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Keurig K50 vs K55 – See the Differences & Get the Winner!

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Keurig k50 vs k55Keurig K50 and Keurig K55 are fantastic coffee machines with some identical features. But between these two coffee makers, Keurig K55 is the winner and the best option to pick.

What Features Made Keurig K55 Best?

  • Keurig K55 can provide you with a faster coffee serving experience as it takes less than one minute to heat up. On the contrary, Keurig K50 takes more than one minute to serve a coffee.
  • With K55, you can easily remove the calcium deposits from your machine. But Keurig K50 doesn’t provide the descaling feature to remove the calcium deposits that build inside a coffee machine over time.
  • You can use K Cups with Keurig K55., which ensures rich and full-flavored coffee. In contrast, you can’t use K Cups with K50. So, you are going to miss the best beverages from Keurig if you buy Keurig K50.

All these key features made Keurig K55 the better option to choose. To enjoy the better taste of your coffee you should go with the K55 coffee machine.


Quick Comparison: Keurig K50 vs K55

Best Pick
Specifications Keurig K50 Keurig K55
Image Keurig K50 Keurig K55
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Product Dimensions 9.8 x 13 x 13.3 inches 13.3 x 9.8 x 13 inches
Item Weight 7.6 pounds 9 pounds
Manufacturer Keurig Keurig
Brew Sizes 6-10  oz 6-10 oz
Strength Control No No
K Cup Not compatible Compatible
Energy Saver Yes Yes
Water Reservoir Capacity 48 0z removable 48 oz removable
Speed Over a minute Less than a minute
Recommended Keurig Accessories Rinse Pods Brewer Care Kit, My K-Cup,

Descaling solution

Included Components Keurig® K50® single-serve coffee maker Keurig® K55® single-serve coffee maker
Best Sellers Rank #65,858 in Home & Kitchen #133 in Home & Kitchen
Batteries Included? No No
Batteries Required? No No

Similarities and Differences: Keurig K50 vs K55


Keurig K50 and Keurig K55, more popularly known as K-Classic, are two top coffee brewing machines from Keurig. In fact, Keurig K55 is the redesigned version of Keurig K50. So, K55 is definitely ahead in terms of features.

Both of these coffee machines can brew three different sizes. If you look at the specification, you will see both of these machines have a 48oz water reservoir. But K55 comes with two water filters. While Keurig K50 takes more than a minute to brew a coffee, Keurig K55 takes less than a minute.

Keurig K55 has a removable drip tray. On the other hand, the trip tray of K50 is fixed. So you can’t detach it. As a result, you may face difficulty cleaning the Keurig K50. But You can easily clean the Keurig K55 because of the descaling feature.

Brew Quality

As they both are Keurig K Classic series coffee machines, they have almost the same brewing quality. While Keurig K55 offers a filter that cleans all the impurities from the water and gives you a perfect cup of coffee, the Keurig K50 does not have a water filter. So, it will directly make your coffee from the source water. But, if you use filtered water, you will get the same taste.

Although some customers complained that they could smell plastic in the coffee made with Keurig K50 because it does not have a water filter system. So, if you want a better coffee taste without the plastic smell, you can buy Keurig K55.

Water Reservoir

Both Keurig K50 and K55 are single-serving coffee machines. However, you won’t have to refill it after every use. There is a 48 oz water reservoir with both of these machines. So, you can enjoy up to 8 cup coffees without refilling the water tank, depending on your cup size. Besides, you will get a water filter system with the Keurig K55.

Water Filter

Well, this feature might look boring, yet this is one of the most useful features of a coffee machine. In the end, your coffee is made with water and coffee beans. So, you should use pure water. While Keurig K50 still depends on raw water, Keurig K55 features its own activated charcoal filters. So, you get better coffee from purified water.

Serving sizes

Each of these coffee machines can serve the same sizes. They can serve in 6,8 and 10 oz cups. If you use 6 oz cups, you can enjoy up to 8 cups of coffee without refilling the water reservoir. And if you use 8 oz cups, then you can enjoy up to 6 cups of coffee. If using 10 oz cups, you can enjoy up to 5 cups of coffee.


As far as the coffee machines go, both K50 and K55 work just fine. You will be able to operate both of these machines easily if you read the machine’s manual before the first time you use the machine. You need to follow the below steps to make a perfect cup of black coffee with any of these machines:

  1. Fill the water reservoir with fresh water and put it in its place.
  2. Turn on the coffee machine and wait for some minutes so that the water can heat.
  3. Put any of the supported cup sizes on the drip tray plate.
  4. Now, put a coffee pod in the pod holder and pull the handle down.
  5. Now press the brew button so that the machine starts working.
  6. After a minute, your hot coffee will be ready for drinking.
  7. Then you have to remove the coffee pod and throw it in the dustbin.

Both of the coffee machines have an auto turn-off feature. Both of the machines will turn off if you do not use them for 15 seconds.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Now the worst part. Cleaning is often like a nightmare for coffeeholic. No worries. Keurig made it pretty easy. Both of the machines have a removable K cup holder, water reservoir, and drip tray. But having the descaling feature, K55 runs an extra mile than Keurig K50.

And forget about the descaling date. There is a light in the K55 that turns on if you have to descale your machine. The descaling feature will remove all the calcium deposits in your machine and make your machine clean.


Keurig Green Mountain, Inc gives a one-year limited warranty with its coffee machines. However, they suggest you register your coffee machine online to avoid any future problems. The manufacturer, Keurig, will fix your machines if the machine stops working during the warranty time. If it becomes necessary to replace the brewer, they will send you a new or reconditioned one. You will get a new limited guarantee with the replaced one. However, this warranty is only valid for the United States and Canada.


Even though both coffee machines are from the same K Classic series, there are some notable differences. And some features made the Keurig K55 better than Keurig K50. We will suggest you go for Keurig K55, but if K50 meets your needs, you can still go with it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Keurig K50 vs K55

Can I use my desired size for beverages?

Yes, you can obviously adjust the size of your beverages.

Do these Keurig coffee machines have auto-off?

Yes, both of these machines have an auto-shutdown feature.

How often do I need to descale my brewer?

Calcium deposits can degrade your brewing quality. So, you should descale every 3 to six months.

Can you use other brand pods?

Yes, you can use any brand’s K cups.

Do these brew cold coffees?

No, it only brews hot coffees. Please don’t use cold beverages.

Does the water reservoir light up blue?

No, these models from Keurig do not light up while used.

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