North face jester vs borealis

North Face Jester vs Borealis – Which One You Should Pick?


North face jester vs borealisThese two backpacks have almost similar features. But with a different manufacturing fabric, capacity, decoration, and design, the North Face Borealis backpack has a stronger case. So, I prefer North Face Borealis over Jester.

Why I Prefer North Face Borealis?

  • North Face Jester has a capacity of 26 liters while Borealis offers you a maximum capacity of 28 liters.
  • Borealis has a removable waist belt, but North Jester doesn’t provide this handy feature.
  • The main manufactured material used in North Face Borealis is mixed of 500 D nylon oxford slub and 210 D nylon Ripstop. But Jester is made with a mixer of Polyester material. Nylon fabric is generally stronger and has greater stretchability compared to Polyester material.
  • North Face Borealis comes with YKK zippers while Jester provides SBS zippers. The YKK zippers are smooth, robust, and last longer compared to SBS zippers.
  • It has a separate laptop compart. But North Face Jester’s laptop storage is inside the main compartment. Thus, Borealis’s laptop compartment is slightly larger and well-decorated than Jester’s.
  • Borealis’ side pockets are softer and made with stretchy mesh. Contrary, Jester uses a rougher mesh and its pockets are much harder.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned differences might help you to understand why Borealis is the best option here.


Quick Comparison: North Face Jester vs Borealis

Specification  North Face Borealis  North Face Jester 
Dimensions  19.75 in. X 13.25 in.  X 9.75 in 19.75 in. X 13.20  in.  X 8.75 in
Capacity  28 liters  26 liters 
Weight  1.12 lbs Only 1 lb
Manufactured fabric 500 D nylon oxford slub and 210 D nylon Ripstop 600 D polyester,1200 D polyester
Zippers  YKK  SBS 
Waist belt  Yes ( removable)  No 
Laptop pocket  Different compartment (17 inches space)   Attached with the main compartment (15.6 in. space) 
Tablet pocket  Large room and well decorated.  A smaller room, not so well decorated. 
Side waters holders  Soft and durable  Harder and not stretchy 
Water-resistant  Yes  Only capable of resisting light water

Similarity & Difference: North Face Borealis vs North Face Jester


These two packs have been built with great design and decorations. Though most of the features are quite similar, the Borealis has been established as the most popular one in terms of quality and quantity. The back panel of these bags has proper room for ventilation. In a word, you will get a well-decorated pack at a reasonable price.


There is a slight difference in the capacity section. The Borealis is a large dimensional one. And this pack allows at least 28 liters in it. But the Jester is a small dimensional one. This pack is only capable of taking 26 liters at a maximum range. The Borealis are also slightly heavier than north Jester.

Laptop compartment 

The laptop compartment of Borealis is not attached to the main compartment. Moreover, the laptop compartment is very well decorated. It has a large room where you can put a 17 inches laptop easily. On the other hand, north Jester’s laptop compartment is attached to the main compartment. This bag can carry a 15 inches laptop at maximum credit.

The north Borealis also has a well-decorated tablet sleeve. Where a large tablet will easily fit in. But the tablet sleeve of the north Jester is not capable of caring for large tablets. However, a 10 inches tablet will fit in this sleeve.

Main fabric 

Here is a big margin of these two products. The Borealis is made with 210 D nylon Ripstop. This fabric is well known for lasting so long. On the other hand, the north Jester is made with Polyester fabric. Polyester doesn’t have the same lasting ability as nylon fabric.

As a consequence, the north Borealis keep a great shape being used for so long. Isn’t it worth the money? On the other hand, you have to use the north Jester with great care. That doesn’t sound great.

The Zipper section 

The north Borealis zippers are so strong. Because the zippers are YKK, these types of zippers are well large and very well moveable. But the zippers of the north Jester are SBS. Still a good quality zipper. But not as lasting as YKK.

Special features 

Here users get removable waist belts with north Borealis. Waist belts are beneficial to attach the bag to the body. It helps to keep more balance. But the north Jester doesn’t come with this handy feature, which is a pretty unexpected thing.

As the north Borealis is made with nylon, the water bottle holders are quite soft and strong. But the water bottle holders of north Jester are not so strong. Moreover, this bottle carrier is not soft at all.


The north Borealis is more durable because of nylon made. But the north Jester is also a good pack for proper use. Just keep in mind this pack doesn’t make for rough use. The north Borealis keeps a great shape in case of rough use also.

Both these packs are quite capable of water resistance. In case of heavy rainfall, the north Jester may need a rain cover. But north Borealis still gives a great comfortability in heavy rain.


Many people think both these packs are quite the same. In reality, users have found a huge difference between the features of these two packs. I know there is quite a difference in the price value of these products. But at the same time, I have to admire the extraordinary qualities of these packs.

In my opinion, North Borealis is worth the money. Moreover, the north Jester can be a good alternative to this bag.

Frequently Asked Questions about North Face Jester and Borealis

Question: What is the actual size of the laptop sleeve?

Answer: The actual size of the laptop compartment is 15.6 inches. But being an extra compartment for a laptop, this compartment has more room where you can easily put on 17 inches laptops.

Question: Can I wash these packs on the water machine?

Answer: Yes, these travel backpacks are machine washable. Just keep in mind using only cold water while washing.

Question: Does it fit in the airlines?

Answer: Yes, this pack very comfortably fits in airlines. Moreover, in its maximum full range, this pack easily fits any class of airline travel.

Question: Is the women’s version available?

Answer: Yes, it’s a unisex bag. But the women-specific one is quite similar and still available in the market.

Question: Does it have size options? 

Answer: Yes, you will get three different sizes of north Borealis bags in the market.

Question: Is it water-resistant? 

Answer: Yes, this bag is water-resistant. You will get great support in heavy rain also.

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