Nikon Z5 vs Sony a7iii

Nikon Z5 vs Sony a7iii – Find why you should grab the Sony a7iii?


Nikon Z5 vs Sony a7iiiIf you want to choose one between the Nikon z5 and Sony a7 III, I recommend selecting the Sony a7 III as some unique features make this device a winner over the other one.

What makes Sony a7 III the Winner?

  • Sony a7 III has 693 focus points, while the alternative has only 273 focus points. So, this camera will lock the subject and let you capture clear and better images compared to its competitor. 
  • This camera can shoot continuously at ten frames per second, allowing it to catch moving things in greater detail. On the other hand, the Nikon z5 does the same job at 4.5 fps.
  • You will get more run-time on this device. Sony a7 III has a battery backup of 610 shots, whereas the competitor will last for only 470 photos.
  • The NFC connectivity of this camera will allow you to transfer files without any complexation. The other device, the Nikon z5, isn’t compatible with NFC connectivity.
  • The expandable ISO of this camera will deliver you better quality images than the Nikon z5. This camera can expand its ISO range to 50-204800. Nikon z5 has a base ISO of 100-51200 that can be expandable to 102,400.

You will enjoy the specs only on the Sony a7 III. It will be wiser to pick this one to have the best camera experience.


Similar features of Nikon Z5 vs Sony a7iii

  • They both have an image stabilization feature that will make your videos more realistic by eliminating the camera shakes.
  • The touchscreen display of the devices will make it easier for you to focus on an object with a single tap.
  • They have a weather-sealed body, so using them in an extreme environment won’t be any problem.
  • Both the cameras come with a dual memory slot. Thus, you will be able to record long-duration videos.

Nikon Z5 vs Sony a7iii Quick Comparison 

Specifications Nikon z5 Sony a7 III
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5  4.8 out of 5
Color Black Black
ISO 100-51200 100-51200
Expandable ISO 100-102400 50-204800
Focus Points 273 693
Battery 470 shots 610 shots
Viewfinder 2360k dots 3690k dots
Continuous Shooting 4.5fps 10.0fps
Image Stabilization Yes Yes
NFC No Yes
Display 3.2 inch 3.0 inch
Touch Screen Yes Yes
Product Weight 5.3 x 2.8 x 4 inches 5 x 3.88 x 3 inches
Product Dimension 1.3 pounds 1.44 pounds
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of warranty

Differences & Similarities between Nikon Z5 vs Sony a7iii


The cameras come with the traditional camera outlook with an ergonomic shape. They have a weather-sealed body, and the rigid grip will make you feel comfortable while using the devices. They have a black color variant and weigh very little compared to the usual devices.


Nikon z5 is a full-frame mirrorless camera with a 24MP CMOS sensor. In addition, there are 6 Expeed image processors integrated into this device to provide a smooth camera experience. Sony a7 III, the other device, comes with the full-frame BSI CMOS sensor with a BIONZ X image processor. 


You will be satisfied with the battery backup of the devices. They both come with lithium-ion batteries with a decent backup. Nikon z5 will last for 470 shots, while the other will last for 610 pictures. That means it’s possible to cover a function with the Sony a7 III without any pause. You can also shoot longer videos with the Sony a7 III because of the durable battery.


You will get stunning quality images on the Nikon z5. The ISO range is perfect for shooting photos in any environment. The impressive shutter speed of 1/8000s will capture the best for you. This will get you images with finer details for any object. Sony a7 III is also a great device that delivers images with perfection. The camera will capture images with less noise and solid color tones.


In terms of connectivity, they are very much user-friendly. Nikon z5 has the feature to transfer files to the smartphone by using a dedicated app named SnapBridge. It’s easy to transfer files on the Sony a7 III as well. This device is compatible with an NFC connection that makes it more flexible to share photos without any complexation.


They both have a tiltable touchscreen display that will allow you to view the object with accurate color on the screen. Nikon z5 comparatively has a larger display than the competitor. A 3.2-inch display is included with this camera. On the other hand, the 3-inch display is provided by Sony a7 III. As the displays are tiltable, it will be easy to record videos from different angles. 


You can record quality 4K UHD videos on the Nikon z5. This device will record great quality videos with the Z systems technology and high-performance optics. With this device, you can also make time-lapse videos. The other one, Sony a7 III, is also a perfect device for video recording. You’ll be able to film videos that have a cinematic quality to them, making them more lifelike. Both the devices have dual memory slots, so it won’t be any problem to record longer videos.

Durability & Warranty

There is no doubt that Nikon and Sony are two of the most impressive camera manufacturers in the market. The devices have a premium build quality with a weather-sealed body that will make you able to use them for a long period. The cameras come with a 1-year of warranty from the manufacturers.

Final Words

Nikon z5 and Sony a7 III are two great cameras that let you enjoy photography and videography. But we recommend the Sony a7 III since it has the functions mentioned above. You can choose this DSLR camera, or if you want a device with a larger display and a superior viewfinder, the Nikon z5 is a good option.

Faq about Nikon Z5 vs Sony a7iii

Do they have an electronic viewfinder?

Yes. Both the devices come with an electronic viewfinder.

How good is the video quality of z5?

It’s awesome. The device can record 4K videos at 2160p.

Which one is preferable for silent shooting?

Sony a7 III, as this device has a silent mode.

Can I use a dual SD card at a time?

Sure. You can use both memory slots at the same time.

What is the quality of time-lapse videos of the Nikon z5?

It’s great. The quality will be better than the usual devices.

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