Kitchenaid Classic Plus vs Artisan

Kitchenaid Classic Plus vs Artisan – Which one would be the best?


Kitchenaid Classic Plus vs ArtisanKitchenAid Classic Plus and Artisan are two perfect stand mixers for your home, but selecting the right one is a little confusing. No worries, you can pick the Artisan version rather than Classic Plus because it offers better features. I’ve put it together in the following section.

What is better than classic plus in Artisan? 

  • The main difference is the motor wattage; it includes 375 watts of motor power, while the Classic Plus contains 275 watts. The mighty motor power helps to create your recipe quicker than its competitor.
  • It has a five qt bowl capacity that lets you prepare nine dozen yields; on the other side, the Classic Plus has 4.5 qt. And it enables you to prepare 6.5 dozen yields.
  • The Artisan bowl was built with a handle for convenience of use. But the Classic Plus doesn’t contain the handle, which is a little hassle for some people.

As you can see, the features made the Artisan better than the Classic Plus. It is powerful plus comes with a better bowl capacity, including other handy features. So, if you love these features and wanna get them for your countertop, click on the button below to check the price.


Similarities Between the KitchenAid Classic Plus and Artisan 

  • They have the same size and weight; the mixers will easily fit under the countertop.
  • You will get the same attachments, including the C-shaped dough hook.
  • KitchenAid Classic Plus and Artisan have the same ten different speed levels.
  • They feature a one-year warranty that lets you repair or replace the mixer.
Specifications  KitchenAid Classic Plus  KitchenAid Artisan 
Editor’s Rating  4.6 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Dimension  14.1 x 8.7 x 13.9 inches 14.1 x 8.7 x 13.9 inches
Weight  22 pounds  22 pounds 
Bowl Capacity  4.5 qt  Five qt 
Usage 6.5 dozen  Nine dozen 
Bowl Handle  No  Yes 
Tilt-head Design Yes  Yes 
Wattage 275  375 
Flat Beater Yes  Yes 
Pouring Shield Yes  Yes 
Wire Whip  Yes  Yes 
Speed Settings  Ten speed  Ten speed 
Dough Hook C-Shaped Coated C-Shaped Coated
Warranty One-Year  One-Year 

Differences and Similarities Between the KitchenAid Classic Plus and Artisan 

Motor Wattage 

Compared to the KitchenAid Classic Plus, the Artisan contains a powerful motor. The Classic Plus offers 275 motor wattage, while the Artisan comes with 375 motor power. The excellent motor power allows you to prepare your recipe within a matter of time. But the Classic Plus won’t let you do this.

Bowl Capacity 

You can prepare multiple recipes at a time in the KitchenAid Artisan as it has a five qt bowl capacity. Therefore, the bowl allows you to use nine dozen yields into it. Besides, the Classic Plus has a 4.5 qt bowl, and it can be used for preparing 6.5 dozen yields.

The Artisan Bowl has a handle, but the bowl handle is not available on the Classic Plus. However, you can comfortably hold the Artisan bowl rather than the Classic Plus.

Easy to Use 

Both are designed with a tilt-head for ease to use. You can easily access the bowl and other accessories. Before starting to use the machine, attach the bowl to the machine. Also, ensure the machine is turned off. Once you attach the bowl, you need to connect the mixing items. Then add the ingredients into the bowl and start the machine.

Speed Settings 

Both mixers contain ten different speed settings for the other recipes. You can stir dry and wet ingredients, whipping cream, knead bread dough, or anything. Start the machine slowly to avoid the ingredient splash, and then increase the speed level.

Easy to Clean 

The bowl plus other mixing attachments are dishwashers safe for quick and easy cleaning. Once you are done using the machine, please keep all the attachments in the dishwasher, and see them cleaning themselves. Before storing them, ensure you properly air dry the items.


Whether you want to prepare dough for pizza or your favorite cake or make donuts or biscuits, the mixer allows you to prepare everything in between in the bowl. For the large batch of the recipe, the Artisan is perfect due to its largest capacity.

Furthermore, the machines have a power hub feature that makes it a culinary center. They have more than 12 attachments to help you shred chicken or beef. And you can make pasta from scratch in seconds and much more.

The Planetary Mixing Action

Both stand mixers have 59 touchpoints in every rotation around the bowl for thorough incorporation of the ingredients. The wire whip or the dough hook rotates quicker into the whole bowl to provide fantastic coverage for comprehensive mixing.

Including Accessories 

The Classic Plus has a 4.5 Quart Stainless Steel Bowl, Coated Dough Hook, Coated Flat Beater, and 6-Wire Whip. In contrast, the Artisan comes with a piece pouring shield, hook, 6-wire whip, coated dough hook, flat beater, and the 5 Quart Stainless Steel Bowl.


Both stand mixers cover a one-year warranty, so if you find any manufacturing issues, you can repair them free of cost. Though they have the same warranty period, I suggest the Artisan for your home.


The KitchenAid Artisan will suit every kitchen countertop, plus it is far better than the Classic Plus. It provides larger bowl space, and the powerful motor helps to make the recipe quicker. This will be worth your investment, but consider the KitchenAid Classic Plus if you have a budget issue.

FAQ of Kitchenaid Classic Plus vs Artisan

Do I need an adapter to use them?

If you live outside of the USA or Canada, you will need an adapter to use the mixers.

Will the Artisan blend all the ingredients? 

Yes, the mixer will blend everything correctly, you don’t need to stop the machine, but you may have to adjust the bowl.

How tall is the Artisan? 

When tilted back, the mixer is about 18 inches tall and easy to fit under most of the countertop.

What is the motor size?

The Classic Plus comes with a 275 watts motor, while the Artisan has a 325 watts motor.

Does Classic Plus have a power hub?

Yes, both Classic Plus and the Artisan come with a power hub.

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