Ninebot Max vs M365 Pro

Ninebot Max vs M365 Pro – Check Which Scooter Is Best for You!


Ninebot Max vs M365 ProIf you plan to buy a scooter and have confusion to choose the best one between Ninebot Max and Xiaomi M365 Pro, suggests you buy Ninebot Max.

Why suggests Ninebot Max?

  • Ninebot Max can go 40.4 miles uninterruptedly with a fully charged battery pack, whereas the M365 Pro can run only 28 miles. The additional 12 miles journey is an advantage for a Ninebot Max rider. 
  • Compared to the M365 Pro’s battery, Max wins the race as it has a 551 Wh battery and the other has 474 Wh power. Furthermore, Max’s battery takes 2.5 hours less time to be fully recharged.
  • If you need to ride uphill, Max will give you more precedence as it has a 20% hill grade while Xiaomi’s scooter can climb a maximum 10% slope only.
  • Max’s 10″ tires are a major count in contrast with M365 Pro‘s 8″ tire. A larger diameter provides better grip on the road, and so Max can give you a secured riding. One thing to be added, Max has self-healing tires, so you need less maintenance and less cost. 
  • Even if you consider the best motor power, you can find that ranging from 350 W to 800 W, you can pick the highest 19 mph speed in Max. But with the other model, you can get the motor power in between 300 to 600 W, and so can be picked top 15.5 mph speed.
  • The first one gives a better ride on bouncy roads of its dual suspension system. But as the second one is equipped with the only front suspension system, it can not absorb as much shock as the other can.
  • Max has less strict age regulation in comparison to M365 Pro. Besides, as it uses a regenerative braking system, it can keep contributing to zero power waste and thus becomes eco-friendly. The other model doesn’t have these features at all.  

Calculating all the facts, now you will agree that Ninebot Max is the best one to select.


Similarities between Ninebot Max and Xiaomi M365 Pro

  • Their building materials are the same, and they can contain a similar max payload. 
  • Both scooters can be driven on three different modes- standard, auto, and sports.  
  • They have Mobile App, a smart battery management system, a Cruise control option, and anti-theft security features.
  • The products show a similar standard of water and dust resistance. 
  • They offer the customer a 1-year warranty.

Comparison Chart

Specifications Ninebot Max M365 Pro
Editor’s rating 4.8 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Building material  Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
Recommended age 14+ years 16+ years
Unit weight 41.89 lbs (19 kg) 28 lbs (14.2 kg)
Mile range 40.4 miles (65 km) 28 miles (45 km)
Maximum climbing slope 20% 10%
Battery Fast charging, 551 Wh 3 cells lithium battery, 474 Wh
Battery recharge time (max) 6 hours 8.5 hours
Light 2.5 W Built-in front LED Ultra-bright headlight and red tail light
Tire 10” pneumatic, self-healing 8.5” pneumatic, front and rear
Motor power Nominal 350 W, Peak 800 W Nominal 300 W, Peak 600 W
Top speed 19 mph (30.5 km/h) 15.5 mph (25 km/h)
Shock absorption feature Dual Suspension System Front Suspension System
Brake Front-wheel mechanical drum brake and rear wheel regenerative electric brake Rear 120 mm ventilated disc brake and Front  Anti-lock brake
Zero power waste Yes No
Regenerative brake Yes No
Max load 220 lbs (100 kg) 220 lbs (100 kg)
Mobile app control Yes, available on Android and iOS mobile systems Yes
Smart battery management system Yes Yes
Cruise control system Yes Yes
Bluetooth connectivity  Yes Yes
Anti-theft feature  Yes Alarm and lock function
Warranty 1-year limited 1-year
Speed mode 3 modes: ECO, Standard (D), Sports (S) 3 modes: ECO, Standard (D), Sports (S)
Required height 3 foot 11 inches- 6 foot 6 inches 3 foot 11 inches- 6 foot 6 inches

Similarities and Dissimilarities Between Ninebot Max and M365 Pro 

Building Materials 

The durability, portability, and weight of a product mostly depend on the materials of a product. From this point of view, Segway has made Ninebot Max with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. Xiaomi M365 Pro has also consisted of aluminum alloy with a black and white coating. So these electric scooters are sturdy and powerful and can carry 220 lbs as maximum payload.

