Nest Hello vs Ring Pro

Nest Hello vs Ring Pro – Check Why Nest Hello is Best!


Nest Hello vs Ring ProNest Hello and Ring Pro are smart doorbells with plenty of features. I compared both of them and would suggest you consider the Nest Hello. In the following, I’ve shared the features that made the Nest Hello the best doorbell.

What Made Nest Hello Best Doorbell?

  • The first difference is in the camera, it comes with the 1600×1200 camera, and Ring Pro has 1080p. Nest Hello can provide you with HDR video quality and offers you a clear vision. Also, it gives a better night vision rather than the Ring Pro.
  • Nest Hello is equipped with face recognition, but the Ring Pro is not. When someone is at the door, the device will instantly send you a notification. This feature is helpful when you are outside of the home, yet you can see who came. Besides, it can detect the sound, as well as the device can detect the package delivered to the front door.
  • It is equipped with quiet time, so you can schedule the device to mute the doorbell for 30 minutes to three hours, and this will not make any noise. On the other side, the Ring Pro doesn’t contain this feature.
  • The Nest Hello will continuously record the video footage to ensure you don’t miss anything. Since this device’s power is equipped with wire while the Ring Pro also uses the battery that you’d need to replace after six months.

Ring Pro is also an impressive doorbell, but it doesn’t equip these functions. If you are interested in the Nest Hello then you can go with it with your eyes close.


Quick Comparison Chart: Nest Hello vs Ring Pro

Specification  Nest Hello  Ring Pro 
Editor’s Rating  4.8 out of 5  4.5 out of 5 
Dimension 1.7 x 4.6 x 1 inches 4.50 x 1.85  x 0.8 inches
Weight 4.28 lbs 1.3 lbs
Camera  1600×1200 1080 P
Face Recognition  Yes  No 
Power  Wire  Both Wire and Battery 
Package Detection  Yes  Yes 
Continue Recording  Yes  No 
Sound Alert Detection Yes  No 
Prerecorded Quick Responses Yes  No 
Quiet time Yes  No 
Night Vision  Yes  Yes 
View 160-degree  160-degree 
Cloud Storage Yes  Yes 
Two-way Audio  Yes  Yes 
Voice Command  Yes Yes 
Warranty  Two-year  One-year

Differences & Similarities between Nest Hello and Ring Pro

Video Quality 

Nest Hello has better video quality compared to the Ring Pro. It offers a 1600×1200 camera, while the Ring Pro comes with a 1080p camera. The Nest Hello has HD and an HDR camera to clarify the footage in both day and nighttime. Also, it provides a 160-degree view so that you can see everything around you correctly.

On the other side, the Ring Pro offers an HD video doorbell, and it provides you to see, speak, hear, and see the people right from your phone or tablet. It also contains a 160-degree field view, but the Nest Hello offers a better clear vision.

Detection Feature 

Both video doorbells provide smart detect features, but the Nest Pro is advanced. It has a face recognition function; once the device sees a person, it will remember him. Also, it can detect the sound, noise as well. While the Ring Pro can detect motion only. But they share the same customizable motion feature so that the users can only see the relevant areas. Furthermore, both of them can detect the package delivered to your front door.

Quiet Time

Nest Hello comes with this fantastic quiet time function that lets you schedule the time you want to mute the device. You can mute the device for 30 minutes to three hours. The doorbell will continue recording, don’t worry about it. On the flip side, the Ring Pro doesn’t offer this feature to the users; that’s why I suggest the advanced one to you.

Two-way Audio 

The doorbells can be connected to Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. And you can hear and talk to the front door with them. When someone presses the doorbell, you can see the live view of the camera.

Pre Recorded Quick Response

Nest Hello has some prerecorded responses that let you quickly reply to the visitors. If you want, you can also record some responses. When it comes to the Ring Pro, it doesn’t have this convenient function. So it’s a little hassle.

Cloud Storage 

The cloud storage lets the Nest and Ring users save the recordings free. You are allowed to save the recording for up to 30 days to watch the footage anytime. Also, the recordings can be saved into a USB drive. However, once the free session is done, you need to purchase the plan that you can afford.


Both doorbells are equipped with a limited lifetime warranty, but Nest Hello is better. Since it comes with a two-year warranty while the Ring Pro has a one-year warranty, the warranty period will cover everything when you have any issues. Or both companies will refund you. However, as the Nest Hello comes with a two-year warranty, you can consider this doorbell.


Nest Hello and Ring Pro are two convenient video doorbells, and they are trendy. Both of the devices are easy to install, and they share a few same features. I highly recommend you to select the Nest Hello rather than Ring Pro. It has an advanced detect function, better video quality, and other best features, as you can see. But if you seek an affordable doorbell, then Ring Pro could be an excellent option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Nest Hello and Ring Pro 

Will Nest Hello record 24/7?

Yes, the device will capture video continuously, but the battery-powered devices cannot do it since they can be asleep.

Does Ring Pro have a face recognition function?

It doesn’t have this function, but the device can notify you when they detect any motion.

Can I customize the motion in Nest Hello?

Yes, the video doorbell lets you customize the motion detection area, and while they detect anything, you’ll be notified instantly.

Can I connect the Ring Pro to my desktop?

Yes, it is compatible with the desktop. Also, the device is consistent with the tablet and Android plus iOS.

Are they cloud storage compatible?

Yes, both the Nest and Ring video doorbells are compatible with cloud storage; moreover, the cloud allows you to save the video for up to 30 days.

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