Marshall Acton vs Stanmore

Marshall Acton vs Stanmore – Why should you select Stanmore?


Acton II and Stanmore II are two great Bluetooth speakers from Marshall. So, to get the best one go through the differences section below – 

What Are the Differences Between Marshall Acton vs Stanmore?

Marshall Acton Marshall Stanmore
Marshall Acton doesn’t have customized sound system. Marshall Stanmore has customized sound system.
The Acton doesn’t include multi host future. The Stanmore has multi host feature.
This speaker is not ideal for larger room. This speaker gives a perfect for larger room.
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As you can see the Marshall Stanmore II built with better features compared to the Stanmore Acton; if you want to upgrade your experience choose this one. And if you are still confused, here I’ve share details why you should go with the Stanmore II.

Why You Should Choose Marshall Stanmore II?

  • Marshall Stanmore II comes with multi-host functionality that allows you to connect & switch between two Bluetooth devices at a time. But Marshall Acton doesn’t have this feature.
  • You will be able to customize Marshall Stanmore II’s sound by using the Bluetooth app or the analog control while its competitor isn’t compatible with this function.
  • Stanmore II comes with a larger-than-life sound. Hence, this speaker will be perfect for any room doesn’t matter what the size is. The other one is suitable for any small-sized room.
  • Stanmore II has three distinct color versions. So, you may select from one of three colors: black, white, or brown. Marshall Acton is available on a black variant only.

You will have these unique specs by only choosing the Marshall Stanmore II. This device will satisfy you in every aspect, and that’s a guarantee.


Similar Features

  • Both the devices come with an iconic box-shaped outlook that delivers a hard-hitting sound and you even proudly display them in any room.
  • They come with Bluetooth version 5.0 aptX technology that provides lossless wireless sound at a range of up to 30 feet.
  • They are compatible with voice command controls. As a result, you can switch your music without lifting a finger.
  • Both the devices come with a voice-recognition microphone that lets you control them effortlessly.

Other Specifications Chart of Marshall Acton and Stanmore

Specifications Marshall Acton II Marshall Stanmore II
Editor’s Rating 4.4 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Connections Bluetooth Bluetooth
Speaker Type  Subwoofer Subwoofer
Color Black Black/Cream
Product Dimension 10.4 x 5.9 x 6.2 inches 16.6 x 11.2 x 9.3 inches
Product Weight 6.6 pounds 14.1 pounds
Battery 1 Lithium-ion Battery is required (installed) 1 Lithium Polymer Battery required (installed)
AUX Input  Yes Yes
Bluetooth  Version 5.0 Version 5.0
Bluetooth Range  30 feet 30 feet
Warranty 1-Year of Warranty 1-Year of Warranty

Features and Benefits of Marshall Acton and Stanmore 


The speakers come with a different look than the traditional Bluetooth speaker. They have a retro touch in their design. The classic look will provide you with decent music and enhance the beauty of your house.

The speakers have a box-shaped design and a Marshall logo on the front. The controls are placed on the speaker’s top. Both the devices are covered with premium leather and look very stunning. 

Mic & Sound

The quality of the speaker’s sound would fully satisfy you. Both the speakers come with a 50-20,000Hz frequency range which means you are getting a decent sound and bass. Acton II has well-balanced & powerful audio.

Marshall Stanmore II delivers clean and precise audio at any volume level. This device is perfect for any room and is stated as Marshall’s most versatile speaker. There will be three buttons volume, bass, & treble, to control the speaker.

The speakers come with far-field voice recognition. The specially designed microphone will get your command without any noise or distortion. You can use the voice assistant even while the music is playing.

Connectivity & Bluetooth App

You will be able to pair them with the speakers by using your smartphone. They come with a 5.0 Bluetooth configuration. This Bluetooth version and the aptX technology ensure a lossless wireless connection of up to 30-feet distance. You can even play music through Spotify without any wires required. There is a Bluetooth app available that can be used for sound customization and connectivity.

Customize Sound & Multi-Host

The Marshall Stanmore II can be connected with Bluetooth, the RCA, or a 3.5mm input. You can use the Marshall Bluetooth app or the analog controls on top of your speakers for a personalized volume.

Another unique spec of the Marshall Stanmore II is Multi-Host Functionality. You can link and switch between two Bluetooth devices at the same time. This feature lets you control the device from anywhere or any device you want.

Iconic Variants

These speakers’ design is different, and the classic look made them a display object for a room. Three colors are available for the Marshall Stanmore II. You have the option of selecting the one that best suits your home. This speaker is public in the Black, White, and Brown variant. The major change in the variants is the top leather color. Unfortunately, Marshall Acton II is available in only a black variant.

Amazon Alexa

You can control the devices through voice commands. The built-in Alexa lets you play and control your device. You can easily switch between music or podcast anytime you want. You may not get satisfied with a single device. You can even build a multi-room system with Amazon Alexa. You can use this to play the same song throughout the entire space.

Durability & Warranty

Marshall speakers have an iconic design, and the premium build quality made them very popular. They can be played for a long session without any doubt. They are built with advanced components that make them more durable. Marshall provides a 1-year of warranty for the mentioned devices.

Final Words

Both speakers are great for home entertainment. Anyone will be impressed with the sound quality and the design as well. Marshall Stanmore II is quite bigger than the Acton II and is worth the size. Marshall Stanmore II will provide you with a stronger sound, and the unique specs will make you enjoy the device. You may choose Marshall Acton II if you are looking for an ordinary home speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions about Marshall Acton and Stanmore

Can I pair two speakers wirelessly?

They are already stereo, and you can pair two speakers together.

Can I connect a microphone separately?

Sure. There are inputs available for other devices.

Can I use them with my Smart TV?

Yes, you can as long as there is a Bluetooth connection.

Where is the power button?

There is not any. They will be powered off after a specific idle period.

Is there any white variant?

Only Marshall Stanmore II comes with a white variant.

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