Logitech C270 vs C310

Logitech C270 vs C310 – Get the Best Low Budget Webcam!


Logitech C270 vs C310Logitech C270 and C310 are two old webcams yet pretty good. But, if are trying to pick the best one from these two, then we highly recommend Logitech C310.

Why We Recommend Logitech C310?

  • Logitech C270 features a photo resolution of 3 MP. Meanwhile, C310 has a photo resolution of 5 MP. That means C310 holds the picture in more pixels than C270. As a result, C310 can catch more details with ultimate clarity.
  • C310 can post-process videos using standard video effects. In Contrast, C270 can’t do more than just capture videos. Thus, you can optimize your videos on C310; but you can’t optimize them using C270.
  • Logitech C310 comes with the feature of face tracking, which can automatically track human faces to adjust the focus. On the contrary, C270 has a fixed focus, and it can not track faces.
  • While C310 comes with the one-click social share feature, Logitech C270 comes with none. Thus, you can directly share your photos on different social media using the C310.

Now you know you have known the reasons behind my suggestion to pick Logitech C310. If you want to enjoy the best performances with improved functions then you should go with Logitech C310.


Logitech C270 vs C310 Comparison

Specifications Logitech C270 Logitech C310
Editor’s rating 4.3 4.5
Product Dimensions 9.85 x 4.94 x 6.45 inches 6 x 3 x 8.25 inches
Weight 6.4 ounces 9.6 ounces
Standing screen display size 3 Inches 3 Inches
Max Screen Resolution 720p (HD) 720p (HD)
Viewing Angle 60° 60°
Light Correction RightLight 2 RightLight 2
HD Digital Zoom No No
Lens Plastic Plastic
Focus Fixed Fixed with face tracking
Microphone One way omnidirectional One way omnidirectional
Encoding None None
Hardware Platform Laptop, PC Laptop, PC
Connection type USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Compatibility Windows 7, or later Windows 7 or later
Mounting Options None None
Warranty Two years Limited Warranty Two years Limited warranty

Similarities & Differences: Logitech C270 vs C310


Both Logitech C270 and C310 are basic webcams with a viewing angle of 60°. The C270 has a dimension of 9.85 x 4.94 x 6.45 inches, and it weighs around6.4 ounces. Meanwhile, C310 has a 6 x 3 x 8.25 inches dimension, and it weighs around 9.6 ounces. None of these webcams can be mounted with Tripod or similar accessories.

Logitech C270 is a very basic webcam featuring only needed features. It is a plug-and-play webcam that can record or stream at 30 fps on 720p. It means you can not choose any other resolution to record your videos. Besides, this camera has only one omnidirectional microphone that can not catch distant sounds. Moreover, it comes with a 3 MP camera that can capture close details but fails miserably in distant subjects.

On the contrary, C310 is way more upgraded than C270. It is also a plug-and-play webcam, but it can record videos in two different resolutions. It can record or stream at 30 fps on 720p and 60 fps on 480p. It means you have two other options to record videos. This camera also features a single omnidirectional microphone that can capture close sounds. It might not be able to record distant sounds properly. It features a 5 MP camera, decent enough to capture great detailed photos within a close range.

The performances of both webcams are identical in terms of low light. They both use RightLight 2 technology, which is more than enough to process dark photos. But as I said earlier, C310 has a better photo resolution than C270. SO, it can capture more detailed images, even in dark conditions.

Picture Quality

Both Logitech C270 and C310 are first-generation webcams. But they can capture decent photos. You might think it a joke in 2020. But, were two of the best webcams of their time. So, While C270 comes with a 3 MP camera with a 720p resolution, C310 comes with the same resolution but provides a better 5 MP camera. So, you will get more detailed photos compared to C270.

These cameras use a plastic lens, and both of them have a viewing angle of 60°. As they use RightLight 2 technology, they can post-process photos to adjust the low lights. They are for video calling, and they fulfill that purpose perfectly. You can not expect more than that from a low-budget camera.

These webcams can capture good photos in a well-light room, but the low light performance can not fulfill the expectations. And as they have a 60° viewing angle, they can only fit a single person inside the frame. If you have to adjust more than one person in the frame, you can check out Logitech C920. You will find the specs on our website.

Sound and Video Quality

Both Logitech C270 and C310 come with a one-way omnidirectional microphone. These microphones can capture sounds from a close distance without any problem. But, as they are single-channel microphones, they can not capture sounds from a distant place. So, you may need to use external microphones to capture crystal clear audio.

Comparing the video quality, I see some notable differences among these webcams. While C270 can only record in a single resolution, C310 can record videos at two different resolutions. C310 can record videos at 30 fps on 720p and 60 fps on 480p. Meanwhile, C270 can only record video at 30 fps on 720p.


Logitech C270 and C310 have their firmware to operate the camera. But the firmware is not contained within the box. You will have to download them from Logitech’s official website.

Well, webcams are used for contacting people. You can communicate with people using these cameras easily. But, you can not expect more from any of these cameras. They won’t provide you with extra features other than recording and streaming. But. C310 does give you the option to share your photo directly on social media.

Besides, C310 can track human faces. So, it will autofocus on the human as soon as any human enters the frame. You won’t have to click on the subject to focus manually. Meanwhile, C270 can not focus on human faces manually as it lacks the face tracking feature. And it also does not have social share buttons. So, you have to save first to upload the photos on social media.


As these webcams are very old, they don’t support all operating systems with their official firmware. These webcams can be used on Windows 7 or later with the official firmware. The official Logitech website does not contain any information regarding macOS support. If you want to use these webcams on Linux or Ubuntu, you can do that with unofficial webcam software.


Logitech International warrants C270 and C310 for two years from the date of acquisition. In some cases, the warranty period will start from the date you receive it. Logitech ensures they will fix your camera for any industrial defect. But the warranty will not be applicable for damages from improper use of the camera. Logitech follows the local warranty laws. As a result, the warranty period may vary from country to country.

This warranty does not ensure its availability in all countries. The warranty is only claimable from the country of purchase, and only the original buyer can claim the warranty. Contact the retailer or supplier before purchasing any Logitech products to know the complete warranty policy.


Logitech C270 and C310 are two of the first generation webcams. These webcams were made primarily for communication purposes, as the idea of streaming was not invented at that time. Both of these webcams have identical performances in terms of video chatting and streaming. So, you can pick out each of them based on your priority.

If you consider yourself a general user, who uses webcams only for communication purposes, you can buy C270. But if you use webcams for attending classes and communication purposes, you should go with C310. You can use these webcams for streaming, but the video qu8ality would not be satisfactory.

Frequently Asked Questions about Logitech C270 vs C310

Do these webcams have built-in microphones?

Yes, these webcams have built-in microphones, and they are decent.

Will these webcams work in Ubuntu?

Yes, as long as you are not using an outdated version of Ubuntu, these will work.

Can you attach these cameras to Tripod?

None, none of these cameras come with a tripod mount. Thus you can not mount these cameras on Tripod.

Are these webcams plug and play?

Yes, these webcams are plug-and-play, but you can download the firmware for the best performance.

Will these webcams work on USB 3.0?

Yes, these cameras work on USB 3.0, but you may need to use up-to-date firmware.

Can I use C310 to stream my classes?

You can use C310 to stream your classes, but we will not recommend it for streaming purposes.

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