North Face Surge vs Recon

North Face Surge vs Recon – Check which one is best and why?


North Face Surge vs ReconNorth Face Surge and Recon share many similarities, but the North Face Surge offers more exclusive features. So, I recommend North Face Surge rather than  Recon. Now, let’s have a look at these eye-catching features of the Surge.

Why North Face Surge is Best?

  • Having a Large capacity daypack is an excellent advantage for mini-day tours. The Surge comes with a capacity of 31 liters. In comparison, the Recon is capable of carrying 30 liters only.
  • This pack has an elevated secured laptop sleeve, which gives extra protection to the laptop. But the laptop sleeve of Recon is an ordinary one and doesn’t allow additional protection like the Surge.
  • North Face Surge comes with three different compartments. It also provides a well-decorated pocket for keeping the electronic accessories. On the other hand, the Recon has two main compartments and doesn’t offer a well-decorated electronic accessories pocket like the Surge.
  • It is a very versatile pack with large storage that fits very well in all types of airplanes. North Recon also fits in the airlines but doesn’t have a large storage capacity like North Surge.

Above mentioned features make the North Face Surge the best daypack between these two. Hope you understood why we recommend North Surge backpack for you.


Common Features

As we know, both these packs have many features in common. Now, let’s move forward to see the standard features of these great daypacks.

  • They easily fit into all airlines.
  • Suitable for mini-tours and daypack.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Dedicated compartment for laptop.
  • Very well decorated design.

Quick Comparison: North Face Surge vs Recon

Specifications  North Face Surge   North Face Recon 
Editor’s Rating  4.8 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Dimensions  20 in.  X 13.25 in.  X 10.5 in.  19.25 in.  X 13 in.  X 7 in.
Weight  Over 3 Lbs  Over 2 Lbs 
Capacity  31 liters  30 liters 
Style  Specially designed compartment for books and binders Randomly designed main compartment. 
Sleeve size  10.25 in.  X 14 inches.  11.5 in.  X 17.75 inches. 
Main fabric  500 D Nylon, 420 D Nylon, 210 D Cordura, Nylon Ripstop 600 D Polyester, 500 D Nylon Oxford Slub, 420 D Nylon, 210 D Nylon Ripstop
Out layer  Soft  Hard 
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime

Similarities & Difference Between North Face Surge and North Face Recon 


Though both packs look very similar to the naked eye, you will still find a huge difference in these packs’ size section. The North Surge comes with a larger dimension of 20 in. X 13.25 in. X 10.5 in. that allows more storage on it. On the other hand, the North face recon comes with a smaller dimension than Surge. The Recon has a dimension of 19.25 in. X 13 in. X 7 in.


In the capacity section, the Surge daypack gets the upper hand over the Recon. The Surge has a capacity of carrying 31 liters at its maximum range. That makes this pack very suitable for mini-tours or even medium-length tours. At the same time, the Recon is capable of carrying 30 liters at its maximum range.

For that reason, this pack doesn’t offer a longer-term touring experience with its lower capacity. Moreover, this pack only fits for light day tours. For those who want a pack that fits for a day tour or offers more than that, the Surge is the only option available to them in between these two packs. 

Style and decoration 

Both these packs are well decorated. With an attractive look and well decorated internal compartments, the Surge makes a strong case over the Recon. Still, Recon looks an attractive one. But the overall outlook and internal decoration of the Surge is far better than this. Such as the laptop compartment of the Surge is unique and safe.

Moreover, this pack offers a well-decorated pocket of electronic accessories. Two-sided water bottle holders also look pretty gorgeous and strong. The upper panel can hold emergency accessories too. A compact Surge daypack seems pretty impressive and stylish. On the other hand, the Recon is also a very stylish one. But not that great in the overall style and decoration section. 

User Friendliness

The Surge pack is made with 500 d nylon. That made this pack a very soft one to carry. You can easily carry this pack on your shoulders very comfortably. This pack can be carried for a long time without any muscle pain. But the Recon is made with 600 polyesters, which made this pack a very hard one. As a consequence, carrying this pack for a longer duration is very difficult. In that case, the Surge gets the upper hand over the Recon. 


The Surge pack is made with a mix of nylon, and ripstop nylon, and Cordura fabric. According to users’ reviews, these mixed fabrics are very top standard. So, never doubt about the durability of this pack. Even using it for a longer period, this pack doesn’t lose its shape. Remain very well shaped after many years of use. You have to admire the polyester-made Recon is also quite a good one. This mixed fabric is also solid and durable. So, both these packs are well durable and robust. 


These two products come with a lifetime warranty clause. That makes these products very popular to the users. Also, this lifetime warranty allows users a free user experience. Never think twice about the provided warranty of these two packs. Just pick the best one. And make your traveling experience more comfortable. 


Both these packs are very popular with their extraordinary features. In the first instance, identifying the differences is very difficult. But, now the differences are in front of us. The Surge is undoubtedly the best one. I don’t think the Recon is not a good one. The Recon is still a standard one, and you can choose this one in the absence of the Surge. And in my opinion, the Surge is the best daypack in between these two. 

Frequently Asked Questions about North Face Surge

Question: Is this pack fits in the Airlines? 

Answer: Yes, this pack easily fits any type of airline. In a compact size, this pack is easily included in the Airlines. So, you will get an international touring experience with this pack. 

Question: Does this pack have water resistance ability? 

Answer: Yes. This pack is made with a mix of nylon fabric. In lighter rains and water, this pack will be safe. But in case of heavy rainfall, using the rain cover is the best protection for your bag. 

Question: Can I pick my favorite color? 

Answer: Yes, this pack offers several eye-catching color options. Just choose your favorite color.

Question: How about the machine-washable ability of this bag?

Answer: Yes, the north face surge is machine-washable. But don’t use hot water, washing this pack because hot water can damage this pack’s main material. 

Question: Does this pack come with a warranty or something?

Answer: Yes, this pack is famous for its lifetime warranty clause. Very few manufacturing companies provide a lifetime warranty for their products. This huge advantage has made this pack one of the most popular day packs.

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