Keurig k150 vs k155

Keurig k150 vs k155 – Check why I choose Keurig K-155!

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Keurig k150 vs k155Keurig K-150 and K-155 are Office Pro Category coffee machines by Keurig. Though these devices are identical, still some improved features impressed me to choose K-155. Let’s see those functions that made K-155 better than K-150.

Why I choose K-155?

  • Keurig K-150 weighs 18 pounds while K-155 weighs only 6 pounds. Weight is a significant aspect to consider. Even, Keurig K-155 gives you more functionalities than K-150, and it weighs 3X less.
  • Keurig K-155 supports Third-party K-Cup pods, but K-150 only supports K-Cup pods. So, you can not use other brand’s pods in K-150 even if it is essential.
  • And the most notable difference is that customers complain that they get a plastic taste on coffee brewed by K-150. In contrast, coffee brewed by K-155 tastes just fine.

After seeing the specs and features, Keurig K-155 seems more powerful and convenient. So, my final recommendation is Keurig K-155. If you are thinking of buying K-155 at the best price, check the links below.


Comparison Chart: Keurig k150 vs k155

Best Pick
Specifications Keurig K-150 Keurig K-155
Editor’s Rating 4.2 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Product Dimensions 14 x 10.5 x 13.6 inches 14 x 10.38 x 13.8 inches
Item Weight 18 pounds 6 pounds
Interface Full-color LCD touchscreen Full-color LCD touchscreen
Brew Sizes 4-12 oz 4-10 oz
Third-party K-Cup pod compatible No Yes
K Cup Compatible Compatible
Energy Saver Yes Yes
Water Reservoir Capacity 90 oz. easy to fill, a removable water reservoir 90 oz. easy to fill, a removable water reservoir
Speed Less than a minute less than a minute
Third-party K-Cup pod compatible No Yes
Included Components Keurig® K-150 single-serve coffee maker Keurig® K-155® single-serve coffee maker
Automatic off function Yes Yes
Quiet brew technology Yes Yes

Similarities and Differences between Keurig k150 vs k155

Physical Features

As the first Keurig commercial coffee brewing machine, Keurig K-150 looks very elegant and smart. It suits the office environment and catches the attraction of almost everyone.

While Keurig K-150 and K-155 are almost alike, they come in different colors. Keurig K-155 comes in an eye-catchy combination of silver and black. On the other hand, the Keurig K-150 comes in a deep grey and black combination. Both of these machines are great in terms of design.

Moving to the functionalities we see, Both of these machines are almost identical and have similar features. Both devices offer touch screen controls, auto on/off features, brew size control, quiet brew technology, brew temperature control, multi-language support, and time control. So, it’s a draw in the features section.

Brew Quality

As a renowned brand, Keurig did its best to make its commercial coffee machines the best in the market. K-150 is their first OfficePro series coffee maker, and it lacks the quality we expect in commercial coffee machines. The brew quality is fantastic, but Keurig made the water reservoir from cheap quality plastic. So, you will get a plastic taste sometimes.

The Keurig K-155 is the upgraded version of the Keurig K-150 and is considerably better than K-150 in quality. It brews excellent quality coffee with superior blending. And more importantly, coffee brewed by it does not taste like plastic. So, K-155 is the machine if you are finding the best blend of coffee.

Water Reservoir

Water reservoir capacity is a factor you should consider if you are looking for a commercial coffee machine. Because you can’t refill the device every time you use it during office hours.

Both of these coffee brewing machines come with a huge 90 oz detachable water storage. You can prepare up to 18 coffees without the need to refill them. So, both hold the same capacity in the water reservoir section.

Water Filter

All of the commercial series machines from Keurig come with a built-in water filter. This water filter removes any germs and cleans the water before it is used in coffees. As a consequence, you do not need to descale your machines frequently.

Even though you get a water filter with both of these machines, you need to replace the water cartridge after some time. You will get the replacement cartridges at Amazon.

Serving sizes

Keurig K-150 can serve five different serving sizes, even after being the first commercial series machine. It can serve in 4,6,8,10 and 12 oz cups. And the number of cups you can serve without refilling depends on your preferred serving size. You can serve at least 7 cups and at most 22 cups.

In contrast, Keurig K-155 can only serve in four different sizes, similar to Keurig’s base models. It can serve in 6,8, 10, and 12 oz cups. Keurig focused on the most needed functions rather than adding more functions. Though K-150 has a slight advantage over K-155 in serving sizes, I still consider this section a draw.


Are you finding high-functioned yet easy-to-use machines? Well, then, you are in luck. Keurig tries to keep its devices as simple as possible. And these machines are no different.

Both of these machines have an identical interface and similar buttons. They are convenient in terms of usability. Like all other Keurig Machines, You can prepare your coffee by following some easy steps.

But, the Keurig K-155 has an advantage. It supports more than 700 external brands K-Cup, so you can use any k-Cup you like. As a result, you can use eco-friendly K-Cups, which will help to save the environment.

  • If you want to know how to use these coffee machines, you can check this article.

Cleaning & Maintenance

We all like to drink coffee. But no one wants to clean or descale a coffee machine. Cleaning a coffee machine is very important to extend its lifespan. No worries; I will teach you how you can correctly descale your Keurig Coffee machines. Follow these below steps and clean your devices in a short time:

  1. Unplug it from the socket.
  2. Detach the removable parts. Let’s clarify what that means.
  • Detach the K-pod holder
  • Pull the funnel gently.
  • Lift away the water reservoir and its lid
  • Remove the drip tray.
  1. Separate the machine and non-machine parts.
  • You can wash non-machine parts in the dishwasher.
  • You can not clean machine parts with water.
  1. Clean it all.
  • Without the machine base, you can wash all other parts with warm water and soup.
  • Avoid using detergents
  • Soak the water using a clean cloth.
  1. Clean the coffee grinds from the exit needles.
  2. Reattach everything as they were.
  3. Use Keurig’s descaling solution every 3 to six months to clean the calcium wastage.


Keurig Green Mountain, Inc warrants its machines with a one-year replacement warranty. The consumer needs to register the product online to claim any warranty. They guarantee to replace or repair the product for any manufacturing defect.

They may change your defective machine with a new or resuscitated machine. However, the warranty might not apply to all countries. Please read the seller’s warranty policy to know in detail.

Even though a warranty is given, you may not open these machines yourself at any cost because it goes against the warranty policy. If you try or do so, you will void the warranty.


Keurig is famous for making top-notch coffee machines. They always make great quality coffee machines. And these machines are not different. Even though I prefer Keurig K-155, according to my consideration, K-150 is still a great choice to make. So, consider your needs before buying any machines.

Frequently asked questions about Keurig k150 vs k155

Can this be plumbed?

No, you can not plumb these machines with the direct water line.

Does the drip tray under the removable drip tray move? Can it be removed for cleaning purposes?

Unfortunately, you can not remove the part under the drip tray because it is attached to the machine.

Why is this commercial?

You can use it 24*7 and have a great water reservoir. However, you can always buy it for your home.

Can you use any brand pods?

You can use external pods in K-155. But you have to use Keurig-supported K-Cups in K-150.

Can I see the water level so I know when to refill the water storage?

No, the machine will warn you through a led indicator when it needs refilling.

Which reusable filters work with these models?

The standard type filter that all other Keurig machines support.

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