Mavic Pro vs Mavic Pro Platinum

Mavic Pro vs Mavic Pro Platinum – Explore the Giant Performer!


Mavic Pro vs Mavic Pro PlatinumMavic Pro Platinum surpasses Mavic Pro because of several advanced features. So, I firmly declare Mavic Pro Platinum as the best choice.

What made Mavic Pro Platinum the Best Choice?

  • The appearance is the main difference between the Mavic Pro and Pro Platinum aircraft. Pro Platinum is designed sleek plus comes with a chic platinum color. Also, the device runs quieter to give you a greater flying experience.
  • You can operate Pro Platinum for 30 minutes at 25 km/ h without winds; while Mavic Pro can run 27 minutes.
  • Both support DJI GO 4 app, but the Mavic Pro app sometimes doesn’t work properly. That means you cannot control the device throughout the app smoothly. In contrast, Mavic Pro Platinum perfectly works with the app and a smart controller device.
  • Pro Platinum comes with an extra battery, while Mavic Pro doesn’t have any extra battery. So, with an extra battery, you can complete more shooting.

These differences made Mavic Pro Platinum a better choice for you. If you are interested in changing your aerial photographs game, then the upgraded version should be your choice. If you want to check their best price, just hit the buttons below.


Similar Features in Mavic Pro vs Mavic Pro Platinum

  • They use the same 12.35mp camera plus provide 4K video.
  • Both have a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor.
  • The devices are compatible with DJI GO 4 app, including remote control.
  • You can find the max speed is 40 mph in both aircraft.
  • The obstacle’s sense is forward and downward.
  • Mavic Pro and the Pro Platinum share a one-year warranty, but they can be extendable.

Quick Comparison: Mavic Pro vs Mavic Pro Platinum

Specifications  Mavic Pro Mavic Pro Platinum
Editor’s Rating  4.5 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Go 4 App  Yes Yes 
Max Flight Time 27 minutes 30 Minutes 
Max Speed  40 mph  40 mph 
Obstacle sensing Forward, Downward Forward, Downward
Image Resolution 12.35MP 12.35MP
CMOS Sensor  1/2.3” CMOS 1/2.3” CMOS
Video 4K, 2.7K, FHD 4K, 2.7K, FHD
HDR Panorama Yes  Yes 
Stabilization 3-Axis Gimbal 3-Axis Gimbal
Hovering Time 24 minutes (max and no wind) 24 minutes (max and no wind)
Gesture Mode  Yes Yes
Remote Control  Yes  Yes 
Dimensions 11.4 x 7.1 x 9.45 inches 14.25 x 12.4 x 10.7 inches
Weight 1.64 pounds 2.2 pounds
Folded Yes  Yes 
Battery 2970mAh 2970mAh
Warranty  One-year  One-year 

Similarities & Differences Between Mavic Pro vs Mavic Pro Platinum

Image Resolution & CMOS Sensor

Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro Platinum are compatible with the same image resolution and CMOS sensor. They support 12.35MP with the 1/2.3-inches CMOS sensor, and your aircraft will shoot better aerial photographs.

4K video 

At 30fps, these two Mavic supports 4K video, and you don’t need to use any electronic image stabilization to ensure the footage is 4K. They also use ultra 3-axis gimbals so that the device can capture slow-motion video as well while the aircraft is high-speed.

Max Flight Time & Speed 

The maximum flight efficiency of the Mavic Pro Platinum is increased rather than the older Mavic Pro. The Mavic Pro Platinum can fly for 30 minutes; on the other side, the Mavic Pro can fly up to 27 minutes. Hence, the Pro Platinum can fly 3 minutes longer; it also uses OcuSync HD image transmission technology that allows the max transmission distance system to make the flight even more fun. However, they share a 40 mph max flight speed.

Quiet Flight 

Mavic Pro Platinum is designed with ESCs that apply the FOC technology. The FOC technology reduces the noise, ensuring the noise power is 60% lower than the Mavic Pro. If you expect quiet operation from your device, definitely, the Mavic Pro Platinum should be your choice.


Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro Platinum use an integrated high-precision camera stabilization system which is 3-axis mechanical. You can capture smooth videos, also, crystal clear photos. And the best part is, that the device won’t lose a single pixel. Also, they have a motion camera that is capable of capturing professional C4k videos with 12 M pixels images in RAW or JPEG. The devices use a 28 mm f/2.2 lens, including 8 seconds exposure time that allows you to record anything you like anytime.

Obstacle Avoidance

Mavic Pro plus Pro Platinum shares a two-direction obstacle avoidance feature. They use a forward and backward obstacle sensor to avoid any accident. If the devices found any obstacles during the flight time, you will be notified through the app. Moreover, they feature a hover system that helps the device hover accurately where there is no GPS signal. And the max hovering time is 24 minutes for both devices; the hovering system ensures the flight is sound and safe. Furthermore, these two use two sets of sensors for extra safety. If one key sensor doesn’t work properly, instantly, the other will kick in and take place.

Drone Size and Weight 

Both are small and foldable devices that made them carry easier everywhere. In terms of dimension, these two are slightly different from each other. The Mavic Pro is 11.4 x 7.1 x 9.45 inches, but the Mavic Pro Platinum is equipped with 14.25 x 12.4 x 10.7 inches. And the weight of the Mavic Pro is 1.64 pounds; in contrast, the Pro Platinum is 2.2 pounds.

Smart Control 

If you are new to the aircraft, then no worries since the devices are equipped with smart control. Mavic Pro and Pro Platinum have joysticks that make your video shooting smooth. They have TapFly; all you need to do is, select a location where you want to execute your creative photographs and just tap on the device. And then the drone will fly in that direction, which makes it effortless to fly. These two devices support gestures to take a photo or selfies you want.

Also, the devices are compatible with the DJI GO 4 app plus remote control. The app allows you to share the photographs on social media instantly; it also has an easy edit option to edit your capture.

Accessories Included 

These drones are very helpful, especially for the people who want to develop their aerial captures. Both of them offer you a remote controller, 2 x RC Cable Slider, Lens Hood, Landing Gear, RC Cable with Micro-USB Connector, 16GB microSD Card, Drone Gimbal Clamp Charger, 2 x Intelligent Flight Battery, AC Power Cable for Charger, Propellers, High-Quality Professional case for Mavic Pro, and a user manual. As you can see, you do not need to purchase anything separately, so take the game to the highest peak.


Generally, DJI provides a one-year limited warranty, and so do the Mavic Pro and Pro Platinum. But the convenient part is, that you can increase the warranty up to two years. However, the warranty covers replacement; if the device got damaged due to water, you could replace your device with a new one. To get the warranty service, you’ve to follow the warranty rules as well.

Final Words 

If you look at the Mavic Pro Platinum functions, you will get to know that it inherits all the Mavic Pro functions. Yet I strongly recommend you the Mavic Pro Platinum, and hopefully, by now, you can understand why this one is the best drone option. It consists of larger flying time, provides quiet operation, and so on. But if you think you do not need these features, go with the Mavic Pro, it is also perfect for aerial shots.

FAQ of Mavic Pro vs Mavic Pro Platinum

Can I record video directly to my iPhone?

Yes, the DJI GO 4 lets you record video directly to your iPhone.

What is the Max flight time of these devices?

The Mavic Pro max flight time is 27 minutes; on the other hand, the Mavic Pro Platinum max flight time is 30 minutes.

Do they share a warranty?

Yes, both of them are equipped with a one-year warranty; if you want, you can extend the warranty up to two years.

Are they waterproof?

No, Mavic Pro and Pro Platinum are not waterproof; that’s why if they got damaged due to water, the devices could be replaced with a new one.

Are they compatible with regular USB?

Yes, both Mavic Pro and Pro Platinum support regular USB cable so that you can connect it to the remote controller and smartphone.

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