MX Anywhere 2 vs 2s

MX Anywhere 2 vs 2s – Check differences & Get the suitable one!

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MX Anywhere 2 vs 2sMX Anywhere 2 and 2s are two wireless super fast mouse, but Anywhere 2S is comparatively better here.

Why MX Anywhere 2S is Better?

  • MX Anywhere 2S comes with the sensor of DPI 4000, whereas the other device will output a maximum of 1600 DPI. So you can work on any surface with Anywhere 2S.
  • You can use Anywhere 2S for a long time as it has better battery life with a backup of more than 10-15% than the usual models.
  • This mouse is lighter than the MX, even using MX 2S for a long time won’t create any discomfort.
  • Customizable buttons with Anywhere MX 2S allow you to assign buttons for specific tasks to save time by personalizing actions for individual actions. 

I hope you don’t need to think more to pick the right one. Anywhere 2S will be the winner both for the features and the budget. Just don’t hesitate; simply click the buttons below and check the prices.


Similar features of Anywhere 2 and 2S

  •  Wireless super fast mouse
  •  Surface compatibility with higher DPI of sensors
  •  Suitable design with side grip for a long time use
  •  Heavy battery backup for a long time usage
  •  Suitable for both hand users

Quick Comparison –

Specifications MX Anywhere 2 MX Anywhere 2S
Editor’s Rating 4.4 out of 5 4.7 out of 5 
Connection Wireless Wireless
Hand Orientation Right, Ambidextrous Right, Ambidextrous
Color Meteorite Graphite
Product Dimensions 2.4 x 1.4 x 3.9 inches 1.35 x 2.42 x 3.94 inches
Item Dimensions L X W X H 2.4 x 1.4 x 3.9 inches 1.35 x 2.42 x 3.94 inches
Item Weight 3.68 ounces 7.1 ounces
Hardware Platform Laptop, PC Ipad OS, PC, MAC
Shape  Sculpted Sculpted
Programmable Buttons  Yes Yes
Connectivity  Dual Dual
Battery  Yes Required (included) Yes Required (included)
Warranty 3-Year warranty 3-Year warranty

Difference and Similarities between Anywhere 2 and 2S –

Sensor Technology

In terms of sensor, the Anywhere 2S is absolutely the winner. It comes with the super 4000 DPI Dark Field of the sensor means you don’t need to worry about the surface while using it. This mouse tracks perfectly anywhere.

Whereas the other device, which is Anywhere 2 provides a sensor is 1600 DPI maximum though you can use it on various surfaces, you can realize that you won’t experience the same. 

Hand Orientation

Hand Orientation is a common issue for users. The user is not usually a user of the right hand. The great news is that both of the devices are Ambidextrous, which means you can feel it right in both hands; the switches and the grips are made so that any hand can feel comfortable while using the devices.


Logitech Anywhere 2S is a mobile mouse that is built to suit your hand. You can have the offer to control at home, at work, or on the go. The sculpted, shaped wireless mouse will make the experience of your long day use better than before. The other device also comes with a sculpted shape. But with the grips and shape, the 2S will be the better choice.

Programmable Buttons

Using Logitech Options Software, you can customize actions for specific buttons. This option will make your work experience more comfortable and save you time. By pressing the scroll wheel, you can change from hyper-fast scrolling to click to click action. There is a dedicated button in the Anywhere 2S to switch between three computers in just a single click


Both devices are equipped with rapid charging. You can have one hour of usage with a quick one-minute charge. With a full charge, you can use it for more than two months. Moreover, you should not think about how to charge. Charging is very much easy with a micro-USB cable.  

Warranty and Durability

Logitech devices are popular because of their durability. These devices can be used without any problem for a long time. There has always been positive feedback from the users. About warranty, Logitech provides a 3-year of warranty for its mouse category products. And about replacement, this brand is always very positive in records.  

Final Words

If you compare these two devices, I would say the Anywhere 2S will be the winner. Control, Speed, Scrolling everything will be how you want it. As a wireless mouse, this mouse will provide you with fully satisfactory performance.  

Frequently Asked Question for MX Anywhere 2 and 2s – 

QuestionWhat is the specific depth measurement of the mouse?

Answer:  Height x Width x Depth: 2.43 in (61.6 mm) x 3.95 in (100.3 mm) x 1.35 in (34.4 mm), Weight: 3.74 oz (106 g) – slated from manufacturer site.

Question: What does this mouse seem like for a person with big hands?

Answer:  This is quite a small mouse, but that doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for large hands. It has gripped both sides, which makes it better inexperience. Few things depend on how you hold it or grab it.

Question: Will a 3rd mouse button use the scroll wheel?? 

Answer: If you click on the scroll wheel, only you can delegate another feature from smooth scrolling to discrete scrolling. Behind the scroll wheel, there is a tiny button, but there’s no middle button default. You can assign it to a central button. Still, in my view, you will be forgotten about the customized button binding, and you will have to reconnect with Bluetooth or restart your machine to recover it, hopefully.

Question: Do I need to add a mouse pad while using this mouse?

Answer: Absolutely No. You have this mouse with 4000 DPI of sensor technology, so it doesn’t matter what the surface is, glass or wood, you can use it anywhere.

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