Mavic Pro vs Mavic Pro 2

Mavic Pro vs Mavic Pro 2 – Check the Features & Get the Best!


Mavic Pro vs Mavic Pro 2Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro 2 both are small and handy drones. But Mavic Pro 2 would be the best choice between them.

What Special Features Makes Mavic Pro 2 Best?

  • Mavic Pro 2 drone comes with a 20MP camera, on the other hand, the Mavic Pro has 12.35MP. So, Pro 2 can give you an exact and better image resolution than Mavic Pro.
  • It is equipped with the Hasselblad camera that gives you the natural color details to capture stunning aerial shots. While Mavic Pro doesn’t include the latest Hasselblad camera.
  • Pro 2 has a 1-inch CMOS sensor which is four times more effective than its competitor. Besides, the original Pro has a 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor that isn’t much effective as Pro 2.
  • It can fly for up to 31 minutes at 44mph, but the Mavic Pro can fly for 27 minutes at 40mph. Since the Mavic Pro 2 can run longer at a better speed, you will get sufficient time to capture perfect shots.
  • Mavic Pro 2 includes an adjustable aperture that is capable of delivering stunning photos even in low-light environments. In contrast, the older model isn’t equipped with this amazing feature.
  • The Pro 2 offers the Hyperlapse feature that enables you to create professional photos simply with the tap of a button. Also, you can instantly share the images on social media through the app. But you can’t do so with Mavic Pro.

You will get all those unique features with Mavic Pro 2 devices. That’s the reason I choose this one rather than the original version. Do you want to check these two device prices? Simply press the buttons below.


Similar Features of Mavic Pro vs Mavic Pro 2

  • Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro 2 video quality feature 4K, 2.7K, and FHD that will ensure high-resolution shots.
  • They have a 3-Axis Gimbal stabilization system. So, you can shoot smooth videos or sharp photos even during any type of motion.
  • They can be controlled through the DJI GO 4 app or remote and the smart control device. As a result, you won’t face any challenges while controlling these devices.
  • The devices have HDR Panorama so that you can shoot a full aerial view.

Mavic Pro and Pro 2 will provide you these same functionalities. But the improved features made Mavic Pro 2 the best pick here. If you don’t need advanced features and wanna choose Mavic Pro then you can go with your preference.

Quick Comparison: Mavic Pro vs Mavic Pro 2

Specification  Mavic Pro  Mavic Pro 2
Editor’s Rating  4.5 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Go 4 App  Yes Yes 
Image Resolution 12.35MP 20MP
Hasselblad Camera  No  Yes 
Hyperlapse No  Yes 
CMOS Sensor  1/2.3” CMOS 1” CMOS
Adjustable Aperture No  Yes 
Remote Control  Yes  Yes 
Dimensions 11.4 x 7.1 x 9.45 inches 8.4 × 3.6 × 3.3 in. (Folded)
Weight 1.64 pounds 1.99 pounds
Max Flight Time 27 minutes 31 min
Max Speed  40 mph  44 mph 
Obstacle sensing Forward, Downward All Side Sensing 
Comes with Battery  Yes  Yes 
Video 4K, 2.7K, FHD 4K, 2.7K, FHD
Stabilization 3-Axis Gimbal 3-Axis Gimbal
HDR Panorama Yes  Yes 
Warranty  One-year  One-year 

Differences & Similarities Between Mavic Pro vs Mavic Pro 2

Fly Longer 

Mavic Pro can fly for 27 minutes, and the Mavic Pro 2 can fly for 31 minutes. If you compare these two drones’ sizes with the Mavic Phantom 4, you will find them compact. But the size doesn’t matter when it comes to flight time. And comparatively, the Mavic Pro 2 can fly further than the original Pro.

CMOS Sensor

In terms of the CMOS sensor, Mavic Pro 2 is better since it has a 1-inch sensing area while the original Pro uses 1/2.3″ CMOS. The Pro 2 has a larger sensor that provides you better performance even when you want to capture images in low-light environments. In contrast, the Mavic Pro cannot take a better image as it doesn’t contain a larger sensor like the Pro 2. The common and best part of the CMOS sensors of the Mavic Pro and Pro 2 is they use dual sensors that are very reliable. By chance, if one gets wrong, the other will take its place.

Dlog-M Color Profile

The Dlog-M Color profile is available on Mavic Pro 2; it gives a higher dynamic range in the grading room for more flexibility. The Dlog-M can record more than 1 billion colors; on the other hand, traditional devices can record only 16 million colors. Hence, the Mavic Pro 2 can retain your depth details in both highlights plus shadows.

