Keurig K Cafe vs Nespresso

Keurig K Cafe vs Nespresso – Which one could be best pick?

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I put the Keurig K-Café and Nespresso VertuoLine machines against each other. These coffee machines are built with automatic features so that you can easily make coffee. If you want to know their major differences, let’s have a look –

What Are the Differences Between Keurig K Cafe vs Nespresso?

Keurig K Cafe Nespresso
Keurig K Cafe offer 6-12 brew size.  Nespresso offer 1.35, 8, and 14 oz brew size. 
This machine can hold 60 oz. It can hold 40 oz of water.
The K Cafe doesn’t make noise. This machine makes noise when in use.
Keurig K Cafe provides a one-year limited warranty. Nespresso offers a two years limited warranty.
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Keurig K-Cafe built with better properties than Nespresso. If you are a coffee enthusiast, then you can go with this machine. Still, if you have any confusion since they have almost the same things, read on the next segment.

What made Keurig K-Cafe Better?

  • Keurig K-Café has a large water reservoir of 60 oz. On the other hand, Nespresso Vertuo comes with a water reservoir of 40 oz. So, if you are looking for large water storage for more servings, Keurig K-Café should be your utmost choice.
  •  Both Keurig K- Café and Nespresso Vertuo come with a milk frother. That’s why I do not find any reason to buy Nespresso VertuoL, paying extra.
  •  Nespresso Vertuo sounds very loud when brewing espresso. On the contrary, Keurig can do its job quietly. If you are buying a coffee machine for a café or office, you should buy the quiet one.

These were the key specs to consider before buying these machines. Want to buy Keurig K-Café but looking for the best deal? Click on the below buttons.


Other Specifications of Keurig K Cafe and Nespresso

Specifications Keurig K-Cafe Nespresso
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Product Dimensions 17.32 x 14.17 x 14.41 inches 11.91 x 8.3 x 11.93 inches
Item Weight 13.17 pounds 12.34 pounds
Interface Analog Buttons Analog Buttons
Supported Pods K-Cup pods Nespresso Pods
Energy Saver Yes Yes
Speed Less than a minute Less than a minute
Colors Charcoal  Black
Included Components Keurig® K-Cafe single-serve coffee maker, Milk Frother Cup Nespresso VertuoLine Black, Milk Frother Cup
Automatic off function Yes Yes

Similarities and Differences between Keurig K Cafe vs Nespresso

Physical Features

As you already know, Keurig K-café is the best coffee brewer from Keurig. It has a very exceptional design and an elegant look. It is only available in Charcoal Black. On the other hand, Nespresso Vertuo is the best coffee machine series from Nespresso. It has a dazzling fusion of Silver and Black.

They share most of the features as they are top-notch coffee machines from two top brands. Both of these machines come with decent water reservoirs, a milk frother, and strong brew quality.

While Keurig K-Café can serve four different sizes, Nespresso Vertuo can serve three different sizes, including a 1.35 oz espresso shot. But what makes Nespresso Vertuo more useful is, that it can hold 13-20 capsules, depending on the capsule sizes.

Both of these machines share most of the attributes. So, it would be best if you first decide whether you like K-Cups or Nespresso Pods. Then you can buy your machine accordingly.

Brew Quality

As K-Café is the best coffee brewer by Keurig, it is expected to provide the best coffee brewing quality. And it beautifully does so. With the premium blend coffee, you will forget that you are at home and feel like drinking coffee in a café.

If we are talking about customizations, Keurig K-café is superior to any other Keurig machine. It may not have temperature control and some additional functionalities, but it does come with some unique features. It has a milk frother that can froth both warm and icy milk. It also has a shot button that gives froth an extra touch.

Keurig K-Café can brew espresso-style beverages. On the contrary, Nespresso Vertuo can brew both black coffee and espresso coffee. So, in the end, it should be a choice, depending on the preference.

Water Reservoir

Let us talk about one of the most critical factors to consider before buying a coffee machine. Yes, you guessed it right. Water reservoir capacity often becomes a headache in low-capacity coffee machines.

