddler under five years only. So, you take the one which one has a proper carrying capacity. 

Question: Any battery needed? 

Answer: To enable the Pack n play’s music functionality, the 3 AA batteries are needed. Without the battery, other functions will work properly. A charged battery can work for 4 hours. 

Question: Is the frame strong enough? 

Answer: Yes, the frame is made with a mixer of good plastic and steel. Which has a great lasting ability. Also, the mattress is made with polyester. It has a longer-lasting ability. 

Question: How to take the product care? 

Answer: these are machine washable. You can clean up the mattress and parts of the swing with household soaps. 

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