Janome hd1000 vs hd3000

Janome hd1000 vs hd3000 – Check Which One is Best & Why?

Sewing Machine

Janome hd1000 vs hd3000Janome HD1000 and Janome HD3000 are two elegant sewing machines of the Janome brand. If you are trying to buy the best one then you should go with Janome HD3000.

Why Janome HD3000 is Best?

  • Janome  HD3000 offers you 18 built-in stitches to be playful with your sewing, While Janome HD1000 offers you only 14 built-in stitches. So, in the built-in section, Janome HD3000 beats Janome HD1000.
  • Buttonhole type is a plus point for Janome HD3000. It has 1 step buttonhole type. While the Janome HD1000 has a 4 step buttonhole. So, why go for a four-step buttonhole when it can be done in 1 step.
  • With Janome HD3000, you get presser foot pressure adjustment. You can modify the pressure; however, you want it. But with Janome HD1000, you do not get this feature. It is really an important feature when you are sewing anything heavy.
  • You get a hardcover free with  Janome HD3000. It is important if you want a machine safe from anything. But with the Janome HD1000, you only get a soft cover with itself.
  • Janome HD300 appears with a top drop-in bobbin structure. It makes your sewing easier. But with Janome HD1000, you get a front-loading bobbin, which makes it problematic when it is about to check the threads.

Because of all these reasons, you should not get Janome HD1000 instead of Janome HD3000. Janome HD3000 is so able to give you the best experience in sewing. So, do not settle for less and grab yourself the best one.


Janome hd1000 vs hd3000

Specification Janome HD3000 Janome HD1000
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.4 out of 5
Machine Size 19*10*15 18.25*8.5*15.25
Machine Weight 18.7 16.8
Manual Thread Tension Control Yes Yes
Amps 0.75 0.75
Feed System  5 Piece Feed Dog  3 Piece Feed Dog
Stitch Selection Dial  Yes Yes
Bobbin Winding  Auto-DeClutch Push-Pull
Hook Type  Top Loading  Front Loading
Built-in Stitches 18 14
Light Included No No
Full Rotary Hook Bobbin  Yes No
Vertical Oscillating Hook Bobbin  No Yes
Buttonhole Type 1 Step 4 Step
Included Cover  Hard Soft
Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment Yes Yes
Stitch Width 6.5mm 5mm
Easy Reverse Button Yes Yes
Stitch Length  4mm 4mm

Difference and Similarity Between Janome HD3000 and Janome HD1000

Machines Weight and Size

These two Janome sewing machines have their own different weight and size. Janome HD3000’s weight is 18.7 pounds, and Janome HD1000’s weight is 16.8 pounds. In size, Janome HD300 comes in 19*10*15 inches, while Janome HD1000 comes in 18.25*8.5*15.25 inches. Both are so easy to move. Whether it is in-home or work, you can have it easily wherever you want.

Built-in Stitches

Built-in stitches are the most important feature in two of these Janome sewing machines because this option makes them the most different and better than each other. Where Janome HD1000 has 14 built-in stitches, but Janome HD3000 has 18Built-in stitches. So, surely the Janome HD3000 is better here.

Easy Reverse Button

Janome HD1000 and Janome HD3000 have an easy reverse button. With this button, reverse sewing is so easy and trouble-free. So, you can sew reversely with both of them and give your sewing the stronger finishing ever.

Buttonhole Type 

This feature makes both the Janome HD3000 and Hd1000 unique as both have different buttonhole types. Janome HD3000 is a one-step buttonhole type machine. On the other hand, Janome HD1000 is a four-step buttonhole type machine. You can sew a button with only one step with Janome HD3000, but you need four steps to sew a button with the Janome HD1000.

Presser Foot Pressure Adjuster

Presser foot pressure adjuster is a plus point on Janome HD3000. You can manage the pressure of the foot presser by yourself. So, thick fabrics are way easy to handle with Janome HD3000. It is a promising machine to give comfort to your sewing. But with Janome HD1000, you don’t get this feature.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Body

Both Janome HD3000 and Janome HD1000 have heavy-duty aluminum bodies. It assures you of the durability of both of the machines. So, these two machines are long-lasting and capable of giving you services in the long run. This aluminum metal body also gives both of them a pleasing look too.

Machine Cover

Machines cover assures you of machine safety, and it keeps all the dust away from the machine. A softcover gives you safety from dust or delicate things. But with a hardcover, you get the ultimate safety for your machine. It keeps away anything hard or delicate from the machine and also gives assurance not to get harmed by anything from outside. Janome HD1000 has a soft cover with itself, while Janome HD1000 has a hard cover. In this section, Janome HD3000 is your machine.

Stitch Selection Dial

You get all the stitches altogether in the dial. This is a cool option for a sewing machine. Also, it makes things easier than ever.  Just get to your machine, choose a stitch from the dial, and it is all ready to use. Janome HD3000 and Janome HD1000 both come with this option. Guaranty you a smooth and easy sewing experience with this feature.


In the end, you can see how Janome HD3000 can give you a smooth, easier, and premium experience in sewing. While Janome HD1000 is a little off to give you the finest sewing skill. So, do not make a blunder by choosing Janome HD1000. Have the Best one for you. Have Janome HD3000.

Frequently Asked Questions About Janome HD3000 and Janome HD1000

Does Janome HD3000 sew leather?

Yes, Janome HD3000 does sew leather.

Does Janome HD1000 come with a case?

Yes, Janome HD1000 comes with a hard plastic case.

Have Janome HD3000 a welting foot?

No, Janome HD3000 does not have a welting foot with itself.

Does Janome HD1000 have an automatic thread cutter with itself?

No, Janome HD1000 does not come with an automatic thread cutter.

Can sewing speed be adjustable with Janome HD3000?

You can adjust the sewing speed with the foot pedal.

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