Jabra Speak 410 vs 510

Jabra Speak 410 vs 510 – See the differences & Get the Best!


Jabra 410 and 510 are two premium speakerphones that give you immersive sound quality. If you want to get the convenient one, go through the chart below.

What Are the Differences Between Jabra Speak 410 vs 510?

Jabra Speak 410 Jabra Speak 510
Jabra Speak 410 Jabra Speak 510
Jabra 410 is a wired speaker. Jabra 510 has a Bluetooth Connectivity feature.
N/A This speaker offers 15 hours of battery life.
The 410 does not include Digital Signal Processing technology. It has Digital Signal Processing technology.
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If you want to experience a crystal clear HD voice experience, then Jabra 510 should be your best bet. This speaker gives you a clear voice without distortion; hence, I recommend this device for you rather than Jabra 410.

Which Features Make Jabra 510 Better?

  • Jabra 510 is compatible with Bluetooth connectivity and a wired connection that provides outstanding sound quality. But Jabra 410 comes with only a wired connection option.
  • It has Digital Signal Processing technology that gives Crystal clear sound without echoes or distortions – even at max volume. In contrast, Jabra 410 doesn’t include this amazing option.
  • This speaker comes with a battery indicator on the screen. Thus, you will always stay updated about battery health. On the other hand, JBL 410 doesn’t have this essential feature.
  • With a single charge, you will be able to play your conference call for 15 hours without any pause. Its competitor doesn’t have a powerful battery. 
  • Jabra 510 has dedicated buttons on the body for ease of use. Besides, JBL 410 comes with a backdated design.
  • This speaker weighs less than the other one. You will be able to carry this one easily without any hassle.

These specs will make your conference calls more smooth than before. Jabra Speak 510 should be your choice if you want to have a crystal-clear conference.


Similar Features

  • These speakers have Omni-directional microphones that pick up sounds from every angle and ensure everyone is heard.
  • Both feature a noise-canceling microphone. So, your surrounding noise won’t disturb your listening anymore.
  • They are easy to set up, so you won’t need any IT required. Just set up and use these Bluetooth speakers.

Other Specifications Chart of Jabra Speak 410 vs 510

Specifications Jabra Speak 410 Jabra Speak 510
Editor’s rating 4.7 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Color Black Black
Meeting With Up to 4 people Up to 4 people
Connectivity Wired Wired/Bluetooth
Form Factor On-Ear  On-Ear
Product Dimension 8.27 x 4.33 x 8.27 inches 6 x 5 x 2 inches
Product Weight 6.5 pounds 6.1 inches
Battery 1 C Battery required 1 CR2 Battery required
Noise Canceling Mic Yes Yes
Skype Yes Yes
Warranty One-Year of Limited Warranty One-Year of Limited Warranty

Features and Benefits of Jabra 410 vs 510


The speakers come with a rounded shape and an attached wire. Jabra Speak 410 and 510 are available in a black variant. The speakers come with a flat surface that will keep your device steady in any place. They have some dedicated buttons on the top so that you can control your calls.

You will get a call receive and reject button with volume adjustment buttons on the Jabra Speak 410. On the other hand, Jabra Speak has the mentioned buttons with a battery indicator, power, and Bluetooth buttons.


Jabra 410 and 510 come with rounded shapes, so you get a spread sound during conversations. These devices will deliver you a clearer conversation and ensure everybody hears during a meeting or conference. The Omni-directional noise-canceling microphones pick up sounds from every angle to ensure everyone is heard.


You don’t need any IT to set them up. The speakers come with a very easy and simple setup. You need to connect and dial in. These speakers are compatible with almost all leading UC platforms.

You can run the Jabra Speak 510 with either Bluetooth or the attached wire. Jabra 510 comes with class 1 Bluetooth with a range of 30 meters. Jabra 410 doesn’t come with Bluetooth, so wired connectivity is your only option.


Jabra 410 and 510 are compatible with almost all popular voice call services. You won’t face any limitations while using these devices. Jabra 410 and 510 can be used for Google Meeting, Adobe Connect, ChromeBox, JoinMe, and other popular communication platforms. It doesn’t matter which platform you are attending; you are always ready to go.


The speakers are compatible with all kinds of devices. You can have a meeting with up to 4 people by using these devices. Plug this device into your mobile or smartphone.

Jabra 510 can be used with many devices during conference calls and multimedia streaming. The Built-in 3.5mm headset port allows you to connect any headset directly into your private calls. These conference speakers are compatible with skype for business.

Durability & Warranty

Both the devices come with a premium build quality. They are slim and come with a compact design. You will get a pouch bag to carry them easily to any conference or meeting. This one will be more durable because Jabra 510 doesn’t require any wire during connection. Jabra offers a 1-year of warranty for the speakers.

Final Words

Jabra always comes with the latest specs, including speakers. They both are perfect for any conference or meeting. If you don’t want to miss any specs, you should try the Jabra Speak 510. You can pick the Jabra 410 if you are looking for just an ordinary conference speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jabra Speak 410 and 510

Are they compatible with MAC?

Yes. They work perfectly and are compatible with MAC devices.

How long is the cable of the devices?

They are about 3-4-feet long.

Is the cable detachable?

No. But the cable can be hidden inside the speaker.

Can I pair more than one unit together?

Sure. You can link the Jabra 710 model together.

Are they compatible with Microsoft Teams?

Yes. They can be used for any meeting in Teams.

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