logitech mk550 vs mk570

Logitech MK550 vs MK570 – See Which Combo is Best!

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logitech mk550 vs mk570MK550 and MK570 both combos provide the same model of Keyboard. Considering the key facts, MK550 would be the better choice here.

What makes Logitech MK550 a Better choice?

  • The space between the keys is more than the usual devices, so you can type more accurately while typing in Logitech MK550.
  • The MK550 has Curved shaped keyframes, dedicated media keys so you can go to your desired menu quickly with just one press.
  • With MK550, you are getting three years of battery life for the Keyboard and two years of battery life for the mouse, which is higher than Logitech MK570.
  • When it’s a matter of comfort, you will be fully satisfied sinceMK550 has designed cushioned palm rest. Your hands will be relaxed even in a long period of use.

Though the combo is almost similar, the detailed breakdown is proof of why MK550 is the best.


Similar Features

  • Both the combo has the same model of keyboard 
  • Programmable and media keys on both devices
  • Wave designed keyboards to fit the hands
  • Precision Laser mouse
  • Larger especially crafted palm rest for wrist

Comparison Chart: Logitech MK550 vs MK570

Specifications MK550 Combo MK570 Combo
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 
Connection Wireless Wireless
Keyboard Description QWERTY Ergonomic
Product Dimension 10.44 x 3.09 x 19.69 inches 30 x 5 x 12 inches
Item Dimension 10.44 x 3.09 x 19.69 inches 30 x 5 x 12 inches
Item Weight 2.2 pounds 1.1 pounds
Number of Keys 118 118
Color Black Black
Programmable Keys 18 18
Mouse Sensor Laser Laser
Palm Rest Yes Yes
Power  4A Batteries 4A Batteries
Illuminated Keys N/A N/A
Unifying Receiver Yes Yes
Advanced Wireless Yes Yes
Batteries  Required (Included) Required (Included)
Warranty 3-Year Limited Hardware Warranty 3-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

Details about the Features of Logitech MK550 and MK570


MK550 and the MK570 come with the same model of Keyboard, which is pretty impressive. The Keyboard has a total of 118 keys with some dedicated media keys. There are enough spaces between the keys. It’s a wave-shaped keyboard which is very much comfortable to type. This is Logitech’s one of the finest models of Keyboard and very much popular, though.


The mouse of this combo is different. MK550 comes with a supreme comfort mouse that wirelessly connects through your computer. This mouse is worthy for both left or right-hand users. Laser mouse sensor technology is used in this mouse, which will track any surface while using this device. 

But the mouse with the MK570 is different. It’s designed for only right-hand users and isn’t as user-friendly as the MK550 is.


The keyboard switches are designed to fit your fingers and to make your typing experience better. A Wave-shaped keyboard is designed to adjust your palms in the middle gap, and also the large cushioned palm rest is designed to bring comfort to your hands. 

Dedicated Keys

There are some dedicated keys on the Keyboard to perform several specific tasks just with one press. You can also customize and personalize these actions to make your experience better than before.


The keyboards of this combo provide cushioned palm rest. You will experience the best thing ever with these rests. Your palm won’t face any issue while typing, and you will enjoy typing more and more like never before.

Warranty & Durability

Logitech products are very popular for their long durability. The structure and the build quality is better than the other accessible products in the market. You are getting three years of warranty with these devices. You can make use of these devices for a long span of time without any hesitancy.

Final Words

Both the combo is almost similar. The only difference is the mouse device. But as this is a combo, I would say the MK 550 is the winner between these two. For a better experience on almost the same budget, MK550 is the ultimate option. If you are confused about getting the best one, you can choose the MK550 rather than the MK570 as it will give you a better performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions about MK550 and MK570

QuestionHow is this Keyboard for coding?

Answer: This is the best. As this is quiet and the keys are well designed, and with cushioned palm rests, you can write many codes without any aches in the hands.

QuestionIs there any light while enabling the caps/number lock? 

Answer: No, there won’t be any light neither in the Caps Lock nor in the Number Lock. But you will see an indication of the Locks if you install the Logitech Software.

QuestionDoes this combo mean the Keyboard works on a Laptop? 

Answer: Absolutely Yes. As this a wireless keyboard and mouse, you need the Bluetooth adapter to connect to your PC. If there is a USB in your laptop, there is no other matter you should check.

QuestionIs the Keyboard noisy? If not, how quiet are these? 

Answer: You will feel very good while typing. This Keyboard is quiet. A lot quieter than other keyboards.

Question: Is the battery backup good?

Answer: Honestly, It’s great. Better than the usual devices.

QuestionWhat is the possible cable length?  

Answer: As this is a wireless keyboard and mouse, you don’t need any cable to run.

QuestionDo I need to buy batteries for this combo?

Answer: No, the batteries are included with the products.

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