The Motor Power and Mile Range

The nominal power of Ninebot Max’s motor is 350W, and peak power is 800 W. While in M365, they are respectively 300W and 600 W. With such a powerful motor, Ninebot Max scores 30.5 km/h or 19 mph top speed and climbs 20% hill grade. On the contrary, the M365 Pro hits 25km/h or 15. 5 mph top speed with only a 10% hill grade. Therefore the excellent climbing slope of Max allows a rider to go uphill easily.


Because of the innovative one-step folding system, Ninebot Max is easy to carry. Though its weight is 41.89 lbs (19 kg) which is pretty heavy, one can move it anywhere he wants without any troubles. On the other side, the M365 Pro is equipped with a 3 seconds quick folding system that saves the rider’s time and effort. Furthermore, 28 lbs (14.2 kg) weight makes this model magnificently portable and an easy companion for the riders in their short trip or daily outgoing purposes.

Water Resistance 

Both models are improved with a fabulous feature that prevents the scooters from malfunctioning due to water splashing situations. They have IP54 resistance. Now no matter whether you drive in the rain or on sandy and dusty roads, the scooter’s inner body will remain protected from any unwanted things like dust or other particles that may interfere with the functionality of the scooter. This feature has made them one of the most desirable scooters to trip lovers.

Shock Absorption System  

Segway has introduced Full Suspension System in Max, and M365 Pro is designed with Front Suspension to reduce the shakiness of the scooter on rough roads. Compared to the only front suspension, dual suspension can take more hits during hard cornering, so the rider won’t feel bad roads as they are.


Segway has used an improved and upgraded braking system in this model. Ninebot Max has mechanical drum brakes in its front wheel to provide more and long-lasting braking force than the disc brake. The rear wheel regenerative electric brake follows a technique that saves the vehicle’s kinetic energy, which would have been wasted. Later, it is turned into electricity that helps to recharge the battery and boost efficiency. Compared to non-regenerative brakes, the regenerative brake is long-standing.

On the inverse, the M365 Pro has a rear 120 mm ventilated disc brake and front E-ABS. The disc brake is easily applicable and helps a rider to reduce the speed safely. So one can avoid the risk of accidents. An ABS or anti-lock braking system with its speed sensors helps a rider to reduce speed or to stop his pace in an emergency. As the wheels do not lock, the vehicle does not skid away in heavy braking situations and does not raise the risk of panic braking.


Max has a fast-charging battery of 551 Wh with Built-in, one cord charger, which takes nearly 6 hours to be charged, and M365 Pro has 3 cells lithium battery of 474 Wh, which requires a maximum of 8.5 hours approximately to be fully charged. Riding on Max, one can go 40.4 miles which are nearly 65 kilometers, with a fully charged battery. But with M365 Pro, it gets lower as its mile range is only 28 miles or 45 kilometers. So with the higher mile range and better top speed, Ninebot Max can assure a rider a longer and speedy ride as well.

Battery Management System

The scooters’ batteries are rechargeable, and the Battery Management System is functional here. The electronic circuit of BMS works for protecting and controlling the lifetime of the battery and status. Noticeably, it prevents the battery from short circuit, overcurrent, Undervoltage auto-sleep, and temperature resistance conditions. It also gives two-way protection for overcharging and over-discharging situations.

Wheels and Tires

The tires are the connector of street and vehicle rather play a vital role for the safety purpose. Usually, tires ensure the grip of the braking system. Therefore, the M365 Pro is adorned with 8.5 inches front and rear pneumatic tires that can absorb exceeded shocks and collisions. Ninebot Max has tubeless 10 inches pneumatic self-healing tires that keep the rider comfortable from bumps on a hill or rough surface and offers a more comfortable and exciting trip. For self-healing features, the tires are made of highly durable rubber with the sealant material’s inner layer, and so they can withstand any puncture less than 6 mm diameter.


