Logitech C930e vs C922 Pro

Logitech C930e vs C922 Pro – Find Out Which is the Best Webcam!


Logitech C930e vs C922 ProLogitech C930e and C922 Pro webcams are perfect for both business and personal streaming. If you are searching for the best one, then we highly recommend you pick the Logitech C930e.

Why We Recommend Logitech C930e?

  • Logitech C930e features a 90-degree field of view, while the C922 Pro combines 70-degree. The extended 90-degree undistorted wide field of view enables the webcam to capture the details, simultaneously it displays physical objects quickly. It is also ideal for multiple participants on the camera. 
  • This webcam supports the H.264 which delivers you smoother video streaming every time. Besides, the C922 Pro is missing this excellent function. 
  • It has up to 4x zoom compatibility, in contrast, the other one doesn’t include the zoom feature. However, you can adjust the video settings effortlessly while at the video conference. 
  • The Logitech C930e has a privacy shutter, whereas the C922 Pro lacks this feature. Anyways, this prevents the webcam from capturing unintentional images, and at the same time, protects your device from any kind of malware or spyware that tries to use your camera. 

Logitech C930e and C922 Pro combine almost the same features, but these things make the C930e the best option here. If you want to upgrade your webcam, this should be your consideration. 

Similar Features of Logitech C930e vs C922 Pro

  • They are equipped with FHD 1080p and 720p HD video resolution so that you get better image quality when the device is in use. 
  • Logitech C930e and C922 Pro have two noise-canceling microphones that make sure people hear your real voice. 

Comparison Chart: Logitech C930e vs C922 Pro

Specifications  Logitech C930e Logitech C922 Pro
Editor’s Rating  4.8 out of 5  4.7 out of 5
Viewing Angle 90-degree  78-degree 
Zoom Capability Up to 4x No
H.264 video compression Yes No
Privacy Shutter Yes No
Resolution FPS Full HD 1080p/30fps HD 720p/30fps Full HD 1080p/30fps HD 720p/30fps
Noise Cancelling Mic(s) 2 Omni-directional mics 2 Omni-directional mics
Autofocus Yes Yes
Auto Light Correction RightLight 2 RightLight 2
Warranty  1-Year Limited 1-Year Limited

Differences & Similarities Between Logitech C930e vs C922 Pro

Camera Quality 

In terms of camera quality, these Logitech devices have an advanced HD 1080p resolution. As a result, it offers you a high-resolution video in any environment, even though you are in a low-light environment. 

However, they also have an HD 720p streaming feature so that you can select the resolution you want. In addition, Logitech C930e and C922 Pro provide you with reliable video with no-drop audio. 

Even though these webcams have the same resolution yet there’s a slight difference. Logitech C930e includes the H.264 video compression that is not available on the C922 Pro. The H.264 provides you with smooth video with details while streaming. 

Nevertheless, they give you an auto light correction to ensure fine-tune lightning. And it produces a razor-sharp video so that you look great during the streaming.

Zoom Function 

Logitech C930e has 4x zoom which is very convenient since it lets you adjust the video quality while using the device. Unfortunately, the zoom function is not available on the C922 Pro. Hence, if you want to get seamless performance from the webcam, you should consider the C930e compared to the other one. 

Furthermore, the C930e has a 90-degree field of view, and the C922 Pro includes 78-degree. Therefore, the 90-degree is better since it allows you to fit more people in the frame. At the same time, the webcam can capture more details from a wide angle. 

Sound Quality 

Both Logitech webcams are integrated with dual mics. It gives you stereo audio quality so that the other side can hear you clearly. Also, the conversations will be clearer and more natural from up to one meter.

Mounting Option

You can securely mount these devices wherever you are comfortable. They come with an adjustable clip, thus you can mount the cam on your tabletop, display, or laptop. 

Privacy Shutter 

Logitech C930e combines with the privacy shutter, but the Logitech C922 Pro doesn’t. The privacy shutter ensures the webcam captures no unintentional images. Moreover, it prevents the webcam from any spyware to ensure your safety. If you want to get a secured webcam, go with the Logitech C930e rather than C922 Pro. 


These webcams come with a one-year limited warranty from the date you purchase them. It covers any manufacturer defects, but you won’t get free repair service if you damage the webcam. Instead, you need to pay for the repair of the device. However, they are built with quality material thus, you can use them for years to come effectively. 

Final Words 

Logitech C930e includes better features than its brother Logitech C922 Pro. If you want to grab the best webcam, then go with the C930e, it comes with a privacy shutter, a better field of view, as well as it has video H.264 video compression, and zoom function. Therefore, if you want to upgrade your experience, then go with the C930e. But if you want to save some bucks, go with Logitech C922 Pro. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Logitech C930e vs C922 Pro

Does the C922 Pro offer a tripod?

Yes, this device delivers a mini tripod in the box with the main camera. 

Can I use the C930e with Windows Vista?

Yes, this device perfectly works with windows vista without issues. 

Can I use the Logitech C930e with MAC?

Yes, the Logitech C930e and C922 Pro are both compatible with the MAC devices.

Does the C922 Pro support Windows 7?

Yes, it supports Windows 7 plus later versions. 

Does the C922 Pro compatible with PS4?

If you have a USB, then definitely you can use the Logitech C922 Pro with the PS4.

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