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Miele Classic C1 vs Compact C1 – Why Miele Compact C1 is Best?

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miele classic c1 vs compact c1Miele’s vacuum cleaners ensure their durability through the cleaning journey with you. If you are hesitant to choose between Miele Classic C1 and Compact C1, then I suggest Miele Compact C1 for its improved features.

Why do I suggest Miele Compact C1?

  • Miele Compact C1’s weight is 14.5 pounds, and Miele Classic C1’s is 16 pounds. Miele Compact C1 is lighter in weight than the Miele Classic C1 vacuum cleaner. Therefore it’s easy to move Miele Compact C1.
  • The noise level of Compact C1 is 50 to 68 decibel, and the noise level of Miele Classic C1 is 57 to 79 decibel. So, Miele Compact C1 is quieter than Miele Classic C1. Working with Miele Compact C1 is more peaceful than Miele Classic C1.
  • You only get a one-year limited warranty with Miele Classic C1. Whereas Miele offers a 2-year warranty for the Miele Compact C1, that’s why you can have more extended customer support on this vacuum cleaner than Miele Classic C1.
  • Miele Classic C1 is notably made for bare floors. But Miele Compact C1 is good to go with large rugs, carpet, and bare floors. That means you get to clean more types of the floor with Miele Compact C1 than Miele Classic C1.

All those objects make the Miele Compact C1 a better choice than Miele Classic C1. Miele Compact C1 vacuum cleaner makes your work easier, comfortable, and hassle-free. Wanna know their price? Simply press these buttons below. 


Similar Features of Miele Classic C1 and Compact C1

  • They appear with a vortex motor.
  • Their suction power is 1200 watts.
  • Both have Air clean filters.
  • The cleaning radius in both of them is 29.5ft.
  •  Both have 6 power settings.
Specification Miele Classic C1 Miele Compact C2
Editor’s Rating 4.7 Out of 5 4.8 Out of 5
Weight 16lbs 14.5 lbs
Dimension 18.2*11*18.7 16.9*9.8*9.1
Motor Vortex Vortex
Suction Power 1200 Watts 1200Watts
Filter Air Clean Filters Air Clean Filters
Cord Length 5.5 Meter 5.5 Meter
Cleaning Radius 29.5 ft 29.5 ft
Dust Bag Capacity 4.5 Liters 3.5 Liters
Noise Level 57 to 79 Decibel 50 to 68 Decibel
Universal Floorhead Yes Yes
Power Settings 6 6
Best At Bare Floor Carpet, Bare Floor 
Warranty 1 Year 2 Years

Difference and Similarity Between Miele Classic C1 vs Miele Compact C1

Motor and Power Settings

They have a vortex motor with a powerful suction power of 1200 watts. Offers you a long durable service. This provides you a clean and hygienic floor. They have six different power settings to function, which ensures advanced cleaning and allows you to use the settings according to your dust type.

Machine Weight and Size

In the matter of the machine’s weight and size, Miele Compact C1 wins without any doubt. This vacuum cleaner is 14.5 pounds in weight. And appear with a compact design in the size of 16.9*9.8*9.1 inches. Miele Classic comes with a weight of 16 pounds and in size 18.2*11*18.7 inches.

Cleaning Radius

In the cleaning radius section, they both give the same service. Miele Classic C1 and Compact C1 have a 29.5ft long cleaning radius. They come with a 5.5-meter long cord. So, you can cover 29.5ft cleaning at a time. It is really a good deal among the markets’ vacuum cleaners.

Filtration System

Both have an Air clean filtration system. They ensure the capturing of allergens like pollen. They clean almost 99% of allergens. Miele Compact C1 has three features Air clean filtration bag. These have an automatic seal that does not allow dust or allergen to sneak back into the Air. Miele Compact C1’s dust bag capacity is 3.5 liters, and Miele Classic C1’s dust bag capacity is 4.5 liters. Although it has a bigger capacity than Miele Compact C1, it does not have a sealed filtration system like Miele Compact C1.

Ideal Floors 

These two vacuum cleaners are too good to clean bare floors. Miele Classic C1 is specially made for this flooring type. But Miele Compact C1 is good to go with carpet and big rugs too. So, Miele Classic C1 leaves you with limitations. Where Miele Compact C1 gives you more options in flooring.


In the matter of warranty, Miele is a trustable company. They provide you the best deal on their vacuum cleaners. They give a one-year warranty for the Classic C1 and a two-year warranty for the Compact C1. Once again, Miele Compact C1 wins against Miele Classic C1 in this section.


Miele really manufactures some of the finest vacuum cleaners you can see in the business. Miele Compact C1 and classic C1 surely are two of them. But clearly, the Miele Compact C1 is better among these two. With its carriable weight, compact size, lower noise level, good warranty deal, and more options on floors give you everything you can wish on a vacuum cleaner. Therefore this vacuum cleaner is highly recommended for your home and a one-time investment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Miele Classic C1 vs Compact C1

Does Miele Compact C1 have a motorized head?

No, Miele Compact C1 does not have any motorized head.

Does Miele Classic C1 come with a power nozzle?

No, Miele Classic C1 does not come with a power nozzle.

Is Miele Compact C1 good to go with carpet?

Yes, Miele Compact is excellent for cleaning carpets.

How loud is Miele Classic C1?

Not much, compared to other vacuum cleaners of markets. Its noise level is 57 to 79 decibel. But louder than Miele Compact C1.

What is the weight of Miele Compact C1?

The weight of the Miele Compact C1 is 4.5 pounds.

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