Kitchenaid Classic vs Classic Plus

KitchenAid Classic vs Classic Plus – Check & Get the Best one!


Kitchenaid Classic vs Classic Plus

KitchenAid Classic and Classic Plus are very similar. That’s why it is a little difficult to select the right one. If you want better performance,  capacity, power, and durability, then Classic Plus would be the best pick here.

Why Classic Plus is the best pick?

  • Classic Plus has 275 motor wattage which makes it better than Classic. Because the Classic is built with 250 motor power, it can not provide quick mixing, whereas Classic Plus can do it easily.
  • The power hub of the Classic Plus is better as it is more versatile than the older mixer. From shredding chicken to making pasta, the machine is capable of doing everything in between.
  • Both have the same 10-speed control, but the Classic Plus is convenient as it has better motor power that ensures the speed level runs quicker to give you the recipe in seconds.

Better motor power changes the whole mixing game here. If you think these features are handy for you, you can check its best price.


Similarities Between the Kitchenaid Classic vs Classic Plus

  • The stand mixers have the same dimension and weight, as well as share the same bowl capacity.
  • They have a tilt-head design for the convenience of use and also come with the same mixing attachments.
  • Both machines bowl allows you to use 6.75 dozen per batch.
  • They are built with a one-year limited warranty, and you can expect the mixers to last for more than 4 to 5 years.
  • When it comes to cleaning the attachments, they allow you to keep them in the dishwasher.

As you can see, they both share many similarities, yet the three convenient features made the KitchenAid Classic Plus a better stand mixer for you.

Specifications  Kitchenaid Classic Kitchenaid Classic Plus
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Dimension  14 x 8.8 x 14 inches 14.1 x 8.7 x 13.9 inches
Bowl Capacity  4.5 qt 4.5 qt
Wattage 250  275 
Weight  22 pounds  22 pounds 
Bowl Material Brushed Stainless Steel Brushed Stainless Steel
Tilt-Head Design Yes  Yes 
Flat Beater Nylon Coated Nylon Coated
Dough Hook C-Shaped Nylon Coated C-Shaped Nylon Coated
Usage 6.75 Dozen 6.75 Dozen
Color 1 Color Available 1 Color Available
Warranty  One-year  One-year 

Differences and Similarities between KitchenAid Classic and Classic Plus

Powerful Motor 

The Classic Plus motor is a bit more powerful than the Classic version. It has a 275 motor. On the other side, the Classic contains a 250 motor. The updated version will run a little bit faster than the older version. So you’ll get your recipe ready within a matter of time.

Easy to Install 

In terms of the installation, they are the same, plus it’s easier to use. First, attach the bowl to the mixer, then add the mixing attachment that you need. And then, add the ingredients to the bowl and start the machine. That’s all you’ve to do, first assemble the machine, then start using it.

Speed Settings

The speed settings are robust and let you do any task or recipe that you want. Both have sufficient power so that you can mix wet and dry ingredients in a  single batch. You can knead bread dough, prepare batter for cake, and make whipping cream, and so on. However, start the machine at a slower speed to avoid flour puff or ingredients splashing.

Tilt-Head Design

You will get clear access to the bowl and the attached accessories as both are designed with a tilt-head. It’s beneficial as you don’t need to take the hassle of disassembling the bowl and pouring ingredients. However, the locking head keeps the bowl in place and effectively stays in place.

Bowl Capacity

Both mixers have the same 4.5 qt bowl capacity that is made from stainless steel material. The 4.5 qt bowl offers you enough capacity so that you can mix 6.5 dozen cookies dough, mashed potatoes, 6 pounds, and 3 loaves of bread in a single batch.

Power Hub

They feature a power hub that makes your mixer into a culinary center. To use the power of your stand mixer, the mixers include 15 attachments. And you can shred parmesan cheese within seconds or make pasta from scratch, shred chicken or beef, and much more.

The mixers are versatile so that you can prepare your favorite recipe in them in a matter of time. From ice cream to green juice to cake batter, you can prepare everything in between.

Planetary Mixing Action

KitchenAid Classic and Classic Plus have 59 59-Point Planetary Mixing Action, which means per rotation to incorporate the ingredients, the 59 touch points rotate around the bowl. And for the comprehensive mixing, it will give great coverage.

Including Accessories 

They come with the user manual, including a recipe book, a 4.5-quart stainless steel bowl, coated dough hook, flat beater, and 6-wire whip. For quick and easy cleaning, the accessories are dishwasher-safe.


KitchenAid Classic and Classic Plus cover a one-year warranty for any manufacturer issue. You can repair the parts free of cost within the period. They are constructed from sturdy material to provide a better lifespan.


You can see that both mixers share almost the same features, but the motor power makes the KitchenAid Classic Plus the best. I highly recommend you to go with Classic Plus; it will prepare your recipe quicker than the Classic version. So investing in the Classic Plus will be worth your money.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Kitchenaid Classic vs Classic Plus

Can I prepare bread dough in Classic?

Yes, it can prepare bread dough perfectly in the KitchenAid Classic.

Do I need to adjust the bowl?

Yes, sometimes you may need to adjust the bowl so that it stays in place.

What is their motor power of them?

The KitchenAid Classic comes with 250 motor power, while the Classic Plus has a 275-wattage motor.

What is the bowl size?

Both of them come with a 4.5 qt bowl capacity that is made from stainless steel.

Do they provide other attachments?

Yes, they come with a few handy attachments so that you can prepare your recipe without any significant issues.

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