NordicTrack 2450 vs 2950

NordicTrack 2450 vs 2950 – Check Which One is Perfect Choice!


NordicTrack 2450 and 2950 are the top-rated treadmills for home gym enthusiasts. Both have some impressive features thus, check out their differences to invest in the best one.

What Are the Differences Between NordicTrack 2450 vs 2950?

NordicTrack 2450 NordicTrack 2950
NordicTrack 2450 NordicTrack 2950
NordicTrack 2450 has a 4.0Hp motor. NordicTrack 2950 has a 4.25Hp motor.
It has no Bluetooth function. It has a BlueTooth feature.
The 2450 treadmill doesn’t have a soft deck. This 2950 has a soft deck feature.
It has a 14 inches touch screen console.  It has a 22 inches touch screen console. 
You can’t fold this machine. You can fold this machine.
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If you want to reach your fitness goal quicker, choose the NordicTrack 2950 treadmill. This has better functions than 2450. If you want to know its features precisely, read the following part.

Why I Recommend NordicTrack 2950?

  • NordicTrack 2950 has a more powerful motor than the 2450. It contains a 4.25Hp motor, but NordicTrack 2450 has a 4.0Hp motor, so it doesn’t matter for 2950 if you are a heavy person.
  • It has a softer deck to provide you with gentle running space, plus it can be folded vertically, which is impossible on the NordicTrack 2450.
  • The best thing about 2950 is that it has a 22 inches Smart touch capability display. That will allow you to monitor all your workout lessons, program, and the iFit features on a widescreen. Contrary, 2450 comes with a 14-inch display, which might not be helpful for you.
  • It is a Bluetooth-enabled treadmill so that you can connect your smartphone or Bluetooth speaker to play music during the workout. In contrast, 2450 can’t connect to Bluetooth but has a Bluetooth sign.

These were some of the cool features that made NordicTrack 2950 the best to make your workout comfortable.


Other Specifications Chart of NordicTrack 2450 vs 2950

Specifications NordicTrack  2450 NordicTrack 2950
Editor’s Rating  4.0 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Dimensions 81.2″ L x 39.2″ W x 69.9″ H 79.5″ L x 32.9″ W x 66.6″ H
High Speed   12 miles per hour 12 miles per hour
Incline -3 to 15% -3 to 15%
Folding Yes Yes
User Profile  Up to 5 Profiles  Up to 5 Profiles 
Running surface 22 x 60 inches 22 x 60 inches
Roller size 2.5 inches 2.5 inches
Weight capacity 300 pounds 300 pounds
Display type Smart HD Touchscreen Smart HD Touchscreen
Programs 50 On-Board programs 40 On-Board programs
Cooling fans Yes Yes
Display message Yes Yes
Heart rate Programs Yes Yes
Warranties 10 years on frames, 2 years on parts and electronics 10 years on frames, 2 years on parts and electronics

Features and Benefits of NordicTrack 2450 vs 2950

Motor Capacity

The NordicTrack 2450 comes with a 4.0 CHP DurX™ Commercial Plus motor. And 2950 comes with 4.2 CHP. 2950 has much higher motor power, which is stronger than 2450.

The display of the NordicTrack 2950 is very attractive. It has a 22 inches HD display with Smart touch capability, which can easily beat 2450, while it comes with only a 14 inches display. A wide displayable to help you anyway in your hard workout.

2950’s dimension is 79.5″ L x 32.9″ W x 66.6″ H. And 2450’s dimension is 81.2″ L x 39.2″ W x 69.9″ H. 2950 needs smaller space compared to 2450. it can save some space in your room.

Roller speed and running Surface

Both of the machines have 2.5 inches rollers. The rollers’ speed of these treadmills is the same. And the running surface of a treadmill is larger recommended so that the users can feel more comfortable. Both machines have 22 x 60 inches belts, commonly Familiar as running surfaces. They are large enough too.

Weight capacity

The Weight capacities of these treadmills are 300lbs. So any fat user with high lbs weight can ride the treadmill easily. For this reason, you can choose any of them for your workout.

Cooling fan
The cooling feature is one of the best treadmills, and workout lovers want to have it in their treadmills. And it is nice that both of the machines have cooling fan features. So you don’t have to leave the treadmill during a workout to get fresh air. You can have any of these machines.

There are very few treadmills that have foldable features. But NordicTrack’s 2450 and 2950 models have the cool feature. With this feature, you can convert it to very few footprints when you are not using them.


The NordicTrack 2450 is based on 50 onboard workout programs. On the other hand, 2950 is based on 40 onboard workout programs. In this feature, 2450 has 10 more programs than 2950. With this feature, the machine treats you as a trainer in a different way.

10 years on frames, 2 years on parts, electronics, and 1 year of labor warranty on both Nordictrack treadmills. So you don’t have to worry about any parts of the treadmills because it has a warranty on almost every part.


If you love hard work out, these are the best treadmills with the greatest features you will love. You can choose any of the machines for your home workout. And between those two, 2950 is the winner. Its smartest features will make your workout easier. Depending on the all-good side of 2950, I highly recommend you buy 2950. And if you really want to buy it click this button below to know its best price.

Frequently Asked Questions about NordicTrack 2450 and 2950

How can I use the heart rate program in 2950?

With the help of built-in EKG grip sensors, you can use the heart rating features.

What is if the technology that comes with these treadmills?

If technology is a virtual guidance feature that helps users work out in the right way to get the best result.

Is it hard or easy to set up the machine?

It is not so easy! But you may need 2 expert people who can easily set it up.

Can I return the machine if I change my mind?
Yes! But there are some conditions you need to follow to return to the treadmill.

How long can I run this machine?
It is not limited. But you can use the machine as long as you want until you are satisfied.

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