iRobot Roomba 891 vs 890

iRobot Roomba 891 vs 890 – Check Our Recommendation!


iRobot Roomba 891 vs 890If you are looking for the best one between these two, then Roomba 890 would be the perfect solution for you. So, you might be thinking that Roomba 891 is the upgraded one, then why do I suggest 890? Let’s learn-

What Makes Roomba 890 Better?

  • Roomba 890 provides a virtual wall barrier that keeps your device to a specific area or prevents getting too close to anything dangerous. Contrary, Roomba 891 has no virtual wall barrier function that is a great lacking of this vacuum.
  • It offers two filters so that you can get the best cleaning experience every time for years to come. In contrast, Roomba 891 offers one filter.
  • Roomba 890 is suitable for all types of floors, while the 891 gets stuck on rugs, and the brush sweeps close to the edges and stopped working.
  • Once the cleaning job is done, the Robot 890 will go back to its station, but Roomba 891 does not find the station.
  • It uses the latest AeroForce cleaning system to deliver you more cleaning power with less maintenance hassle. But Roomba 891 does not provide you with this function.

Roomba 890 can offer you all those functions that 891 cannot provide, that’s why I think this one should be your consideration.


Similar Features 

  • Roomba 890 and 891 give the users 3-stage cleaning systems that deliver 5x suction to clean any hard floors.
  • Both are built with dirt detect technology and are ideal for homes with pets. Even this sensor can effortlessly clean carpets and hard floors.
  • They run for 90-minutes, which is efficient for cleaning a big house or area in one charge.

Comparison Chart: iRobot Roomba 891 vs 890

Specifications  Roomba 891  Roomba 890
Editor’s Rating  4.5 out of 5  4.7 out of 5 
Dimension  13.9 x 13.9 x 3.59 inches 13 x 13 x 3.6 inches
Weight  10.08 pounds 8.4 pounds
Virtual Wall included No Yes 
Extra Filter  No Yes 
Cleans carpet and hard floors Yes  Yes 
Filter High-efficiency  High-efficiency 
Intelligent Navigation Yes  Yes 
3-Stage Cleaning System 5X Suction* 5X Suction*
Wi-Fi & Smart Home Connected Yes  Yes 
Dirt Detect Technology Advanced Dirt Detect Advanced Dirt Detect
Ideal for Homes with Pets Yes  Yes 
Max Run Time 90-minutes  90-minutes 
Entire Level Cleaning  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  1-Year  1-Year 

Differences and Similarities Between iRobot Roomba 891 and 890

Suction Power 

They deliver 5x power to improve the pick-up performance; the devices are also equipped with the 3 stages cleaning system that lifts, loosens, suction dust, dirt, and pet hair. Moreover, the robots have an auto-adjust cleaning head which works effectively on different floor surfaces and carpets since they have multi-surface brushes.

Advanced Dirt-detect Technology 

They are built with advanced dirt detection sensors that recognize and concentrate on the high-traffic zones areas of your home. Roomba 890 and 891 will sense the areas with dirt and navigate the areas to clean.

The best part is, they will clean any floor and automatically adjust the cleaning head. Additionally, they use the full suite of smart sensors that make more than 60 decisions per second to clean the floor thoroughly; also, they have a cliff detect sensor to avoid any drop-offs.


Roomba 890 and 891 come in a round shape like other Roomba, including three different control buttons on top of the faceplate. The control buttons are Home, Spot Clean, and Clean. If you look at the size of them, these are a little different. Roomba 891 comes up with a dimension of 13.9 inches long by 13.9 inches wide by 3.59 inches high, and the weight is 10.08 pounds. Besides, the Roomba 890 has 13 x 13 x 3.6 inches (L x W x H), and the weight is 8.4 pounds.

Virtual Wall Barrier 

You can find the virtual wall barrier in the Roomba 890, which is very handy. The virtual wall barrier lets you create an invisible wall so that you can keep your device away from the stuff you want. It is very convenient for people with children or pets at home to avoid any unwanted danger. This incredible function is not available on the Roomba 891 vacuum, so you can consider the 890 for your home.

Smart Operation & Schedule 

Roomba lets you clean and schedule the device anytime from the app. The iRobot Home App will notify you about the cleaning updates or any kinds of cleaning tips and tricks, plus support. You can connect them with the Google Assistant and Alexa voice control; simply ask your voice assistant to start or stop cleaning or docking the device.

Runtime and Recharge

These two Roomba robot vacuums will run for up to 90-minutes to clean your house entirely. And once the cleaning process is done, they will go back to the charging station. But Roomba 891 sometimes cannot find the station, that’s why you can consider the Roomba 890 robot for you.


When you get this robot vacuum cleaner, they will provide you with some handy accessories, and these are almost the same. Both come with the Wifi connected robot vacuum, one North American Line Cord, one home base charging station, and an owner’s guide. But the Roomba 890 also provides you an Extra Aero Force High-Efficiency Filter and one dual-mode virtual wall barrier.

Ideal for Home With Pets 

Roomba 890 and 891 are ideal for homes with pets since they use tangle-free dual multi-surface brushes that easily handle pet hair. Also, they will capture allergens, dust mites to any particles as 10 microns. Both are wise decisions for the allergy sufferer.


Generally, iRobot Roomba provides a one-year warranty, including a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to return the product. Or if you face any manufacturer issues with them, you will get free service within the warranty period. Keep in mind, and if you live outside North America and do not purchase the Robot from the authorized iRobot store, then the warranty will not be applicable.


When purchasing a robot vacuum, you should consider your budget, personal preferences, and other things to make your cleaning experience better. And if you want to make it worth your investment, then my suggestion is the Roomba 890. It has an incredible feature that is missing in the 891. However, both are almost the same but provide a few differences, so if you are okay without them, you can select the Roomba 891.

Frequently Asked Questions about iRobot 891 & 890

Can I manually program the 890 without Wi-Fi?

No, you cannot program any Roomba manually without Wi-Fi; they need to be programmed through the app.

Will these units work with 230v?

Roomba 890 and 891 are made with the USA electrical standard, which is 110-220v; if you live outside of the USA, you need to purchase an adapter.

Do I need Alexa to operate them?

Alexa is a voice assistant that is an optional feature for you, and if you wish, then you can use it or not.

How to stop them from falling down the stairs?

Along the bottom outer edge, you will find a built-in Cliff sensor in Roomba 890 and 891 that keeps the device from falling down the stairs.

How can I block the 890 from going to another room?

The Roomba 890 has a virtual wall mode feature that creates a barrier the Robot will not cross.

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