Logitech MK710 vs MK735

Logitech MK710 vs MK735 – Why MK710 is a Better MK735 Combo?

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Logitech MK710 and MK735 both combo come with a wireless keyboard and mouse. These combo set have some similarities, so let’s discover their differences. 

What Are the Differences Between Logitech MK710 vs MK735?

Logitech MK710  Logitech MK735
Logitech MK710 has Lithium Polymer battery. Logitech MK735 has AA batteries.
The MK710 has curve keys and cushioned palm rest. The MK735 doesn’t have Curve keys and cushioned palm rest.
This keyboard’s keys gives you accurate type. It’s key may not deliver you accurate type.
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If you want a convenient keyboard mouse combo then Logitech MK710 would be the best choice for you. Also, I strongly recommend this. For your consideration, here’s the details what makes it the best.

What Features Made MK710 Best?

  • Logitech MK710 includes Lithium Polymer batteries, which will assure you a better lifespan of the batteries, whereas the other combo included AA batteries.
  • The keys of the MK710 are well-structured, with a perfect gap between the keys; that’s why you can type more accurately than the MK735.
  • The unifying receiver allows you the fastest connectivity of the devices to your computer. Though MK735 has a unifying receiver, there was some issue with the feedback seed.
  • It weighs less than the MK735 combo, making it easier to carry to the workplace or anywhere as this is wireless.
  • Curve keys and cushioned palm rest allow you to type in a long span of time without any ache in your hands. But the competitor doesn’t include these functions.

This device should be the ultimate choice for you between these two. I guess you don’t need any more explanation to prove that 719 is better than 735.


Similarities between MK710 & MK735

  • Both are wireless mouse-keyboard combo, so it would be easy to move with them, and you can use them from a certain distance.
  • They come with longer battery life than usual devices that would provide uninterrupted use, and you don’t have to think about changing the battery frequently.
  • These combos have an LCD dashboard status icon at the top of the keyboards that lets you monitor battery, caps lock, Number lock, and scroll lock so you won’t skip a beat while typing.

With MK710, you can enjoy these similar features with advanced functions. But MK735 won’t provide the improved facilities. That’s why we recommended MK710. Now you know everything to decide the best keyboard combo.

Other Specifications Chart of Logitech MK710 and MK735

Specifications MK710 MK735
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Dimension 18.9 x 2.9 x 9.9 inches 21 x 11 x 2 inches
Item Weight 2.2 pounds 3 pounds
Connectivity Wireless Wireless
Color Black Black
Key Type Membrane Membrane
Keyboard Layout QWERTY QWERTY
Customizable Buttons Yes Yes
Mouse Sensor Laser Laser
Warranty 3-year warranty 3-year warranty

Features and Benefits of MK710 & MK735 


Curve and concave positioned keys make this keyboard one of the most OK structured keyboards. Softly rounded edges allow your fingers to type this keyboard hour after hour without any issue. As this is wireless, you may think that the press register may delay, but there is no doubt that it’s very swift while registering key presses.

The other device, which is MK735’s keyboard, is quite good, but the design is not that perfect for regular users. There are not sufficient gaps between the keys. You may find an accuracy issue while typing on this keyboard.


The mouse is nicely designed to fit your hands. You will feel very relaxed while using this as this mouse has rubber grips on both sides. The scroll wheel is also set in such a position where you don’t need to move your fingers that much while scrolling.

MK735 also includes a mouse, but overall the mouse that comes with the MK710 is better.


There is a palm rest on the keyboard to guard your wrists while typing. The keyboard is not very thick, so you will feel right while typing it with a palm rest. The palm rest is built with premium quality cushions, so there is no doubt when it’s about comfort. 

Customizable Buttons

While gaming or performing any task, you may need dedicated buttons to do your actions in a single click. Media controls on the keyboard will allow you to control volumes or playlists. There are customizable options in the mouse too. You can assign your preferred actions for the clicks.

LCD Display

The keyboards have an LCD on the top middle portion. There is an indication of batteries and lock keys on display. So you will always be aware of the battery percentage and whether the keys are pressed or not. You don’t need to look into individual keys to check. The MK735 keyboard also has this feature, but one feature doesn’t make a better keyboard.

Warranty & Durability

Logitech’s products are always popular among its users for the premium build quality. You can use these devices for a prolonged period of time without any doubt. For any replacement issue or warranty queries, you can contact Logitech’s official website’s support page. They treat customers’ queries very carefully. Additionally, You are getting a 3-year warranty for the devices from Logitech. 


My final suggestion is to go for the MK710 without any hesitation. It is the best combo available at this range. Premium-designed wireless keyboard and super fast-performance mouse – you are getting both products. If your budget is not enough for this, you may go for the MK735 as this is cheaper.

Faq of Logitech MK710 vs MK735

Is there any light indication on the Caps Lock key? 

There is no light indicator, but there is an LCD where you can see an indication for Caps lock and other Lock keys, also the battery status.

Is it possible to type on the keyboard in darkness? Is this a backlit keyboard? 

The keyboard is not backlit, so there won’t be any light to type in the dark.

Also, the LCD is not that bright to cover the keyboard.

Does the keyboard support windows 8? 

Yes, this keyboard will work on windows 8 & 8.1 smoothly.

Will the mouse of this combo work on glass? 

Yes, it will support surfaces like glass and white objects. But it will support a dirty glass or an object below the glass better than clear glass.

Are there any fold-out tabs to balance the height of the keyboard? 

Yes, there are adjustable fold-out tabs.

How loud are the keys while typing?

The keyboard is very quiet while typing. Perfect for the workplace.

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