4K Ultra HD Video 

Both Mavic supports 4K 10-bit HDR; also, they can be plugged into the 4K TV with HLG. And you can playback the footage your device captures. The HDR video will be so appealing since the device has increased contrast plus brighter highlights.

Hasselblad Camera 

Mavic Pro 2 is equipped with the Hasselblad camera, while the Mavic Pro does not. It features the L1D-20C camera that gives you natural color solution technology, and now you are capable of capturing gorgeous aerial shots with stunning color detail.

Adjustable Aperture

Mavic Pro 2 features the f/2.8-f/11 adjustable aperture that delivers you outstanding image quality on high or low-light environments as well. The f/2.8 produces more light when you capture it in low light. And the device set the aperture to f/11 to make the video smoother. However, this unique function is not available on the Mavic Pro.

Faster Speed 

If you need a drone with a quicker speed, then the obvious choice is Mavic Pro 2 since it has 44mph; and the Mavic Pro’s highest speed is 40mph. These two devices are built with the aircraft body to perform better than other drones. When the drones fly at full speed, the Mavic Pro 2 drags 19% less body than Mavic Pro; therefore, it makes an ideal option for you.

Included Accessories

To unlock your creativity, Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro 2 come with some powerful accessories. You will get RC Cable (Lightning Connector), RC Cable (USB Type-C Connector), RC Cable (Standard Micro USB Connector), Intelligent Flight Battery. Also, Communication Cable (USB3. 0 Type-C), Gimbal Protector, Remote Controller, Spare Control Sticks (Pair). Plus, they contain a USB adapter, Power Cable, 3x Propellers (Pair), Battery Charger, including DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Mavic Pro 2.

Smart Control 

These two drones offer you smart control; now, controlling them is very simple. You can use the DJI GO 4 app; the app lets you wirelessly control your drone right from your smartphone. The app supports both iOS and Android. Moreover, the devices come with an ultra-bright 5.5-inch 1080p display, and it maintains clear visibility plus vivid color even when you are under direct sunlight. Plus, they use a standard remote control to use it for up to 135 minutes on full charge. The remote is also foldable like the Mavic Pro and Pro 2; thus, you will get a better operational experience.

Obstacle Sensing

Mavic Pro and Pro 2 upgraded with the Obstacle Sensing that is new in the DJI Drone. It ensures the safety of your drone during the flight. The Original Mavic Pro has forward and downward obstacle sensing, but the Pro 2 has all-sides obstacle sensing. That’s why the Pro 2 would be worth your investment since it is safer than the previous version. When the device is in use, ensure you are watching the notification in the app. As it will notify you through the app if it has any obstacle on the flight.


Mavic Pro and Pro 2 is the only drone device that carries their own size integrated high-precision 3-Axis Gimbal. It is the upgraded camera stabilization system to give you crystal clear photos every time you shoot. Moreover, the video quality will be smooth, plus they don’t lose a single pixel. But this feature is missing in traditional drones on the market; fortunately, these two include this one.


Mavic Pro and Pro 2 have a one-year limited warranty. The warranty is only applicable in the country you purchase the device; also, you can extend the warranty up to two years. For that, you’ve to provide extra bucks.

Final Thought 

From the above discussion, it is clear that the Mavic Pro 2 is better than Mavic Pro. You can depend on the Mavic Pro 2 with your eyes closed since it is an upgraded drone. But if you are okay without the latest version, the Mavic Pro would be an ideal option as well. Yet I highly recommend the Mavic Pro 2 as you won’t invest in a drone frequently, that’s why compare both of them to select the best one.

Frequently Asked Questions of Mavic Pro vs Mavic Pro 2

Difference between the Mavic and Phantom 4?

Compared to the Mavic Phantom 4, the Mavic is compact, so the device is more comfortable to carry; also, it is foldable.

Is Mavic Pro waterproof? 

No, the Mavic products are not waterproof; the same goes for the Mavic Pro.

Can I charge Mavic Pro under 220v?

Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro 2 are built with the USA standard version, so they come with the standard US outlet system, and they are charged with 120 volts. But if you want to carry the device outside the country, you will need an adapter if the country doesn’t support 120v.

Is it possible to angle the camera straight down for the aerial photos?

Definitely, the drones can straight down so that you can take aerial photographs.

How to switch between two controller modes?

First, you need to ensure that the aircraft power is turned off, then open the small cover from the drone body’s right hand. Now, to enable the wi-fi, slide the switch to the left, or if you want to use the remote, then slide to the right.

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