Keurig compact vs mini

Keurig Compact vs Mini – Which would be better for you?

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Keurig compact vs miniYou are here, which means you want to know the differences between Keurig K-Mini and K-Compact. By putting these machines side by side, I found out, K-Mini is slightly better than K-Compact because of its features.

Why is Keurig K-mini is Better?

  • Keurig K-Mini has more serving sizes than Keurig K-Compact. You can serve three different sizes in Keurig K-Compact, while You can serve four different sizes in Keurig K-Mini.
  • K-Mini only weighs 2 pounds, whereas K_Compact weighs more than 8 pounds. So, you can take K-Mini anywhere with you, But you can not take K-Compact anywhere you go.
  • When talking about appearance, Keurig K-Mini is the simplest coffee machine from Keurig. It is very lightweight and slim. So you can accommodate it anywhere in your residence. On the other hand, Keurig K-Compact looks bigger, and you may face problems traveling with it.
  • Last but not least, you get cord storage with Keurig K-Mini. So, you can organize your cable inside the machine, and you do not have to worry about cable management; meanwhile, K-Compact does not come with cord storage, so you may face problems managing cables.

Reading these key points above, you already know why I am considering K-Mini over K-Compact. if you like K-Mini and want to grab it for your home, just click the button below.


Specification Chart: Keurig Compact vs Mini

Best Pick
Specifications Keurig K-Compact Keurig K-Mini
Editor’s Rating 4.3 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Product Dimensions 14.49 x 14.21 x 10.91 inches 11.3 x 4.5 x 12.1 inches
Item Weight 8.78 pounds 2 pounds
Manufacturer Keurig Keurig
Brew Sizes 6-10 oz 6-12 oz
Cord Storage No Yes
K Cup Compatible Compatible
Energy Saver Yes Yes
Water Reservoir Capacity 36 oz removable 12 oz non-removable
Speed Less than a minute More than a minute
Recommended Keurig Accessories Brewer Care Kit, My K-Cup Descaling Solution, Rinse Pods
Included Components Keurig® K-Compact single-serve coffee maker Keurig® K-Mini® single-serve coffee maker
Batteries Included? No No
Batteries Required? No No

Similarities and Differences between Keurig Compact vs Mini

Physical Features

Keurig K-Compact is much larger than Keurig K-Mini. It has a huge dimension of 14.49 x 14.21 x 10.91 inches, and it weighs 8.78 pounds. On the other hand, Keurig K-Mini has a dimension of 11.3 x 4.5 x 12.1 inches, and it weighs only 2 pounds. So, Keurig K-mIni is much more user-friendly than Keurig K-Compact.

Both of these machines come in various colors. K-Mini is available in three different colors. They are Black, Studio Gray, Oasis. On the contrary, Keurig K-Compact is available in five different colors: Black, Red, Turquoise, Moonlight Gray, White. So, you have more color choices while buying Keurig K-Compact than Keurig K-Mini.

Brew Quality

Both of these machines are capable of making great quality coffees. Keurig K-Compact takes about a minute to serve a coffee; meanwhile, K-Mini takes a few more seconds than K-Compact to serve a coffee. So, Keurig K-Compact can serve more coffee than the K-Mini in a short amount of time. But the difference is not that much.

If we talk about the taste, both machines serve similar quality coffee because they both use the same technology, and none of these machines has a strong brew option. But still, they will provide you with the best decent coffee possible. But, If you are buying for home, I will recommend you to go for K-Mini. There is no point in bearing 7 pounds of extra weight.

Water Reservoir

Going to the water reservoir section, we see, Keurig K-Compact comes with a decent 36 oz removable water reservoir system. You can use these reservoirs to prepare four to six coffees. And as it is removable, refilling the water tank is quite easy.

On the other hand, Keurig K-Mini does not have a removable water reservoir or storage. You have to fill it in every time you use the machine. But I find it okay because it is not that tough to pour a mug of water into the machine.

Water Filter

None of these two machines come with a water filter system. So, the water will not get filtered in the machine. You have to pour pre-filtered water. If you do not use filtered water, it might cause the machine to hold calcium wastage. So, It is better to use filtered water in both of these machines to get the best results.

Serving sizes

Even being the simplest Keurig Machine, K-Mini comes with the support of 4 different serving sizes. They are correspondingly 6,8,10 and 12 oz. Whatever size you serve, you have to refill the machine after every use.

In contrast, K-Compact being one of the heaviest machines comes with the support of only three different serving sizes. You can serve in 6,8 and 10 oz cups with it. But the positive thing is it arises with a moderate 36 oz water reservoir. So, you can use it to serve multiple times without the need to refill it.


From my experience, Keurig K-Mini is very user-friendly. It has four different serving sizes. Anyone can use this machine. Place a mug on the drip tray, put a k Cup, select the serving size, and your coffee will be ready in a minute. As it comes with beautiful cord storage on the back, you can take it anywhere with you. You just need to detach the plug and put it into the storage, and your machine is ready to go.

Similarly, Keurig K-Compact is also user-friendly. It has three different serving sizes. Follow the proceedings just like Keurig K-mIni, and you will get your coffee in less than a minute. But it is very large and heavy. So, I do not ponder it as a travel-friendly machine. You can not take it with you to your favorite destination.

Cleaning & Maintenance

We all love to drink coffee. But is there anyone who does not hate cleaning the machines? I guess no. But Keurig made it very handy for us. You can easily clean these machines using the descaling solution.

What you need to do is detach the removable parts and clean them separately. Throw the pod dumps into the dustbin. Detach the drip tray and clean it. And reattach it, then your work is done.

You do not need to clean these machines regularly. You have to clean it once every three to six months. There are LED indicators in these machines to guide you when the machine needs to be cleaned. So, You will not have to think about the cleaning date. You will get a reminder from the machine itself.


Keurig Green Mountain, Inc guarantees that they will fix these machines for any kind of manufacturing defect or if something happens with the machine within the warranty period. However, we recommend you register your product on their site so that you can claim the warranty.

They will send you a replacement: either new or reconditioned if your machine is not repairable. The new machine will come with a new limited-time warranty.


Keurig is one of the best and most trusted brands in terms of coffee machine quality. And these two machines are entry-level coffee machines with decent quality coffee-making capability. Even though I suggest you buy Keurig K-Mini, it does not mean Keurig K-Compact is not good enough. So, consider your needs before buying.

Frequently asked questions about Keurig Compact vs Mini

Does this not come with a removable water filter? Do I need to buy one separately?

No, none of these brewers comes with water filter support.

What reusable k cup can I use?

You can use only K-cup pods in both of these machines.

How often do I need to clean my brewer?

We will recommend you clean it every three to six months.

Can I use all brand pods?

Yes, you can use any brand’s K cups.

How many watts does this use?

These machines use about 1500 watts.

Is there an auto timer in these machines?

No, these models from Keurig do not have auto-timers.

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