north face chromium thermal vs apex bionic

North Face Chromium Thermal vs Apex Bionic – Which one is Best!


north face chromium thermal vs apex bionicNorth Face Chromium thermal and Apex Bionic are two great jackets for daily use. Here North Face Apex bionic is a better choice as it offers more quality materials and a spectacular design compared to Chromium thermal. So you can select this one as it worth your every penny!

Why North Face Chromium is Better?

  • Apex Bionic is a perfect fit for indoor and outdoor activities. For the heavy warmth nature, it can be used in icy weather. But the Chromium thermal light warmth nature has made it only fittable for a medium range of weather conditions.
  • North Apex Bionic has a handy Napoleon pocket on the left-hand side that provides extra space for keeping essential accessories. But Chromium thermal doesn’t have this useful feature. So, you will not get the extra space with it. 
  • The media compatibility feature has made this Jacket more useful. You can connect your device with this Jacket. At the same time, Chromium doesn’t provide this helpful feature.  
  • The high-quality finishing touch has made Apex Bionic more elegant and very well fitted with your body. Though Chromium is still a good one, it is not as elegant as the Bionic.

As you can see, the features made the Bionic a better option rather than its competitor. I highly recommend this Jacket; also, if you are interested in this Jacket, press the buttons below to check the price.


Common Features

  • For keeping your items secured, you will get a Zipper hand pocket. 
  • Both these Jackets are very stretchy and very well fitted with the body. 
  • The softshells help to keep you warmer in the chilly wind. 
  • You will get a lifetime warranty on these two jackets. 

Quick Comparison

Specifications North face Chromium Thermal  North Face Apex Bionic 
Style  NF0 A 2 (TBA) NF 0 A 4 (R2A)
Main fabric  WindWall, Polyester, Elastane Woven Face With Sherpa made Fleece Backer and the DWR furnish.  Special recycled Polyester, Elastane, and Non-PFC Durable Water-Repellent.  
Average weight  760 G (26.8 Oz) 557 G (19.65 Oz)
Media compatible  Yes  No 
Velcro Cuffs  Yes  No 
Water-resistant  Yes (very protective) Yes (minimum protection) 
Windproof  Yes (special protection)  Yes (moderate level protection) 
Warranty  Yes (lifetime)  Yes (lifetime) 

Comparison of features between North Chromium Thermal and Apex Bionic

Main fabric 

North face has manufactured these jackets with mixed fabric. The Apex is made with a mixer of Polyester and PFC fabric; that’s why this Jacket is very soft to wear. Moreover, the durable water-Repellent finish has made this more elegant and more well-fitted. If you wear this Jacket you will get more satisfaction. On the other hand, the Chromium thermal is made with Polyester and Elastane’s mixed fabric. This product is also very stretchy and still a good one. 


Both these Jackets are beneficial for the winter season. But the Bionic fits very well for indoor and outdoor activities. The heavy warmth nature allows us to use this Jacket in icy conditions also. Furthermore, you can use this Jacket for daily outdoor activities too. But the light warmth nature of the Chromium has made it suitable for only medium-level weather conditions. So, in terms of useability, the Bionic allows more options compared to the Thermal. 

Special tools

Both these jackets have so many unique features. But the Bionic offers you more. Such as the Napoleon pocket. It helps you to carry more essential accessories. On the other hand, the Thermal doesn’t come with this useful feature. That’s why the Bionic gets a slight advantage in this section. 

Another notable feature of the Apex Bionic is media compatibility. The media compatibility gives extra support of cable for your electronic device, and you don’t need to carry an extra cable. for getting any connection. But the Chromium doesn’t include this feature. 


The internal air scape process has made the Bionic very versatile. It fits very well for Indoor and outdoor activities and remains dry and pleasant from inside. Your body will remain sweat-free on a medium level of weather. But the Airpassing ability of the Thermal is not that good. It is versatile enough. So, the Apex Bionic is the best breathable Jacket in the market so far.

Another great thing is that the Bionic gets very well fitted with the body. Looks exceptionally well in any condition. But the Chromium thermal has some lackings in this department also. 

Warranty and durability 

North Face always gives some astonishing clauses with all their products. They provide a lifetime warranty with these products. It is possible because of the excellent quality of their product. The durability of these jackets is exceptional. That’s why users always give priority to the North Face products. 


Briefly, the North Face Apex Bionic is the winner in between these two Jackets. But, you should Never doubt the quality of the Chromium Thermal Jacket. This is still a good jacket, and you can take this one instead of taking the North face Bionic. 

Frequently asked questions about North face Chromium thermal jacket

Question: Tell me about the washing procedure for these Jackets?

Answer: You can wash this Jacket by hand or a machine. But using the boiled water can be harmful to this one. Try to clean it using cold water. Just keep in mind, hot water could cause some damage.

Question: Which of these jackets have rain protective ability?

Answer: Yes, your Jacket will protect you from light rain. Both these jackets are water-resistant. The Apex Bionic is more protective in between these two. But that protection only for heavy wind, not for heavy rain. So, just avoid heavy rain, because this is not a rain cover.

Question: What about the breathability of these jackets?

Answer: Both these Jackets have great air passing ability. But the Apex Bionic is more breathable. For that reason, you can wear it on extreme levels of weather. For long-time outdoor activities, this Jacket will stay dry and clean.

Question: Tell me the usefulness of velcro cuffs?

Answer: the velcro system can make your cuffs close. For that reason, any wind or dust-free cannot go inside your body. This ability comes in very handy in skiing types of activities. You will get this feature with the Chromium thermal only.

Question: Is media compatibility useful?

Answer: Yes, media compatibility is a useful feature to have. You can make a connection with your media device, and that requires any external cables. In long journeys, media compatibility can be a great alternative to headphone cable.

Question: Discuss the warranty clause of these jackets?

Answer: the North face Chromium comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee clause. Isn’t it just a fantastic clause to have?

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