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Miele C1 vs C2 – Check Why Miele C2 is Best Pick!

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miele c1 vs c2Miele C1 and Miele C2 cleaners offer you a quality service. Yet if you are thinking of investing in the best one then you should buy Miele C2.

Why You Should Buy Miele C2?

  • Miele C2’s cleaning radius is 33 ft, and Miele C1’s is 29.5 ft. So, you can cover more areas to clean with Miele C2.
  • Dust bag capacity in Miele C2 is 4.5 liters, while Miele C1’s capacity is 3.5 liters. Therefore you can carry more dust to clean for a long duration and space at a time with Miele C2.
  • Miele C2 vacuum cleaner’s noise level is 50 to 68 decibels. On the other side, the Miele C1’s noise level is 57 to 79 decibels. So, Miele C2 ensures less noise while cleaning.
  • This vacuum cleaner is ideal for bare floors, large area rugs, or even for wall-to-wall carpeting. But Miele C1 is only suitable for cleaning the bare floor.

Those are the main reasons that make Miele C2 a better cleaner. So, choose the favored vacuum cleaner for yourself and do not be deprived of quality service. Now you can also check their best deal price from the following buttons.


Similarities Between Miele C1 and Miele C2

  • Both come with a vortex motor that gives you quiet cleaning on hard floors.
  • Suction power is 120 watts in both, so you will get super cleaning service from them.
  • They appear with six power settings that ensure cleaning various things.

Quick Comparison

Specification Miele C1 Miele C2
Editor’s Rating 4.7 Out of 5 4.8 Out of 5
Weight 13lbs 14.5 lbs
Dimension 18.72*8.7*11 16.7*9.6*9.1
Motor Vortex Vortex
Suction Power 1200 Watts 1200Watts
Filter HEPA Air Clean Filters HEPA Filtration
Cord Length 5.5 Meter 6.5 Meter
Cleaning Radius 29.5 ft 33 ft
Dust Bag Capacity 3.5 Liters 4.5 Liters
Noise Level 57 to 79 Decibel 50 to 68 Decibel
Universal Floorhead Yes Yes
Power Settings 6 6
Best At Bare Floor Large Area Rug, Carpet, Bare Floor
Warranty 5 Years 2 Years

Difference And Similarity Between Miele C1 and Miele C2

Motor and Power Settings

Miele gives two powerful Vortex motors with 1200 watts suction power in Miele C1 and Miele C2. Their 1200 watts suction power gives you powerful performance and amazingly clean your floor with perfection. Also, these two vacuum cleaners clean the area with their six different power settings. These power settings range give you perfection in cleaning. It also makes sure to use the settings according to your floor type to provide you with the right cleaning level.

Machine Weight and Size

In purchasing a vacuum cleaner, cleaners weight and size is an important thing to count on. Machines’ weight and size should be compact and light so that it is easy to carry and move. Miele offers a lightweight and compact size with Miele C1 and C2. Miele C1’s weight is 13 pounds, and its size is 18.72*8.7*11 inches. Miele C2’s weight is 14.5 pounds, and size is 16.7*9.6*9.1 inches. So, these two are relatively lightweight and easy to carry and fit anywhere.

Cleaning Radius 

The cleaning radius is another thing to check before buying a vacuum cleaner. Because it gives the exact idea of how much of an area you can cover cleaning at a time. The cleaning radius of Miele C1 is 29.5 ft, and Miele C2 is 33 ft. Miele C2 gives you more space to cover at a time for cleaning.

Filtration System

Both of these vacuum cleaners come with an advanced cleaning system, which is called the air cleaning system. With HEPA filtration, they provide air cleaning. It filtrates in a three-stage system. This three-stage ensures neat cleaning of the area with 99.9% dirt and dust lifting. These processes give you an elegant and cleaned area.

Ideal Floors

Although these vacuum cleaners appear with high suction powers and give you the best cleaning experience, it is specially made for a particular type of floor yet it can provide you cleaning at any surface. But they are best for those floors. Miele C1 performs best on the bare floor. Miele C2 performs best in large area rug, wall-to-wall carpet, and of course, on the bare floor. Here Miele C2 gives you many options, while Miele C1 leaves you with limitations.


These two vacuum cleaners come with a different range of the warranty. Miele C1 offers you a warranty for 5 years, and Miele C2 provides you a warranty of 2 years. In the section of warranty Miele C1 definitely wins with its long-term customer support.


In conclusion, we can see that Miele C2 surely wins here in comparison to Miele C1. Therefore take the best decision for yourself. If you have a small area and bare floor, go for Miele C1 but if you have a larger area with rugs and carpet, go with Miele C2.

Frequently Asked Questions About Miele C1 and Miele C2

Is Miele C2 good for the hardwood floors?

Yes, Miele C2 is good for hardwood floors.

What is the voltage of Miele C1?

The voltage in Miele C1 is 110 V.

Does Miele C2 come with a bag?

Ye, Miele C2 comes with a bag attached to the vacuum cleaner.

Does Miele C1 clog with pet hair?

No, none of Miele C1 or Miele C2 clogs with pet hair.

What is the cord length of Miele C2?

The cord length in Miele C2 is 6.5 meters or 21 ft.

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