Oculus Rift S VS Valve Index

Oculus Rift S VS Valve Index – Check out which one is the best?

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Oculus Rift S VS Valve IndexIf you are looking for a more functional VR gaming headset, then you can select Oculus Rift S as it comes with a better feature and function than Valve Index.

Which Features Made Oculus Rift S Best?

  • It upgrades their optic system that reduces their screen door effect. On the other hand, Valve Index does not improve their optic system that flashes while playing the game.
  • The Rift S display use next-generation lenses, and has a resolution of 2560 x 1440px, plus a refresh rate is 80Hz. Besides, the valve index also has a higher resolution display, but they did not use next-generation lenses. It will stop for a second in the middle of the game.
  • The device has an insight tracking system that converts your movement into VR no matter which way you stand or sit. It gives you room-scale tracking without exotic sensors. While the Valve index does not have any insight tracking system. It has a laser tracking system, but sometimes it will get interrupted badly.
  • This device upgrades the touch controller system. All your activities move in the VR by transporting your hand and giving you a real. Besides, the competitor Valve index a leaser controller. It has a freeze issue which is very uncomfortable to use.

 Now you can see the four main features that made Rift S the best. So, we advise you to choose Oculus Rift S.


Similar Feature

  • They have gesture control that allows you to slash, throw and grab appear in VR with intuitive, realistic precision.
  • Both devices can adjust interpupillary distances.
  • This device comes with a 1-year warranty.

You will get these similar functions with both speakers. If you want the super gaming experience with some improved facilities then you should go with Oculus Rift S.

Quick Comparison

Specification Oculus Rift S Valve Index
Editors Rating 4.1 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Weight 1.87 pounds 1.78 pounds
Display OLED LCD
Refresh rate 80Hz 144Hz
Screen Size 5.6 7
Has USB type C NO NO
Field of view 110 degree 130 degree
Support of WIFi No No
Remote control No  yes
Supported 3D audio No yes
Adjustable yes yes
Warranty 1 year 1 year

Differences and Similarities Between Valve Index and Oculus Quest


Both devices have an electronic display to present news to the user. Oculus redesigned the Rift S design, it stays safely and pleasantly in place with a quick twirl of the fit wheel, so it can give fast reactions.

Valve index also has an impressive design. In this device, you can adjust your IPD. Without IPD, you may not find the range between your pupils, and it can cause eye problems. If you look at the design, then Valve Index is better for you.

Display and lenses

These two device designs are different. Quest display is OLED with a 2560 x 1440px, and the refresh rate is 80 Hz. This device’s field of view is 110 degrees. You can synthesize the headset efficiently if you want.

On the other hand, the Valve Index display is LCD with a resolution of 2880 x 1600px, its field of view is 130 degrees. Sometimes it gets coagulated in the middle of the game. 


Oculus Rift S and Valve Index both have almost the same tracking system. The difference is just the Rift S has an insight tracking system that translates your movement into the VR, no matter which way you are standing or seating.

On another side, valve Index has a laser tracking system, which will give you more clear movement. But recently, it will freeze the middle in-game, the tracking does not respond for a few seconds. If you want a smooth tracking system, then go for Oculus Rift S.

Other Feature

Valve Index comes with remote control. It was used to control the device. Oculus Rift S does not have any remote to control this device. Others function almost the same in that device.

Both devices do not have any USB C-type plug. Oculus Rift S generally connects via Bluetooth. Valve Index connects with a personal computer. Rift S is more straightforward to connect than the Valve index. Both devices give you a 2hour backup per one charge. But by the time valve index discrete their battery life. So Oculus Rift S is better than Valve Index.

When it comes to weight, these two have almost the same weight. Rift S weight is 1.87 pounds, and valve index weight is 1.78 pounds. Both are travel-friendly.


This device comes with a 3D audio system. 3D audio gives you more immersive sound than surround sound technologies. On the other hand, Oculus Rift S has a built-in audio sound system that provides a loud surround sound system. If you want the best sound system, then go for a valve index.

Set up

For valve index- place your base station, connect your VR headset, install stream VR, download your favorite game and enjoy. For Oculus Rift S- Download oculus rift software, install the Oculus app, read the instruction, and set up your device.

Recommended space

For valve index:

Processor- Dual-core with Hyperthreading

Graphics card- Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD RX480


For Oculus Rift S:

Processor- Intel i5-4590/AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or greater.

Graphics card- NVIDIA GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 480 or greater

Ram- 8GB


In Valve Index, you will get a fantastic headset, two tracking base stations, and two controllers.

In Oculus Rift S, you will get a pair of controllers, a headset, AA batteries, some other extra kit, and a USB-C charging cable.


Both devices have a 1-year warranty. Oculus and Valve assure your backup by fixing or replacing the device if it has any qualifying issue. Moreover, they will last for years to come so that you can enjoy virtual games without any major issues. 


At the very end, you know that both of them fulfill your need. But for you, Oculus Rift S is the best and budget-friendly. So choose carefully and be a winner. Or if you don’t want an upgraded one, the Valve Index could be your best pick. 

Frequently Asked Question About Oculus Rift S and Valve Index

I broke my valve index controller. Can it be replaced or fixed?

Contract their site directly. They will likely be able to fix your controllers.

Is there any return policy?

At that moment, there is no return policy, however, this product has a one-year warranty. If there are any issues, then contract with Valve.

Does the base station come with the box, or I need to buy it separately?

All of this comes with the same box. You don’t need to buy anything separately.

What is the product voltage power?

It’s almost 220 to 240 volt.

Can I add extra tacking?

For now, Rift S does not support any external tracker.

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