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Marcy Home Gym MWM 988 vs 990 – Check Our Recommendation!

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Marcy  MWM 988 and 990 are designed to provide you with a full-body workout, but choosing the best one between them is not an easy task. And to make it effortless for you, check out the following section.

What Are the Differences Between Marcy Home Gym MWM 988 and 990?

Marcy Home Gym MWM 988 Marcy Home Gym MWM 990
All-in-One Marcy Stack Home Gym MWM-988 | Buy Marcy 150lb Stack Home Gym Station MWM-990 Online in Bangladesh. 39076930
It has 30 exercise options. It has more than 36 workouts.
This home gym machine makes noise when in use. The 990 provides quiet operations.
The 988 is slightly expensive. This is an affordable machine.
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Marcy 990 will be your best bet if you are a serious gym enthusiast. You can purchase this, and for your consideration, I’ve described the details in the following section.

What Made Marcy Home MWM 988 Best?

  • Marcy MWM 988 is made with 14-gauge steel, which makes it durable. They provide the same warranty, but you can expect this will last longer than MWM 990. Besides, the design of 988 is sleek and elegant rather than 990.
  • It offers 36+ different exercises, while MWM 990 has 30 exercises. More exercise programs will provide you with great workouts that are crucial to building a body efficiently.
  • MWM 988 offers a quiet operation suitable for use in any apartment, even at night. In contrast, Marcy 990 makes a bit of noise while in use.
  • Marcy MWM 988 required little maintenance since it uses the best materials. But if you choose Marcy 990, you’ve to take proper care and maintenance of that machine regularly.
  • It is perfect for beginners and serious bodybuilders. Also, it’s an affordable gym machine, while Marcy MWM 990 is a little pricey.

As you can see, these impressive features made MWM 988 the best, and you can consider this gym for your home.


Similar Features

  • These two home gyms feature a removable and adjustable curl pad that allows avoiding putting too much pressure on your back.
  • You will get the upper & lower pulley system from these gym machines. These programs are an incredible way to work towards intense pull-ups.
  • Marcy MWM-988 and 990 have two press arm settings that are butterfly press & chest press. So, this setting lets you use them with a simple switch of a lock knob!
  • The machines are equipped with two years of warranty and can last for many years. As a result, they ensure tension-free use for a certain period.

All these similar functions will make your workouts easy and productive. But the improved features made Marcy  MWM 988 the best exercise machine here. Hopefully, you can decide which gym machine would be your best bet.

Other Specifications Chart of Marcy Home Gym MWM 988 and 990

Specifications  Marcy Home Gym MWM 988 Marcy Home Gym MWM 990
Editor’s Rating  4.3 out of 5  4.7 out of 5 
Assembled Dimensions 68″l x 36″w x 79″h 68″l x 36″w x 79″h
Weight Stack  150 lbs  150 lbs 
Leg Developer Yes  Yes 
Preacher Curl Pad Removable  Removable 
Pulley System Upper & Lower Upper & Lower
User Capacity  300 lbs  300 lbs
Press Arm Motions Butterfly press and Chest press  Butterfly press and Chest press 
Warranty  Two-years  Two-years 

Marcy Home Gym MWM 988 and 990

Size and Design 

If you need an elegant, sleek, and compact machine, Marcy Gym MWM 988 could be your best bet. These machines’ dimensions are the same 68″ l x 36 “w x 79 “h. Both machines are designed for versatile exercise functions. The machines feature a weight lock or stack, dual-function press arm, different workout charts, and so on.


Marcy MWM 988 has the best constructions than the 990. You can expect this gym machine can last longer since it is constructed with a 14-gauge heavy-duty steel tube frame. And the strong construction lets you relax since you do not need to maintain the machine. While the Marcy MWM 990 is not made with a strong material like this. However, make sure you lubricate the different parts of the device periodically to make the machine good.

Resistance and Weight Stack Lock for Safety

Marcy Home Gym MWM 988 and 990 come with the 150 lbs resistance level and weight stack feature. It makes sure the plates are locked securely to avoid any unwanted accidents. Both machines are combined with the weight locking pin and the combination lock.

Maximum User Capacity 

In terms of the max user capacity, they are equipped with 300 lbs. If you are more than 300 lbs, this won’t be an ideal gym machine. But the height does not matter; if you are more than 6 ft, both are perfect gym machines for you.

Leg Developer – Easy and Fast Leg Workouts

Both gym machines feature the leg developer for a comfortable leg day workout. You will find four rollers that are built with comfortable foam. And you will get a comfortable quadricep and quick workout from the leg developer. The leg developer feature is missing in some gym machines, so pick one from these two.

Adjustable Preacher Curl Pad

Marcy Home Gym MWM 988 and 990 come with an adjustable preacher curl pad. You can do the lower pulley by using the preacher curl pad for the preacher curls. If you want to avoid too much strain on your back, you can adjust the hammer curls with the perform curls. All you have to do is, adjust, add or remove the knob to the Preacher Curl Pad as you need. You can also adjust it when you are seated on the machine.

Workout Functions 

Before purchasing a home gym machine, ensure you consider the workout functions as well. Marcy MWM 988 comes with more than 36 workout functions. At the same time, the MWM 990 has only 30+ workouts. The more the workout functions, the faster you can build your body.

Workout stations

Both Marcy 988 and 990 are available with six workout stations: high-pulley pulley station, low-pulley station, pec fly, chest press, curl pad, and leg developer. The high and low pulley is similar to other home gyms. Pec fly is also known as the double-action press arm; the dual-function arm is fully padded, providing you the best comfort. At the same time, the chest press station lets you perform pectoral muscle and shoulder training. Furthermore, the curl pad plus the leg developer lets you perform the different workouts at home.


Generally, the Marcy Home Series Gym Machine offers a two-year warranty. If there are any damages due to quality, the warranty period will take care of it. If the machine has any wear or tears due to your use or damage to any machine parts, the warranty will not cover it. The machines are made from the best quality materials, will last for years, and don’t need to worry about durability.


Overall the Marcy MWM 988 and 990 are well-balanced gym machines. I recommend you the Marcy 988 because it’s a user-friendly gym machine for beginners. Also, ideal for serious bodybuilders. The machine is also quiet when in use rather than the 990. It’s a budget-friendly machine, whereas the Marcy 990 is a little pricey. So the Marcy 988 would be worth your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marcy Home Gym MWM 988 and 990

What is the dimension of these machines?

Both gym machines come with the same L. 68″ x W. 36″ x H. 79″ dimension.

Does it provide a curly bar?

Yes, the two offer the user a curly bar, and the bar is 42 inches long.

Are they equipped with the grips?

No, the machine doesn’t contain any grips since the user doesn’t need this.

How many exercise options does MWM 988 offer?

The machine comes with a workout chart on which it mentioned you could do 15 different exercises.

Will I assemble the machine?

Yes, you can do it without professional help, but you’ll need a helping hand, and it will take up to 4 hours on average to assemble.

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