Lillebaby All Seasons vs Airflow

Lillebaby All Seasons vs Airflow – Which one is more convenient?

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Lillebaby All Seasons vs AirflowLillebaby All-Season is the most comprehensive option since it provides some advanced facilities. So, I recommend Lillebaby All Seasons child carrier over Lillebaby Complete Airflow. Now, let’s see why my recommendation is All Season.

Why Lillebaby All Seasons is Best?

  • Lillebaby All-Season carrier is very lightweight and pretty easy to carry. But Lillebaby’s complete airflow baby carrier is slightly heavier and not so comfortable to carry as well. 
  • You will get a temperature control panel with Lillebaby all seasons child carrier, which fits all seasons perfectly. But Lillebaby’s complete airflow doesn’t come with features. Therefore, it is fit for the only summer season, not for all seasons.  
  • The unique padded shoulder straps of Lillebaby all seasons provide extra comfort to the mothers. At the same time, the shoulder straps of the complete airflow are not so standard.  
  • It comes with dual adjustable straps concerning the moving breastfeeding option. But Lillebaby’s complete airflow is not suitable since it doesn’t have a carrying breastfeeding option.  
  • This carrier provides a sleeping hood for support and sun protection. On the opposite side, the Lillebaby complete airflow doesn’t offer this exclusive feature. 

Here, it is quite clear that the Lillebaby all seasons baby carrier is the best option between these two. Now, if you want to check the price, just follow the button provided below. 


Similar Feature of Lillebaby All Seasons vs Airflow

  • Unique lumber support 
  • Six different carry options 
  • 3D breathable mesh lining 
  • Both these carriers are machine washable 
  • They have face forward carrying option 
  • 2-way adjustable neck-support functionality 

Lillebaby All Seasons vs Airflow: Comparison Chart

Specifications  Lillebaby all seasons  Lillebaby complete airflow 
Editor’s rating  4.7 out of 5  4.5 out of 5 
Dimensions  11 H X 4 W X 14 D inches  14 HX 4 W X 11 D inches 
Model number  BOOKC4VPNU  SC-4A-405
Item weight  1.6 pounds  2.25 pounds 
Gender  Unisex  Unisex 
Product care  Machine wash  Machine wash 
Temperature control panel  Yes  No 
Sleeping hood support  Yes  No 
Mesh padded shoulder straps Yes  No 
Orientations  Back, front  Front, back 
Lumbar support  Yes  Yes 
3D breathable mesh lining  Yes  Yes 
Front face forward option  Yes  Yes 
Adjustable neck support  Yes  Yes 
Dishwasher safe  No  No 
Warranty   Yes  Yes 

Comparison of features between Lillebaby All Seasons vs Airflow


Dimension wise there is a slight difference evident in those two child carriers. Because the Lillebaby all seasons carrier appears with a dimension of 11 x 4 x 14 inches, it is slightly lighter than the Lillebaby airflow. This carrier comes with a dimension of 14 x 4 x 11 inches. There is a little difference in the size of these two baby carriers. 


The Lillebaby all seasons carrier offers more than the Lillebaby airflow carrier. This carrier appears with a more comprehensive carrying ability. But the Lillebaby complete airflow provides less in the capacity section. If thinking about a high-capacity child carrier, the best option would be Lillebaby all seasons child carrier. 

Product weight 

Lillebaby all seasons carrier is very lightweight compared to its competitor. Because this carrier has a total weight of 1.6 pounds, it is very comfortable to carry. In comparison, the complete airflow carrier weighs 2.25 pounds, which is not a genuinely sensible thing for long-term carrying choice. 

Special features  

These two carriers come with so many special abilities and features. But the Lillebaby all seasons baby carrier offers more than the complete airflow baby carrier. Such as the temperate control panel of the season’s carrier. This ability helps to use this carrier for all seasons. From hot summer to cold winter, the Lillebaby all seasons carrier will be the best choice for you. 

This carrier also offers sleeping hood support for the users, which has made life more comfortable for your baby. It also can provide extra comfort with mesh padded shoulder straps. But the Lillebaby complete airflow baby carrier doesn’t offer these handful supports to their users. 

It is more suited for the summer season. Because both these carriers come with a great ability to breastfeed in moving positions. Therefore, you go for the best one and make your life more comfortable. 


You will get a repairable warranty period with these two carriers, which provides users a tension-free using experience at all times. So, choose the most suitable one, and dive for that one. 


Both of these baby carriers are quite good in characteristics and facilities. However, the Lillebaby All Seasons carrier is the most suitable and most comfortable one for users. Because this carrier can fit for all seasons, the Lillebaby complete airflow can be an alternative option in the absence of the Lillebaby all seasons baby carrier. 

Frequently asked questions about Lillebaby All Seasons vs Airflow

Can I use the Lillebaby all-season carrier for all weather?

Yes, this carrier is a perfect fit for all kinds of climate contingencies. The temperature control panel is the most productive one in this scenario.

Can I get various color choices with Lillebaby’s complete airflow carrier?  

Yes, this beautiful baby carrier provides six alternative color choices. All these color options look so amazing with parents and the baby. 

Which item is extra convenient to carry? 

Obviously, the Lillebaby all seasons carrier is lighter than the other one. It also comes with stunning mesh stuffed shoulder bands. Therefore, this carrier is a lot more comfortable to carry for a long time. 

What about the breastfeeding ability of these carriers? 

Both of these carriers are very suitable for movable breastfeeding options. Therefore, all the parents are very satisfied with these two carriers. 

What about the care of these two carriers? 

These two carriers are very comfortable with a machine wash. Just avoid boiled water while washing your carrier. 

Can I get different size options with these carriers?

These carriers are offering a one fixed size option for users. But you will get an adjustable system with side straps to make them fit according to your body.    

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