Nikon Z50 vs Z6

Nikon Z50 vs Z6 – See Why Nikon Z6 is Better than Z50!


Nikon Z50 vs Z6

Nikon Z50 and Nikon Z6 are two high-quality DSLRs and share some similar features. But if you are looking for the best one then we highly recommend to pick Nikon Z6.

Why We Recommend Nikon Z6?

  • Nikon Z6 has 25 megapixels maximum sensor resolution. In contrast, Nikon Z50 has 21 megapixels maximum sensor resolution. With higher sensor resolution, Nikon Z6 gives you sensational images and video quality with super clarity.
  • This camera comes with 273 focus points. On the other hand, the Nikon Z50 has 209 focus points. As a result, the Z6 camera can track any subject better and gives more focused images of any moving objects. 
  • It comes with an anti-flicker feature that lessens uneven exposure and color in flickering lights. In opposite, the Z50 does not have an anti-flicker function.
  • Nikon Z6’s continuous shooting speed is 12 frames per second, and Nikon Z50’s continuous shooting speed is 11 frames per second. So, you can get a slightly better experience of continuous shooting with Nikon Z6.
  • Z6 has a headphone port, which helps you get better control over video. Nonetheless, the Nikon Z50 does not have this option.
  • The battery life is moderately superior in Nikon Z6. It can click up to 330 shots per single charge, while Nikon Z50 can click 320 in this duration.
  • The LCD screen resolution in Nikon Z6 is 2,100k dots, while Nikon Z50’s LCD screen resolution is 1,040k dots. As a result, you get an elevated screen view with the Nikon Z6.

These are the unique features that make Nikon Z6 a more desirable camera than the Nikon Z50.


Similar Features of Nikon Z50 vs Z6

  • Nikon Z50 and Z6 have a tilting screen, which makes them super flexible for shooting. In addition, their extensive display of 3.2” and touch screen make their screen preferred over other cameras.
  • Face detection focus is also available in Nikon Z50 and Z6. This feature is convenient for portrait photography.
  • These two cameras’ bodies are environmentally sealed. So, Nikon Z50 and Z6 are capable of capturing photos in rough weather conditions.
  • They have an AE Bracketing feature that helps you in harsh lighting conditions.
  • Another feature that makes them super exclusive is their Webcam function feature; for this, you can use both Nikon Z50 and Z6 as your Webcam.

Comparison Chart: Nikon Z50 vs Z6

Specification Nikon Z50 Nikon Z6
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Weight 397g 675g
Dimension 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches 5.3 x 2.7 x 4 inches
Resolution 21 MP 25 Mp
Battery Life 320 shots 330 shots
UHS Card Support Yes No
Continuous Shooting Speed 11 fps 12 fps
LCD Screen Resolution 1.040k dots 2.100k dots
Focus Points 209 273
Anti Flicker No Yes
Headphone Port No Yes
Microphone Port Yes Yes
Timelapse Recording Yes Yes
AE Barcating Yes Yes
Wireless Connection Yes Yes
Display Size 3.2” 3.2”
Viewfinder  Yes Yes
Bluetooth Connection  Yes Yes
Raw Support Yes Yes
Smartphone Remote Yes Yes
Eye Tracking Focus Yes Yes
Face Detection Focus Yes Yes
Touch Screen Yes Yes
Lens Mount Nikon Z Nikon Z
Environmental Sealing Yes Yes
Webcam Function Yes Yes
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Difference and Similarities Between Nikon Z50 vs Z6

Design and Display

Nikon Z50 and Z6 almost look identical, but their size and weights are different. Nikon Z50’s size is 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches, and Nikon Z6’s size is 5.3 x 2.7 x 4 inches.  In addition, they have a very dissimilar weight. Nikon Z50 is 397 grams in weight, while Nikon Z6’s weight is 675 grams. So, the Nikon Z6 is slightly heavier than the Nikon Z50.  

They come with a tilting LCD. As a result, you can get a flexible position while shooting with these two cameras. Furthermore, their display size is quite significant, of 3.2”, which helps you get a comprehensive view of the camera screen.

As the screen is a touch screen in both of them, they are effortless to manage. Yet, these two cameras have different screen resolutions. The resolution of Nikon Z6’s screen is 2.100k dots, and Nikon Z50’s is 1.040k dots. That is why you get an exceptionally high-quality screen sight in Nikon Z6.

Shooting Performance

The shooting performance is unidentical in Nikon Z50 and Z6. Although they have the same maximum ISO of 51,200. Their continuous shooting speed is a little different from each other. Nikon Z50’s continuous shooting speed is 11 frames per second, and the Nikon Z6’s is 12 frames per second.

So, Nikon Z6 captures more photos with this feature. Their sensor resolution is also unlike each other. Nikon Z6’s sensor resolution is 25 megapixels, and Nikon Z50’s is 21 megapixels. Hence, Nikon Z6 gives you some high-quality photos compared to Nikon Z50.

Focus Points

Focus points are essential features to look at when you are buying a new camera. This feature ensures you get better focus photos. However, Nikon Z6 performs better in this feature, with its 273 focus points, while Nikon Z50 has 209 focus points. Therefore, it can give you more focused photos and better images of moving objects. This feature makes the Nikon Z6 super-premium for portrait photos.     


The battery life is quite similar in both of them. Still, the Nikon Z6 gives a slightly elevated performance in this matter. Nikon Z50 is capable of taking 320 photos per one charge. However, the Nikon Z6 can take 330 pictures on a single charge. Therefore Nikon Z6 can provide you ten more pictures in the same duration as Nikon Z50.   


These two cameras have professional-level video resolution. Their video resolution is 4K (UHD) – 3840 x 2160 megapixels. They are capable of recording for 30 minutes on a single charge.  Nikon Z6 and Z50 have a timelapse feature which makes them an ideal mirrorless camera.

Their external microphone port will help you to get rich audio in your videos. Nikon Z6 has a headphone port that will give you better control over your videos. If you are focusing on videography and vlogging, then these two cameras are perfect for you.

Connectivity and SnapBridge

Nikon Z50 and Z6 come with excellent connectivity options. These two cameras have a built-in wireless connection and Bluetooth connection. So, anything related to wireless connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity is easy to do in these two cameras. However, Nikon has an app called SnapBridge for android and iSO users. This app helps to transfer files to your devices from your camera. 


Nikon offers a 1-year warranty for both of these cameras. This warranty covers any kind of manufacturer defect and repair or replacement if needed. Nikon reserves all rights to replace and repair in this period.

Final Words

It may seem the Nikon Z6, and Z50 can be alternatives to each other, but they are not. If you want to spend your money on the best one, go for the Nikon Z6 without hesitation. However, if you can compromise on some features and are thinking about getting a budget-friendly camera, then we would recommend you to get the Nikon Z50. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Nikon Z50 vs Z6

What is the continuous shooting speed of the Nikon  Z6?

The continuous shooting speed of the Nikon Z6 is 12 frames per second.

What is the type of viewfinder in Nikon Z50?

The type of Nikon Z6’s viewfinder is electronic.

Does the Nikon Z6 come with a wireless connection?

Yes, the Nikon Z6 does come with a wireless connection.

What kind of video resolution does the Nikon Z50 come with?

The Nikon Z50 comes with 4K (UHD) – 3840 x 2160 megapixels video resolution.

Tell me the maximum ISO of Nikon Z6?

The maximum ISO of Nikon Z6 is 51,200.

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