Osprey Poco Ag vs Plus

Osprey Poco Ag vs Plus – Which one ensures the Best quality?

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Osprey Poco Ag vs PlusOsprey Poco AG is the nicest of these two hiking baby carriers that you can select for your baby. It has more improved and handy functions than Osprey Poco AG Plus. So, I endorse Osprey Poco AG as the best baby carrier.

Why Osprey Poco AG is Best?

  • Osprey Poco AG comes with an Anti-Gravity suspension system. Therefore, you won’t even notice that you’re carrying a heavy carrier. On the opposite side, Osprey Poco Plus doesn’t include this amazing feature. 
  • Both these carriers appear with an adjustable and removable stirrup, which provides extra comfort to your child. However, the stirrup at Osprey AG is more nicely decorated than Osprey Plus.
  • Osprey Poco AG has a capacity of 22 liters. Therefore, it is a perfect fit for long-day hiking activities. Whereas Osprey Poco Plus only holds 20 liters on its highest standard. So long-term hiking activities are quite difficult with this one.
  • Poco AG has stretch-mesh side pockets that enable external room for accessible objects. But Osprey Plus doesn’t offer this amazing feature.  
  • Osprey Poco AG comes with soft shoulder straps and very well-thought waist belts. Therefore, it is so comfortable for hiking activities. In comparison, these characteristics of Osprey Poco Plus are not of this complete quality.  

These were the main reasons that made Osprey Poco AG much better than Osprey Poco. So, it would be wise to go with Osprey Poco AG if you want ultimate comfort.


Similar Features

  • Osprey Poco Ag and Plus come with a large lower zippered compartment that provides enough storage for diapers and other necessary items.
  • There will be toy attachment loops for your child, so you can keep toy and pacifier attachments within the child’s reach.
  • They have a deluxe child cockpit, which stabilizes the pack so you won’t even feel you’re carrying cargo.
  • Adjustable torso system to be fitted with all users. This system also offers deluxe padding and leg support to prevent circulation deprivation.

Quick Comparison: Osprey Poco Ag vs Plus

Specifications  Osprey Poco Ag  Osprey Poco Plus 
Editor’s rating  4.6 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Dimensions  29h x 15w x 17d inches.  28.74H X 15.75W X 18.9 IN.
Load range  22 kg/ 48. 5 lbs.  23.89 – 48.5 lbs.
Product capacity  20 liters  26 liters 
Anti-gravity  Yes  No 
Manufactured fabric  210D Nylon Diamond  210D Nylon Diamond 
Adjustable seat  No  Yes 
Ventilation system  Normal  High-quality 
Compartments size  Medium  Large 
Adjustable torso  Yes  Yes (!5-21 inches) 
Body frame material  Aluminum  Aluminum 
3D tensioned mesh wraps  Yes  Yes 
Built-in sunshade  Yes Yes
Warranty  Yes  Yes 

Similarity & Difference Between Osprey Poco and Poco AG


Both these carriers come with similar dimensions. However, the Osprey Poco ag is slightly bigger. It has a dimension of 28H X 16W X17.50W In. Whereas the Osprey Poco comes in a dimension of 27.95H X 15.75W X17.72 in. Therefore, the total size of all the compartments and pockets is quite small. 

Manufactured items 

Here are the main differences between these two carriers. The Osprey Poco is made with 210D Nylon Diamond, which is very good for softness and lasting ability. Nevertheless, the main fabric of the Osprey Poco ag is more standard. It is made up of 210D denier nylon fabric. That is why this carrier is the most smooth and soft. 

Also, these two baby carriers are made with aluminum-made frames. Therefore, these carriers are so lightweight to carry. So, this mixer of manufacturing items is perfect and highly well known to the users. 

Gear capacity 

Both these carriers arrive with similar capacities. The Osprey Poco AG can carry slightly more compared to the other one. But both these carriers can take at least 20 liters of weight on their highest standard form. 

Special features 

The AG suspension system of the Osprey Poco AG is the most notable feature. It allows users a lot more comfortable plus it takes away all the gravitational force from this lovely baby hiking carrier. Therefore, carrying this one doesn’t feel any weight at all. 

It comes with adjustable and removable stirrups that allow leg support for the baby. You may find the same feature with the Osprey Poco, but the standardness is not the same as these two carriers. 

Common features 

Both these carriers come with lots of similar features. Such as the toy attachment loop, Deluxe child cockpit, and bigger lower compartments. Therefore, I have to admit that these carriers are the two most well-decorated and nicely designed baby carriers in the market by the Osprey brand. 


You will get a handful of warranty clauses with these two carriers. The company always supports the users by providing a lifetime, repairable supporting offer. Therefore, you can take your desired one without any hesitation from here. 


Both of these Osprey baby carriers are amazing. But for hiking purposes, the Osprey Poco surely will be the best suited of these two. It is the best hiking carrier, with quite some distance. Therefore, my final recommendation is Osprey Poco AG. But you can go for the Osprey Poco in case of a lower budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Osprey Poco and Poco AG Baby Carriers

Question: Which one offers a built-in sunshade feature? 

Answer: Both these carriers come with a fantastic built-in sunshade feature that can protect your baby from extreme heat. As well as, you can use a rain cover for protection in the rain. 

Question: Which one provides excellent visibility? 

Answer: The Osprey Poco AG comes with a more standard design. Therefore, your child will get more visibility of attractive hiking experiences with this carrier. 

Question: Which one comes in a lower price value? 

Answer: The Osprey Poco is available at a lower price tag. Nevertheless, this carrier includes all the basic features of the Osprey Poco hiking carrier series. 

Question: Can I receive separate color possibilities by Osprey Poco AG? 

Answer: Yes, this carrier comes with four spectacular color choices. Just pick your desired one now before it goes out of stock. 

Question: Is these carriers airline compatible? 

Answer: Sorry, any of these carriers are not airline-fitted. Therefore, you have to carry these carriers with extra payment on the cargo plane. 

Question: Can I get a box case to carry these carriers? 

Answer: Yes, you will get an excellent cover to carry these carries. Sometimes it requires extra payments. So, take your carrier as soon as possible to avoid these problems. 

Question: I am 6 feet 3 inches; which one should I go for? 

Answer: You may run for each of those two since these carriers come with an amazing adjustable torso system. Which is extendable from 15 inches to 21 inches. 

Question: What about the ventilation system of Osprey Poco? 

Answer: Osprey Poco is very popular with the public for its fantastic air passing ability. The ventilation system of Osprey baby carriers is first class. That is why you will get enough ventilation ability with this one. 

Question: Does the Osprey Poco AG suit, short people? 

Answer: Yes, anyone can make this carrier according to their body frame with an adjustable torso system. 

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