Osprey aura 50 vs 65

Osprey Aura 50 vs 65 – Which one is best backpack to pick?


Osprey aura 50 vs 65Aura 55 and Osprey Aura 65 are specially designed for women and have similar kinds of features. But the Aura 65 comes with more beneficial features for the users compared to the other ones.

Why I prefer Osprey Aura 65?

  • These two backpacks come with an adjustable back panel specially made for a smaller torso of women. But the hip belts of the Aura 55 are not quite adjustable with the body. That could lead to an injury. On the other hand, the Aura 65 really satisfied the users with its adjustable back panel and amazing hip belts.
  • Osprey Aura 65 comes with a large capacity of 65 liters. While the Osprey Aura 55 is capable of taking 40 liters.
  • Osprey Aura 65 is fitted for long tours, hiking, camping, and also capable of taking many things in it. But the Aura 55 doesn’t give you the luxury of long tours. It only fits for mini-tours of 2 / 3 days.
  • The Osprey Aura 65 has two extra front pockets compared to the other one. Extra front pockets play a vital role for hikers.

Now it’s pretty clear the Osprey Aura 65 has far more convincing features than Osprey Aura 55. If you want to know the actual price value of these products? Just go through the button below and get your best deal.


Quick comparison 

Specification  Osprey Aura 65   Osprey Aura 55  
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Dimension  28.35 X 14.17 X 14.17 D inches . 29.53 X 14.96 W X 15.7 5D inches 
Size options  Yes (3 sizes)  Yes 
Capacity  65 liters  40 liters (max) 
Front extra pockets  Yes (2 pockets)  No 
Main fabric  100D X 630D Nylon Dobby 100D X 630D Nylon Dobby
Water bottle holders  Both side and front  Two-sided only 
Anti Gravity suspension  Yes  Yes 
Suitable for  Long travel, hiking, and camping (weekend tours)  Short travel only (2/3 days tours) 

Comparison of features between Osprey Aura 65 and Osprey Aura 55 


Over the years, Osprey has designed lots of backpacks that are really easy to carry. These two backpacks were made in the sense of women’s specifications. You cannot find more special bags in the market made with women’s specifications, great design, and glorious decoration. But I have to admire the Osprey Aura 65 is more decorated and specially built than Osprey Aura 55. It easily fits with its adjustable back panel.

Woman specification 

These two were built with women’s specifications. That means these bags fill well with the small torso of women. Many times people thought Osprey Aura 55 also has the same feature. But this pack lacks hip belt adjustment, which is not purely adjusted with women’s hips. On the other hand, the Aura 65 has produced updated and better quality hip belts, which has made this bag more popular over Osprey Aura 55.


There is a big difference in the capacity sector of these bags. Aura 65 comes out with a large capacity of 65 liters. You can carry almost every necessary thing for your weekend tours in this bag. But the Aura 55 lacks in the capacity section. It has a maximum capacity of 40 liters. That is capable of long tours. And it has to mention this pack is only made for short or 2/3 days travel.


Both these packs were manufactured with 100D X 630D Nylon Dobby fabric. This fabric lasts so long and capable of taking rough uses. With years of traveling experience, users have said this pack doesn’t lose its shape at all. So, you can use any of these packs with great confidence.

Anti-gravity suspension 

That means these packs don’t become overweight. This feature has made this pack very easy to carry in a fully loaded condition. So, just choose your pack and make your tours with these beautiful packs.


At first, it wasn’t easy to identify the difference between these bags. But from the experienced traveler’s review, there is no doubt that the Osprey Aura 65 actually beats the Osprey Aura 55. With its tremendous features, traveling gets easier. A special quality, extra capacity, and well-decorated design have made the Osprey Aura 65 the best one.

In my opinion, the Aura 65 has made a strong case over Osprey Aura 55. Undoubtedly, It is the best backpack for women.

Frequently asked questions about Osprey Aura 65 backpack

Question: Is this bag fits in Airlines? 

Answer: Yes, this pack easily fits in many airlines. But in the case of traveling to lower categories of airlines, you may need to adjust this pack.

Question: Is this pack has a  water-resistant ability?

Answer: Actually, the main fabric is quite capable of taking light rain or water. But in case of heavy rain, you have to cover this pack with a rain cover.

Question: Can you tell me the size of the hydration bladder?

Answer: The hydration bladder is 3 liters, and it’s attached to the main compartment of this pack.

Question: Is this pack frame heavy? 

Answer: No, this pack’s main body frame was made with aluminum. Which is quite light and very durable.

Question: Can I put my water bottle in it? 

Answer: Yes, you can easily put up 3 water bottles here. You will get two-sided water bottle holders along with the front panel water holders.

Question: What about the emergency accessories space? 

Answer: This pack has two extra front pockets. You can put your emergency accessories here in any of these two pockets. You will easily make emergency products by putting them in the front pocket.

Question: Can I reduce the size of this pack? 

Answer: Yes, you can easily reduce the size of this pack according to your needs. Because this pack is very adjustable in nature.

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