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Nanit vs Nanit Plus – Check what make Nanit Plus Best Monitor!

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Nanit vs Nanit PlusNanit and Nanit Plus both are trusted baby monitors on the market. If you are trying to pick the best one between these two monitors then we highly recommend Nanit Plus.

What Features Make Nanit Plus Best?

  • This baby monitor arrives with a clear video and sound quality than the Nanit baby monitor. It has heard or speaks two-way audio mode that provides direct communication with the baby. At the same time, Nanit comes with a single audio mode.
  • Nanit Plus has a listening mode while using the app or turned off-screen mode with background audio. This smart technology is not available with the Nanit baby monitor. 
  • The noise removing mode of Nanit plus reduced all the noise from the background. In contrast, Nanit baby monitors don’t have noise-reducing technology.
  • Nanit Plus has breathing monitor functionality, so you can detect your baby’s breathing activity from anywhere. But this functionality is not provided with the Nanit monitor.

All these improved features made Nanit Plus better than Nanit. So, picking Nanit Plus would be the right decision here.


Similar Features of Nanit vs Nanit Plus

  • Both monitors have night camera technology that will provide a clear view even in dimming light conditions.
  • Sleep tracking functionality is available with them. So, you can see the baby’s sleep stats each morning.
  • Both cameras come with a 960p resolution setting which ensures a crystal clear HD bird’s eye view of your baby.

You are gonna get these similar functions with both baby monitors. But if you want to enjoy the best performance then you have to pick Nanit Plus.

Quick comparison: Nanit vs Nanit Plus

Specifications  Nanit baby monitor  Nanit Plus 
Editor’s rating  4.3 out of 5  4.7 out of 5 
Dimensions  12 x 5.2 x 4 inches 22 x 10 x 66 inches
Power source  Battery-powered  Battery-powered 
Sensor technology  Night Vision room temperature  Night Vision room temperature
Camera resolution  960p resolution  960p resolution 
Breathing monitoring technology  No  Yes 
Noise removing technology  No  Yes 
Two-way mode  No  Yes (hear/speak) 
Multiple using experience  Yes (creates parenting team) Yes(creates parenting team, individual permissions)
Notification system  Customizable app system  Customizable, app system/ background audio alerts 
Night vision camera mode  Yes  Yes 
Mounting system  Wall mount/floor stand addon  Wall mount/floor stand addon
Night vision  10-LED array infrared  10-LED array infrared 
Communication technology  Wifi supported  Wifi supported 
Warranty supported  Yes (1-year limited)  Yes (1-year limited) 

Comparison of features between Nanit vs Nanit Plus

Setup system 

Both devices come with similar setup systems. They have a bird’s eye view with clear vision. A clear overhead monitoring view is possible with the device. It can capture your surroundings with the proper wall mount system. A floor is available to hold the camera in that particular place you want. You can use this stand as your traveling companion. 


The Nanit and Nanit plus monitors use wifi connectivity for developing connections with the application. These baby monitors maintain proper connection using 2.4GHz and 5GHz networking systems. They provide flawless data without any buffering in their range. 

Notification system 

Nanit Plus arrives with a more developed notification system than the Nanit baby monitor. This device has a customizable application system with proper background audio and video management methodology. Unfortunately, the Nanit monitor only provides a customizable application system. The audio and video management system are absent here. 

Breathing monitoring technology 

An unbelievable technology helps to detect your baby’s breathing activities from a far distance. This technology is only available with Nanit plus baby monitors. It also enables a two-way supporting mode. You can hear kids’ current situation along with the speaking mode.

Camera resolution 

They come with a 960p resolution. The Nanit has infrared night vision technology, which provides a clear view even in the nighttime with a dim light. The Nanit Plus also keeps an improved night vision technology. This baby camera automatically reduces noise with an adjusted sound system. Moreover, parents can turn off the dining light with the application from a long distance. 

Power source 

It is a common scenario that baby monitors use batteries for their power source. Though you will get a long-lasting battery life, it has to be plugged in all the time to work. Many users are not satisfied with this battery plugged-in system. People generally look for charging batteries with no plugged-in functionality. 

Application management 

Parents keep tracking their kids with user-friendly application functionality—a long-distance hearing system with 360-degree video monitoring technology. Multiple login systems allow other people to monitor the activity. Asleep insights tracking functionality shows data graphs.

Color adjustment is possible with the application. It can detect sleep efficiency and total sleeping time. A calendar option is also available. Parents can sense the temperature condition with that application. The dimming light option is managed with the application.

An updated team system of the Nanit plus monitor provides access to the team with an individualized controlling setup. 

The application provides multiple customized user experiences, which is great thinking by the manufacturing brand. Sometimes video quality can be improved with application management. 


Nanit provides a 1-year limited warranty clause with both baby monitors. However, users must have fulfilled the conditions to get the warranty support from the mother brand. A proper user manual guide will be added to improve the user’s experience and easy readability.  


Nanit plus adds so many advanced features that are not available with Nanit monitors. That’s why this monitor will charge a little compared to a Nanit regular camera. The breathing monitoring technology of Nanit plus is the biggest technological improvement on this kind of budget.

So, Nanit plus remains my first choice here. But if you want a regular baby monitor with less cost, the Nanit baby monitor can be your choice. 

Frequently asked questions about Nanit vs Nanit Plus

Question: Are they android supported? 

Answer: Yes, both devices can be optimized with android and IOS. Provides complete control with the application on these two modes. Unfortunately, these devices are not PC-supported. 

Question: Is the standing stand free? 

Answer: No, the long-standing stand comes with an add-on service system. You might be charged with extra money to obtain this stand. But the wall stand is fully free, and that is obtainable without any extra cost. 

Question: Is it secured? 

Answer: Yes, multiple login systems take approval from the original user. A customizable login option and with secured application commenting system provide high-quality security. Hacking is not so easy with that secured coding-developed software. So, don’t think about the security system. 

Question: Does it work with google assistant? 

Answer: No, they can’t be controlled with the google assistant command. But the manufacturing brand is thinking about including this modern technology. 

Question: Is that night light mode disturbing for kids? 

Answer: No, this night glow works in a dimming condition. This is not irritating at all. Moreover, you can turn off or dim the light with the application system from a long distance.      

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