Liftmaster 8355 vs 8550

Liftmaster 8355 vs 8550 – Check and Get the Best door opener

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Liftmaster 8355 vs 8550LiftMaster 8550 comes with so many extra features than LiftMaster 8355 that made it more splendid in its work. In the next section, I am describing why you should buy Liftmaster 8550. Let’s read on all the features together.

Why should you Buy LiftMaster 8550?

  • Liftmaster 8550 comes with a DC motor, while Liftmaster 8355 comes with an AC motor. A DC motor can overcome a power outage, but with an AC motor, there would be a temporary down of your garage door in a matter of power outage.
  • LiftMaster 8550 appears with 0.75 horsepower and the LiftMaster 8355’s motor with 0.5 horsepower. Therefore 8550’s motor is more powerful and capable of lifting any garage door type, unlike LiftMaster 8355.
  • The Liftmaster 8550 has a backup battery with itself, but you do not get any backup battery with Liftmaster 8355. So, LiftMaster 8550 covers your garage door with its extra battery in time of power cut, not Liftmaster 8355.
  • The Timer feature is included in Liftmaster 8550. That gives you a chance to set your timer accordingly to your time when you want to close it from being away. LiftMaster 8355 does not have this feature included.
  • LiftMaster 8550 has an automatic garage door lock system, which assures you of high security. While the LiftMaster 8355 does not contain this thing.
  • This garage door opener offers you an automatic light turn on while entering through the garage door, but the LiftMaster 8355 is missing the light feature.
  • Liftmaster 8550 also assures you of the soft starts and soft stop feature, which makes dealing with this garage door opener peaceful and noiseless. On the flip side, the 8355 makes noise that is not pleasant.

These are all reasons that make Liftmaster 8550 a good decision for your garage. If you are focusing on the budget, go with Liftmaster 8355, but if you want to invest in the best, go with Liftmaster 8550. So, do you want to check their best price? Go through these buttons below.


Comparison Chart

Specification Liftmaster 8550 Liftmaster 8355
Editor’s Rating 4.8 Out of 5 4.6 Out of 5
Weight 21lbs 3lbs
Dimensions 20*12*10 20.5*11.5*9.5
Built-in WiFi Yes Yes
Drive Type Belt Belt
Smart Phone Control Yes Yes
Battery Backup Yes No
Homelink Compatible Yes Yes
Power 0.75 HP 0.5 HP
Voltage 115V 120V
Remote Controller 3-Button Remote Control 3-Button Remote Control
Timer To Close Yes No
Soft Start/Stop Yes No
Auto Light Turn On Yes No
Security Lock Yes No
Belt Warranty Lifetime Lifetime
Parts Warranty 5 Years 5 Years
Motor Warranty  Lifetime Lifetime

Difference and Similarity Between Liftmaster 8355 vs 8550 


The motors in these two LiftMaster garage door openers are quite different. LiftMaster 8550 has a DC motor, and LiftMaster 8355 has an AC motor. Both are powerful motors, but LiftMaster 8355 does not help you with its AC motor when it is a matter of power outage. Liftmaster 8550 comes to rescue your garage with its DC motor. Also, with 0.75 horsepower, LiftMaster 8550’s motor serves you the best in all types of garage doors, while Liftmaster 8355 does not.

Battery Backup

The backup battery is an important feature to have in a garage door opener because you’ve no idea when power will cut. Liftmaster 8550 is all ready to serve you with its backup battery; on the other hand, LiftMaster 8355 does not come with the battery backup.

Smartphone Control

Both Liftmaster 8550 and 8355 come with a smartphone control panel system and built-in WiFi. This smartphone control operates through the MyQ app. So, this makes your garage door experience premium with both LiftMaster 8550 and 8355.

Automatic Garage Door Lock

The automatic garage door lock feature is included with LiftMaster 8550, ensuring you a high-security service with LiftMaster 8550. The automatic lock on the garage door makes your dealing with the garage door effortless and hassle-free. And this feature is not available in LiftMaster 8355.

Timer to Close

LiftMaster 8550 also offers you the Timer to Close feature. This feature allows you to preset the time of your garage doors closing. So, when you are busy or getting along with so many things, you can use this feature and ease your tasks a little bit. LiftMaster 8355 does not share this feature too.


These two belt drive garage door openers come with a good deal in warranty. LiftMaster 8355 and 8550 come with a warranty of one year for the Belt. A five-year warranty on body parts. Also, a lifetime warranty on the motor. This warranty range makes these two garage door openers favored.


You can see how LiftMaster 8550 is so much worthier than LiftMaster 8355. So many extra features to make your work easier and give you a premium service. If you are thinking about investing for one time in the best one, you should grab the LiftMaster 8550. Although if you have to look at the budget and want a garage door opener like LiftMaster 8550, you can go with LiftMaster 8355.

Frequently Asked Questions About Liftmaster 8550 and Liftmaster 8355

What is the drive type of LiftMaster 8550?

The drive type of Liftmaster 8550 is a belt drive.

Does LiftMaster 8355 come with built-in WiFi?

Yes, LiftMaster 8355 comes with built-in WiFi.

How do I open the garage door after the remote battery goes expired?

If your battery goes expired from the remote, you can open the garage door with the opener in the garage.

Does Liftmaster 8355 come with a belt rail?

No, any belt rail does not come with LiftMaster 8355.

Is LiftMaster 8550 Homelink compatible?

Yes, LiftMaster 8550 is Homelink compatible.

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