Jura D6 vs E6

Jura D6 vs E6 – How Jura E6 Worth Your Investment?

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Jura D6 vs E6Jura D6 and Jura E6 both come with versatile abilities that are able to provide the best coffee to enjoy every sip. Here Jura E6 is comparatively better and capable of providing a cafe-quality mixture.

What Features Made Jura E6 Better?

  • Jura E6 is built with a T.F.T. color touch display that contains buttons on both sides; which ensures you use the machine straightforwardly and lets you easily customize your drink. But Jura D6 has an L.E.D. screen with plain text.
  • The machine comes with a 10 oz bean capacity, while the D6 has a 7 oz capacity. So E6 can store more beans in this to serve more people at a time.
  • Both have a milk frother, but Jura D6 cannot froth milk properly, even though you clean it every day. Besides, Jura E6 will perfectly froth milk so that you can make cafe-quality coffee.

Those unique features made Jura E6 a perfect choice rather than Jura D6. It can provide you cafe-quality coffee every time, so you can consider Jura E6.


Similar Features of Jura D6 vs E6

  • Jura D6 and E6 are two programmable machines that allow you to customize the program according to your need.
  • They feature a pulse extraction process that optimizes the extraction time and provides the best aroma in your coffee.
  • Both coffee machines offer a programmable on/off switch button that lets you operate them comfortably.
  • They have an intelligent water system that automatically detects if water is required to filter.

Quick Comparison: Jura D6 vs E6

Specifications  Jura D6  Jura E6
Editor’s Rating  4.5 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Display  LED with plain text TFT color touch display with  buttons
Pulse Extraction Process  Yes Yes 
Bean Container  7 oz 10 oz
Color  Platinum / Piano Black Platinum
Water Tank Capacity  64 oz  64 oz 
Milk frother Yes  Yes
Intelligent Water System  Yes  Yes
Programmability Programmable coffee strength and volume Programmable coffee strength and volume
Bluetooth Compatible  Yes  Yes 
J.O.E. App  Yes  Yes 
Number of specialties 7 7
Unit dimensions W- 11″ x H-13.6″ x L-16.5″  W- 11″ x H- 13.8″ x L- 17.3″ 
Weight  19 lbs 22 lbs
Maintenance Very simple  Very simple 
Warranty  Two Years  Two Years 

Similarities and Dissimilarities: Jura D6 vs E6

Machine Interface

Jura D6 and E6 are two ultra-quick, plus self-explanatory coffee machines that give you perfect coffee in no time. These two machines have programmable features; you can create your coffee program to your needs. The Jura D6 has a plain text display with the reinterpretation of classic design with detail.

On the other hand, the Jura E6 has a T.F.T. screen that combines different settings. The E6 is an ideal choice for those who like to make their favorite coffee quickly since it has buttons, as well as a touch function for coffee, espresso, milk foam, and cappuccino. These two machines are capable of preparing two espressos or coffee together at the same time.

Pulse Extraction Process 

The pulse extraction process is a nice addition to the Jura D6 & Jura E6. The exceptional coffee depends on the preparation; fortunately, they have the world’s first pulse extraction process. The P.E.P. feature ensures preparing professional cafe-quality coffee.

Jura D6 & E6 force the hot water to make a short espresso through the ground coffee. This process is unique since it allows you to get the coffee’s full flavors when the drink develops fully. And coffee lovers can now customize up to eight different intensity levels of coffee just the way you like it.

Size and Weight 

You should also consider the size plus weight of a machine, and these two almost have the same when you measure it. Jura D6 and E6 are 11 inches wide. And the high of these machines are 13.6 & 13.8 inches respectively. While these two are 16.5 & 17.3 inches long in sequence.

And the Jura D6 weight is 19 lbs, whereas the Jura E6 is 22 lbs. Though Jura E6 is a little heavier than D6 still, you can easily carry it when needed.

Smart Customized Experience 

Jurta D6 and E6 can be controlled via your smartphone or tablet since you can connect the machine to the JURA Smart Connect. It enables you to use the machine smarter than ever, plus offers some handy programming options.

The Smart Connect uses Bluetooth communication as well; it totally depends on the transmitter you’ve plugged into the automatic coffee machine. The app lets you wirelessly operate the machine, program the machine, and link it to various accessories.

Total hygiene

Taking care of and maintaining these two modern coffee machines are very simple. Jura D6 and E6 come with integrated rinsing and cleaning programs; these let you start cleaning the machine at the touch of a button which helps to keep the machine hygienic.

You can replace the milk spout with the flash because it is dishwasher-safe. Moreover, all the time, the machine will give you perfect milk foam all time.

Intelligent Water System 

They feature CLEARLY water filters that supply perfect quality water for the best possible flavor ever. The intelligent water system ensures the removal of substances that impair the aroma and flavor of the water.

The I.W.S. is wirelessly linked by the RFID technology that automatically filters water right before brews. Furthermore, the I.W.S. alerts you to change the filters, and it’s very convenient.

Foam Technology 

Jura D6 and E6 let you froth the milk airy or foam, the way you want since they have a commercial steam wand. But the frothing milk is more comfortable in the E6 because it has a T.F.T. display, you need to scroll the settings to select the texture of the foam, and so on. But in the Jura D6, you need to use a switch to make foam or your coffee.

Supreme coffee quality

Both Jura D6 and E6 are capable of making professional barista-quality coffee. They contain an Aroma grinder, which is perfect for preserving the full aroma of coffee beans for the ideal fineness.

They share a bean holder that is a little bit different; however, it lets you store the coffee beans in it to get the flavor of freshly ground coffee. They also use ground coffee, so if you do not want to use beans, use ground coffee instead.

Auto Switch On/Off 

Since these machines are compatible with the J.O.E. app, you can set when the machine needs to turn on or off. And once you set the time, it will automatically turn on the machine; besides, if you set the turn-off time, then Jura D6 & E6 will turn off automatically.


Both Jura coffee machines cover a two-year warranty from the original purchase date; this time period covers any defect in workmanship. Remember, if you broke any parts, then the warranty will void. These two are made with high-quality materials; they can last longer with little care.

Final Words 

Jura D6 and E6 are built to last, so both are worth your investment. But the Jura E6 is better than D6, so you should consider this. Its reliable coffee machines come with a few unique features to make you satisfied. It is a perfect choice for those who want frequent coffee; also, your coffee will be ready in no time.

So the Jura E6 is a great espresso machine, but if you have a budget shortage, you can select the Jura D6. Yet I’d suggest you consider all the features of the E6 again and then make your best buying decision.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jura D6 and E6

How to make two coffees at one time?

It’s straightforward making two coffee simultaneously; you need to press the start button twice in rapid succession.

Do they provide a warranty?

Yes, both Jura D6 and E6 come with a two-year limited warranty; if there are any manufacturer issues, you can repair them for free.

Does the Jura D6 and E6 come with a water filter?

Yes, these two have a Jura Clearyl Smart water filter, including a Ph testing kit; the kit lets you check if the water needs filtering.

Can I make the latte into the Jura E6?

Yes, it allows you to prepare a latte; also, you can prepare your preferred coffee in this machine.

What type of grinder do these machines use?

These machines use a conical burr grinder made of stainless steel for optimum accuracy and performance.

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