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Keurig K Select vs K Elite – Choose the Best Coffee Brewer

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Keurig k select vs k eliteKeurig K- Select and K-Elite are two Entry-level coffee machines by Keurig. And I found out that the K-Elite is better than Keurig K Select because of some features and performance.

Why Keurig K-Elite is Better?

  • Keurig K-Elite weighs about 6.6 pounds, while Keurig K-Select weighs 7.35 pounds. So, Keurig K-Elite provides better coffee brewing features than K-Select, even after having less weight.
  • If we compare the reservoir capacity, we see Keurig K-Select has a moderate 52oz water reservoir. On the other hand, K-elite has a 75 oz reservoir. As a result, you will be capable of preparing more coffees using K-Elite without refilling it.
  • Most importantly, K-Elite provides more variations when it comes to serving sizes. K-Elite provides five different serving sizes. On the contrary, K-Select offers only four serving sizes.
  • The most notable difference between these two machines is the Ice Coffee Brewing option. Keurig K-Elite offers you this useful option m so you can make both hot and cold coffee. Meanwhile, you can only make hot coffee using K-Select.
  •  Last but not least, Keurig K-Elite also features temperature control while K-Select does not. So, You can regulate the hotness of your coffee using K-Elite according to your preference.

These are the key reasons that made me choose Keurig K-Elite over K-Select. Do you want to buy Keurig K-Elite but looking for the best deal? Click on the links below and acquire your favorite coffee brewer for the best value.


Specification Chart: Keurig K Select vs K Elite

  Best Pick


Keurig K-Select Keurig K-Elite
Editor’s Rating 4.2 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Product Dimensions 11.6 x 9.2 x 12.5 inches 12.7 x 9.9 x 13.1 inches
Item Weight 7.35 pounds 6.6 pounds
Interface Analog Button Controls Analog Button Controls
Brew Sizes 6-12 oz 4-12 oz
Iced Coffee Brew Option No Yes
K Cup Compatible Compatible
Energy Saver Yes Yes
Water Reservoir Capacity 52 oz 90 oz
Speed Less than a minute Less than a minute
Third-party K-Cup pod compatible No


Included Components Keurig® K-Select single-serve coffee maker Keurig® K-Select® single-serve coffee maker
Automatic off function Yes Yes
Quiet brew technology No No

 Similarities and Differences between Keurig K Select vs K Elite

Physical Features

Keurig K-Elite and K-Select are both entry-level Coffee brewers from Keurig. Both machines look very elegant and beautiful. Both machines are made from High-Quality Plastic.

While Keurig K-Elite and K-Select share some standard features, their colors are different. Keurig K-Select comes in six different colors. They are Matte Black, Matte White, Matte Navy, Sandstone, Oasis, and Vintage Red. On the other hand, Keurig K-Elite offers three different colors. They are Brushed Silver, Brushed Gold, and Brushed Slate.

If we talk about the features, Keurig K-Elite has five different serving sizes; meanwhile, K-Select has only four serving sizes. K-Elite also offers a massive 75 oz water reservoir and Ice coffee brew features, while K-Select offers a moderate 52 oz water reservoir and has no ice coffee brew feature.

Brew Quality

Keurig is reputed mostly because its machines make great quality coffees. From what I have seen, Both brewers are equally powerful in this section. Both machines can prepare your coffee in less than a minute. But, K Elite does have an advantage over K-Select. It can provide on-demand hot water that you can use to make soups and oatmeal.

Surprisingly, Keurig K-Select comes with a strong brew option. So, You can manage the greatness of your drink using the K-Select. Although Keurig K-Elite also comes with a strong brew option. As a bonus, you get the iced coffee feature. So, you are getting more functionalities in K-Elite than K-Select.

 Water Reservoir

If we talk about the water reservoir capacity, Keurig K-Elite is undoubtedly better than K-Select. Keurig K-Elite features a vast 75 oz water reservoir. On the Contrary, Keurig K-Select offers a 52 oz water reservoir. So, Keurig K-Elite can serve you more coffees without refilling.

You can prepare at least four coffees and at most eight coffees using the Keurig K-Select. However, it depends on your preferred serving size. Meanwhile, You can prepare at least six cups of coffee and at most 18 cups of coffee using the Keurig K-Elite.

Water Filter

Both machines are from similar price ranges, and they both have a built-in water filter. What this water filter does is clean the water by removing chlorine and other unnecessary elements from water.

These filters are not permanent, and you have to replace them from time to time. You can buy replacement cartridges from Amazon. Though you can use the machines without the filter, I recommend using it to keep calcium waste away from the machine.

Serving sizes

Keurig K-Elite features five different serving sizes. The serving sizes are 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 oz. Thanks to its 75 oz water storage, you can prepare a maximum of 18 cups without refilling the reservoir.

Meanwhile, Keurig K-Select provides four different serving sizes. It can serve in 6 to 12 oz cups. You can prepare a maximum of 8 cups of coffee via this brewer. So, you are getting more customization from Keurig K-Elite than K-Select.


Are you too busy to make time to prepare coffee? Well, no worries at all. Keurig made it very easy to use these machines. You just have to fill the water reservoir, place a K-Cup pod, turn on the brewer, and select a serving size. And your drink will be ready to drink in a matter of minutes.

 Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning is an annoying task for almost everyone. To preserve the machine’s performance, you need to clean it frequently. You will have to clean the machines at least two to four times per year. Besides, You may also have to replace the filter cartridges when needed. Cleaning these machines is not so hard if you want to know the cleaning Keurig Coffee brewers’ procedures.


Keurig Green Mountain, Inc provides a one-year warranty with all of its brewer and coffee machines. They will fix or replace your machines based on the condition within the warranty period.  The replacement machine might be new or reconditioned. The replacement will also have a limited warranty period.

The warranty only applies if you or any third party does not open the machine. So, directly contact the manufacturer if you find any defect in the machine. The warranty might not apply to all countries. Please, contact the vendor or the manufacturer for more information.


Both machines are good enough in my view, depending on the features they offer. If you are looking for a simple coffee machine with limited features, you should go for Keurig K-Select. But if you find a coffee brewer that provides more features and extensive storage,  you should buy Keurig K-Elite.

 Frequently Asked Questions about Keurig K Select vs K Elite

Are K Elite and K Elite C the same?

Yes, they are the same machine. But the accessories included in the box might be different.

Is there any light in the water storage?

Unfortunately, there is no light in the water reservoir in any of these machines.

Can people of any age operate these machines?

Yes, they have a very simple interface, and anyone can use these machines.

Can you make iced tea with these models?

You can make Iced tea on Keurig K-Elite but not on Keurig K-Select.

How Can I Descale these machines?

No worries, There is a descale button for it.

Which filter cartridge do I need?

The Keurig Standard filter cartridge.

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