Nanit Plus vs Owlet

Nanit Plus vs Owlet – Check why should you consider Owlet!

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Nanit Plus vs OwletNanit Plus and Owlet both are exclusive baby monitors on the market. Between these two, I recommend Owlet Smart Sock that offers more improved features than Nanit Plus.

Why I Recommend Owlet Baby Monitor?

  • It tracks the baby’s oxygen level and heart rate activities with a smart sock functionality. But Nanit Plus only provides breathing activities, doesn’t include heart rate activities.
  • The Owlet baby monitor comes with a proper application management system that will notify you about the safe zone. This facility is not provided by Nanit plus baby monitors.
  • Wireless charging functionality is a great feature of this monitor, so you can charge the device without any hassle of cable management. Unfortunately, wireless charging is not available on the Nanit plus.
  • The Owlet camera system includes high-quality sensibility, which is more safe and accurate than Nanit Plus.

All those smart functionalities made Owlet Smart Sock the best choice here. This device is also affordable, so you can consider this baby monitor.


Similar Features of Nanit Plus and Owlet

  • Both monitors have two-way talking functionality that provides direct communication with your baby.
  • Clear video streaming available in real-time views. So you can see your baby from anywhere.
  • A proper standing system is gettable with these devices.
  • They come with a night vision camera set which provides a clear view even in a dimming light condition.

You will get these similar facilities with these baby monitors. If you want comparatively better performance with more useful features then you should go with Owlet Smart Sock.

Comparison Chart

Specifications Nanit Plus Baby Monitor Owlet Smart Baby Monitor
Editor’s rating 4.5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Camera resolution 980p 1080p
Power system Battery supported Battery supported
Power connection Cable oriented Wireless mode
Two-way audio mode Yes Yes
Breathing rate Yes Yes
Temperature detection Yes Yes
Night vision camera setup Yes Yes
Smart shock functionality No Yes
Safe zone notification No Yes
Heart rate detection No Yes
Sensor technology Nightvision Nightvision
User manual included Yes Yes
Warranty Yes (1-year/45 days manufacturer warranty) Yes (1-year)

Comparison between Nanit Plus and Owlet smart sock baby monitors.

Sensor technology

A night vision sensor technology helps to monitor your baby even in a dark time. It helps to provide a proper view in nighttime also. Here, both monitors come with the same type of sensor technology that helps to detect the room’s temperature.

Camera resolution

Owlet smart shock’s camera resolution is 1080p while the Nanit Plus has a 980p resolution. So the Owlet can capture HD pictures of your baby. But the camera setup of Nanit plus is not that standard plus the video quality is normal. That’s why the Owlet would be your best bet. 

Oxygen and Heart rate detection

Owlet smart shock comes with the Oxygen rate detention system. This feature is also available with Nanit plus. So that guardians can nurse their babies’ breathing activities. It takes all the tension away from parents’ minds.

Moreover, heart rate detection helps to detect your baby’s heart. The sensor instantly picks up the heart rate condition and sends all information to the connected application. Fortunately, the Owlet baby monitor combines with heart rate detection but the Nanit Plus is not.

Power system

These monitors are battery-powered oriented. But, the Owlet smart shock has a wireless charging system which is a hassle-free system. But Nanit plus needs cables to be charged. Users usually hate this system because it is tough to handle.

Notification system

They provide the real-time notification. Both radars have a two-way audio mode. They add natural sounds with sufficient audio. They also have a white noise clearing process. Sound and motion alert provides all the necessary updates on the users’ apps. Owlet smart socks can be connected with a base station. That has colorful light. According to the alert, lights provide the current status of your baby’s surroundings.

Customizable monitoring

A proper security system keeps the application out of reach of unwanted persons. A parenting team can be created in a customized way. That helps to monitor your baby by other authorized persons. Also, the sound system, video quality, and graph display system can be manually adjusted. The easy customizing process creates a good user experience.


Nanit Plus comes with 1-year warranty support. Also, 45 days manufacturer warranty is included. This manufacturer warranty will be adjusted with the original warranty clause. Owlet also supports a 1 year of limited warranty. 


Owlet is a combination of a good camera setup, smart shock function, and proper application system. So, my first preference is Owlet smart sock. But if someone is looking for a low-budget baby monitor with all the basic features, my suggestion would be Nanit Plus.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nanit Plus and Owlet 

Question: Does this work with a PC?

Answer: Yes, both monitors work with PCs. Also, perform quite well with android devices.

Question: Does the base station of Owlet cost an extra amount?

Answer: No, Owlet monitor smart sock Dou will not cost any single amount for the base station. This baby monitor combines a powerful camera, smart sock, and the base station with a proper application system.

Question: How to charge the battery?

Answer: For charging the Owlet smart sock, place the shock on the charging plate. Then the automatic charging process will start. It takes a little time to be fully charged. But Nanit plus requires plugged in with the cable to be charged.

Question: Is it works at night?

Answer: Yes, both monitors are manufactured with a night vision sensor setup. That’s why they can capture clear images in a night or dark mode. All provide HD video on all lighting conditions.

Question: Is the smart sock working for dogs?

Answer: No, this smart sock is only suitable for human infants between o-18 months or 6-25 pounds. So, don’t use this device for pet animals.

Question: How does the base station work?

Answer: the base station sends out notifications with audio sounds. Colored lights will inform the sound system.

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