Osprey Poco vs Poco Plus

Osprey Poco vs Poco Plus – Check why Osprey Poco Plus is Better!

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Osprey Poco vs Poco PlusOsprey Poco Plus is an amazingly well-decorated baby carrier. Even, there’re a few impressive facilities that positively influence me to recommend Osprey Poco Plus. Let’s see the key factors that made it better than Osprey Poco.

Why Osprey Poco Plus is Better?

  • Osprey Poco plus comes with a total capacity of 26 liters, which is perfect for hiking purposes. But Osprey Poco offers only 20 liters of capacity. That is not enough for long hiking activities. 
  • Osprey Plus has large storage space in its lower compartment. You can put all the necessary products on that storage panel. While Osprey Poco doesn’t have a large room on its main storage panel. 
  • This carrier offers you a lower stretch mesh pocket for keeping your essential accessories. On the contrary, Osprey Poco doesn’t include this fantastic feature.  
  • Another excellent feature of this carrier is the weight distribution policy. Therefore, carrying it feels so lightweight and comfortable. Whereas Poco is still a good one, but so comfortable one.  
  • Osprey Poco Plus belongs to a lot of unique pockets and a sound ventilation system. While Osprey Poco lacks quality in this section.  

From the difference mentioned above, it’s obvious that Osprey Poco plus offers more facilities than Osprey Poco. If you want to know the prices of these baby carriers, follow the button below. 


Similar features of Osprey Poco vs Poco Plus

  • These carriers come with an external hydration sleeve (which provides up to 1.5L stores) 
  • Lightweight folding aluminum-made frame. 
  • Detachable and washable soft-to-the-touch drool pad 
  • Both these carrier has adjustable torso system. 
  • Built-in UV protected sunshade 
  • Deluxe child cockpit with a double halo child harness
  • Osprey Airspeed suspension system

Quick Comparison: Osprey Poco vs Poco Plus

Specifications  Osprey Poco  Osprey Poco plus 
Dimensions  27.95 X 15.75 X 17.72 Inches 28.74 X 15.75 X 18.9 Inches.
Product weight  7.7 LBS. 7.89 LBS.
Volume  20 L  26 L
Main fabric  210D Nylon Diamond 210D Nylon Diamond
Load range  23.7 – 48.5 lbs. 23.89 – 48.5 lbs.
Body frame  Aluminum  Aluminum 
Built-in sunshade  Yes  Yes 
Size  One fixed size  One fixed size 
Adjustable torso  Yes  Yes 
Lower stretch mesh pocket  No  Yes
Main compartment size  Medium  Large 
Activities  Hiking  Hiking 
Dual grab handles  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  Yes  Yes 

Comparison of features between Osprey Poco vs Poco Plus


Both these carriers have a dimensional difference. The Osprey Poco Plus comes with a larger dimension of 28.74 X 15.75 X 18.9 Inches. That is why all the compartments of this carrier are large enough. The Osprey Poco comes with a smaller dimension of 27.95 X 15.75 X 17.72 Inches on the opposite side. Therefore, all the compartments of this carrier are relatively small in size. Also, these are not easily accessible. 

Product weight 

Both this product has quite a similar weight. Though the Osprey Poco plus appears in a large dimension, this product’s total weight is 7.89 LBS. Only. Though, the weight measurement of the Osprey Poco is slightly lower. It has a total weight of 7.7 LBS. 

Product capacity 

The Osprey Poco plus has a capacity of carrying 26 liters on its highest standard. At the same time, Poco does have some failings in this section. The Osprey Poco comes with a capacity of 20 liters. That is not sufficient for long hiking purposes. But the Osprey Poco plus is a perfect one for long-term hiking purposes. 

Special features  

Both of these carriers offer lots of unique features. Such as an adjustable torso system. Which will help you to fit these carriers correctly. Moreover, the built-in sunshade is another spectacular option to have. It helps to keep your baby from the sun’s heat. 

The soft and adjustable deluxe child cockpit provides a good position for the kid. Supports the growth of your bay. Dual grab handles help to carry this one a lot more comfortable. Also, you will get 5 + safety protection with these carriers. 

Adjustable and removable stirrups are very special for your kid. Very comfortable for the baby. You will also get high-quality aluminum-made frames, which will assist you in making your carrier more lightweight. Therefore, these carriers are quite a lovely feeling. 

Durability and breathability 

Both these carriers are made with 210 d nylon diamond. This fabric has a long-lasting ability. Also, the ventilation system of both of these carriers is very high. Therefore, users had lots of positive things to say about the breathability and durability of these two hiking carriers. 


Osprey comes with a repairable warranty clause with these carriers. But the brand is all time at your connection to provide any kinds of support relating to these carriers. Moreover, you will get a replacement warranty clause for a certain period. 


It is entirely that the Osprey Poco plus is the far better one compared to Osprey Poco. However, Osprey Poco does include most of the basic features at that lower price value. In the case of a lower budget, you may go for this carrier because it can be a great alternative to the Osprey Poco Plus

Frequently asked questions about the Osprey Poco vs Poco Plus

Question: What is the most extraordinary feature of the Osprey Poco plus? 

Answer: This carrier comes with special adjustable and removable stirrups. Which helps to provide more comfort and satisfaction to your baby. Also, you can remove this stirrup whenever you want. 

Question: Does the sunshade need extra payment to avail? 

Answer: Both these carriers come with this UV-protected built-in sunshade. So, you aren’t required to pay any extra amount for this amazing feature. 

Question: Do these carriers include water bottle holders? 

Answer: Yes, the Osprey Poco and Poco plus come with dual-sided water bottle holders. So, you can have 1 liter of water bottles on each side. 

Question: Can I get an external hydration sleeve with Osprey Poco? 

Answer: Yes, Osprey Poco comes with a hydration sleeve. Which fits up to 1.5L reservoirs. So, don’t be tense about the hydration sleeve of this carrier. 

Question: Which one comes with a lower budget price? 

Answer: The Osprey Poco comes with a lower price tag compared to the Osprey Poco Plus. But the Osprey Poco plus offers many unique features for the extra payment. It is worth that price value.

Question: Can I get different size options from these carriers? 

Answer: No, these carriers come with a one-size-fits-all option. So, you don’t need any size options with these hiking carriers. 

Question: Which one is perfectly suited for women? 

Answer: Both these carriers are made as to the unisex version. So, you can go for any of these two. You don’t need any women’s specified option. 

Question: Can I get any handles to carry these carriers? 

Answer: Yes, you will get dual grab handles to carry these bags in your hands. These dual grab handles are a useful and helpful option to have.  

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