Both products include an improved LED display that shows the vehicle’s current speed, battery’s existing period, current mode, lighting features, Bluetooth status, and other data. The rider can effortlessly check everything needed from the front panel of the scooter.

Mobile App 

The M365 Pro is the updated and newest model of Xiaomi Scooter produced by Ninebot with upgraded facilities. Besides this model, Ninebot Max is also controllable from their mobile app, which is available on iOS and Android systems and connected via Bluetooth. From the mobile app, one can get the following parameter checkings: updating firmware, viewing mileage, remaining power, and current speed, enabling cruise control and a safety feature, and so on.

Lighting system  

The significance of a modernized lighting system is a lot. From that perspective, both the products have comprehended luminous lights that make your riding challenge easier. Ninebot Max has a 2.5w Built-in-front LED light, whereas M365 Pro has an ultra-bright headlight and red tail light that makes visible rider’s presence even in deep darkness. But it is better to ride on your scooter in the daylight only as it matters for safety purposes.

Cruise Control System 

The cruise control system aims to sustain a continual car or scooter speed despite exterior troubles like imbalanced wind or rugged roads. In this system, a rider has less tension to control the vehicle as this system automatically adjusts the throttle according to the system. It can be asserted that this technology has added an extra dimension to both the scooters making them attractive and professional. It is discouraged to use the feature more than 15km/h speed in a windy environment and heavy traffic areas.

Anti-Theft Feature 

Losing your scooter must be the last thing you want to happen. Now you need not worry about it anymore if you’re going to go elsewhere by keeping the scooter out of your sight. Just connect your Max or M365 Pro with your cellphone, park the vehicle in a place, and move on. Meanwhile, if any intruder tries to move the scooter, you will get an instant high-pitched beacon in your Mobile. Thus the scooters companies have ensured zero percentage of chance of any unexpected occurrences.

Driving modes

If you want to save your vehicle’s energy, turn on economic (ECO) mode. Limiting the acceleration will grip power consumption. In sports (S) mode, you can hold the gears for a longer time and get higher performance. By switching on standard (D) mode, you can change several driving aspects.  

Warranty and Age Recommendation 

The warranty confirms the buyer about the authenticity and good quality of the product. If the buyer finds any defects in the products, s/he has the right to get a solution. Both of the products have a one-year warranty. Ensure that you are buying the products from an authorized seller and maintaining all other mandatory demands to get a repaired or replaced one.  

Moreover, Ninebot Max suggests 14+age and requires the minimum height of 3 foot 11 inches to a maximum of 6 foot 6 inches, whereas M365 Pro offers 16 to 50 years age and 20-200 cm height as riding requirement.


Ninebot Max and Xiaomi M365 Pro can both be counted as your desired kick scooters. But if you choose Max, it can assure you of the efficient and impressive features, including speed, mile range, shock-absorbing power, and so on. Now you decide which one you want to invest in.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: Can it manage 230 lbs weight?

A: For safety purposes, one should not put more than 220 lbs (100 kg) weight. But if a little more weight is added, it is supposed to handle the load, though it may lessen the battery life and speed.

Q: How to lock the scooter?

A: If you are thinking about the electric lock, you can get Lock and Alarm Function, which can be enabled from Mobile App. But if you want to lock it physically, then tie the scooter using a cable with something.     

Q: Is the height adjustable?

A: No, Max or M365 pro doesn’t have the feature.    

Q: Can I add an external battery to increase the mile range?

A: No, these models don’t have any place for an external battery.

Q: What’s the warranty on it?

A: The buyer can get a 1 Year U.S. Manufacturer Limited Warranty and a 6 Months Warranty on Battery. 

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