If you are looking for a coffee machine with a massive water reservoir, you should buy the Keurig K-Café. It comes with a gigantic 60 oz water reservoir that you can use to prepare up to 10 cups of coffee, depending on your preferred serving size.

On the other hand, if you are not a coffeeholic and do not drink coffee more than twice per day, Nespresso Vertuo is an excellent choice. Depending on your desired serving size, you can produce up to 5 cups of coffee.

Water Filter

As one of the best machines from Keurig, K-café comes with a built-in water filter. The filter cleans all chlorine molecules that help to make a better quality coffee. Though it comes with a filter, you need to regularly change the filter cartridges to get the best quality coffee.

On the contrary, Nespresso Vertuo does not come with a built-in filter, but you can use the descaling solution to keep your machine clean. It helps the brewer to make better quality coffee.

Serving sizes

Keurig K-café can serve four different sizes. It can serve 6, 8, 10, and 12 oz servings. Besides, it has an additional 2 oz extra shot feature. It is useful when you want some impressive variety in your coffee. It is an absolute feature for frothy drinks.

In contrast, Nespresso can serve three different servings sizes, including the extra shot of 1.35 oz. It is similar to Keurig’s 2 oz shot. It is to create a milk base when making espresso or latte. The other two serving sizes are 8 and 14 oz.


Though both of these machines are very user-friendly, they are not made for home use. These machines are mainly for commercial use, but if you consider yourself a coffeeholic and like customization in your coffee, then go for these machines.

Even though these machines have an easy-to-use interface, I recommend everyone read their user manual before using them for the first time. As some may find the features complex, I will not rate any of these coffee machines user-friendly for the elderly and children.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Almost everyone likes to drink coffee. But when it comes to cleaning, no one is ready. As Keurig and Nespresso are two renowned coffee machine brands globally, they made it easy for us.

You can detach all the washable parts in the Keurig k-café and wash them on the water sink. If you want to clean the inside, there is a descale button. Just press the switch, and your brewer will clean itself in a minute or so. If you run out of descaling solutions,

Likewise, the procedures for cleaning Nespresso Vertuo are the same as Keurig K-Café. It would be best if you use a descaling solution to deep clean the machine.


Keurig Green Mountain, Inc guarantees they will fix your machines if they break down within the warranty period or have any manufacturer defect. However, they recommended registering your brewer online to request any warranty. They might give you a replacement if your machine is not fixable. The replaced coffee machine might be a new or a reconditioned one. So, no further objections will be granted. The replaced machine will also have a limited warranty with it.

On the other hand, Nespresso warrants that it will repair or replace any product for any manufacturing defect for two years from the purchase date. The replaced portion will have a six-month warranty if the original warranty period is less than six months.

Although these machines come with a warranty, They might not be obtainable in all countries. So, contact the seller to know the detailed warranty policy.


Both of these machines are great if we consider their features. I can not rate any of these superior to the other one. I have gone through a lot of factors throughout these articles and tried to explain the features. It would be best to forget all the other aspects and focus on your favorite pod. If you like K-Cups, then go for Keurig K-Café, and if you like Nespresso Pods, buy the Nespresso Vertuo.

Frequently Asked Questions about Keurig K Cafe and Nespresso

How large a cup of coffee does Nespresso Vertuo make?

This machine makes 8 oz coffee by default. It changes according to the Nespresso pod size.

Can Nespresso Vertuo make Americano style coffee?

Yes, add two shots of espresso and mix it with hot water.

How does the Keurig cafe compare to the Nespresso Vertuo?

Both machines are great and do their work perfectly. I think it is about pod preference. If you like K-Cup pods, then go for K-Café. Otherwise, go for the Nespresso Vertuo.

Can I use pods from any brand?

No, you have to use K-Cups pods in Keurig and Nespresso pods in Nespresso Vertuo.

Does the Keurig K-café produce espresso?

It does not produce espresso. But it makes espresso-style beverages.

Can you connect these machines to the waterline?

No, none of these machines can be connected to the waterline.

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