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Mamaroo vs Swing – Why do we said the Mamaroo best?

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Mamaroo vs SwingMamaroo is a smart baby swing with some modern technology. But the Graco Sway swing is a more traditional and simple one. So, my recommendation is Mamaroo baby swing. Let’s see the differences and find the swing for your baby’s convenience. 

Why is Mamaroo the best baby swing? 

  • Bluetooth functionality of the Mamaroo swing will provide real-time notifications by a competent, smart device. But the traditional Sway swing doesn’t have Bluetooth support.
  • Mamaroo has an adjustable recline that can be fully reclined to any position from up to bottom for extra comfort. While the Graco swing has some fixed positions, recline positions are on offer.   
  • A 4-types of built-in sound system with an MP3 plug-in setup has made the Mamaroo swing a smart selection for your baby. Whereas the traditional Sway swing comes with 10 classic fixed sounds. 
  • The Graco swing’s small frame design looks so ordinary and unsafe compared to the special and 5 points harness tested frame of 4moms Mamaroo baby swing. 

We offer you these two different types of baby swings at a reasonable value. Check through the below button to obtain your favorite baby swing.     


Similar features of Mamaroo vs Swing

  • Both baby swings have toy attachment facilities.
  • A natural sound system creates a proper sleeping environment. 
  • They are AC adapter supported, and no battery is needed for proper functionality. 
  • They are very lightweight and easily moveable. 

Quick comparison: Mamaroo vs Swing

Specifications  Mamaroo baby swing  Graco Sway swing 
Editor’s rating  4.9 out of 5  4.6 out of 5 
Dimension  33 x 19.5 x 25.5 inches 30 x 31 x 38 inches
Bluetooth support  Yes  No 
Built-in MP3 facility  Yes  No 
Toy attachment  Yes  Yes 
Built-in sound system  Yes (4-types)  Yes (one fixed) 
Harness point  5 point  5 point 
Frame  Plastic and metal mixed  Metal 
Power source  AC supported  Rechargeable batteries 
Machine washable  Yes  Yes 
Swing weight  25 pounds  17.2 pounds
Warranty  Yes (1-year)  Yes (1-year) 

Comparison of features between Mamaroo vs Swing


Both baby swings come in different dimensions. Here the Mamaroo is the heavier one. It has a dimension of 33 x 19.5 x 25.5 inches. Generally, parents tend to purchase the lighter and smaller swing for their great mobility. The Graco sway swing is very lightweight and comes in a smaller size than Mamaroo. It has a dimension of 30 x 31 x 38 inches.  

Recline movement 

They appear with enough recline movements. Especially the Mamaroo baby swing can be set up in any recline position. Whereas the Graco swing comes with 6 different recline adjustment systems. That is quite enough for proper recline support. Also you both carriers are very safe and comfortable. These are 5-point harness tested.    

 Bluetooth facility 

The Mamaroo is a few listed baby swings that have built-in Bluetooth functionality. With that Bluetooth system, you can easily connect with the swing with a competent, smart device, which provides real-time notifications about the room’s current condition and the environment of the babies’ surroundings. So, you can take care of your kid from a remote place. 

Proper sound system 

Mamaroo comes with built-in 4 different sound facilities. Also, this carrier has built-in MP3 support. By that, we can enjoy any sounds. Especially some natural sounds will help your baby to have proper sleep. On the other side, the Graco Sway swing has 10 fixed sound systems. This sound helps proper sleeping and notifies very frequently. It is pleasing that both swings have proper sound facilities.  

Toy attachment 

I would say it is an essential inclusion of these carriers. Because with toy attachment facilities, babies can spend time very fascinatingly. Sometimes it seems babies get bored sitting alone in the seat. So, toy attachment will make your baby’s boring times more functional. Here, both baby carriers come with this amazing facility. So, the toy attachment is easily removable. 

Easily moveable 

These baby swings are very lightweight. Mother can single-handedly move the carrier because the Mamaroo comes within the weight of 25 pounds. The Graco swing is comparatively lighter than this. It weighs 17.2 pounds. So, parents can easily place the swing in their convenient place. Also, the smaller dimension helps to place these in a small space.


Both items arrive with a similar warranty clause. 4moms offers a 1-year warranty with a Mamaroo baby swing. Whereas, the Graco Sway swing arrives with a 1-year limited warranty clause. The manufacturing company provides no replacement warranty. 


As these are types of swings, they come with different specialties. 4moms Mamaroo has Bluetooth function and MP3 support. Furthermore, this is more comfortable than any traditional baby swings. So, my first selection is the Mamaroo baby swing. But with lower prices and all the basic features, the traditional Graco swing is a nice one to have.

Frequently asked questions of Mamaroo vs Swing

Question: Can I wash the seat belt? 

Answer: Yes, you can remove the seat belt Mamaroo swing. Just put the seat on a machine. Also, you can wash this part with your hand.

Question: Do these seats have a vibration option?

Answer: No, you will not get a vibration option with these seats. But the sound system is there to provide real-time notification. 

Question: What is the battery duration? 

Answer: The Mamaroo is functional with an AC adapter. It has the working ability for almost 5 hours. Whereas the traditional swing has a battery duration of 4 hours. And these swing takes a few hours to be fully charged. 

Question: Is it safe enough? 

Answer: Yes, both baby swings are 5 points harness tested. They remain in a steady position for a long time. Also, they were rigorously tested to know their lasting ability. So, both baby swings will be very durable and safe for your baby.

Question: Does it arrive with a traveling case? 

Answer: Yes, both swings come with a nice carrying case. This is very well decorated and looks so smart. 

Question: What is the color of these swings?

Answer: Yes, these swings are gray colored. Also, other color options are available for the user’s convenience.          

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