iRobot E6 vs 985

iRobot E6 vs 985 – What makes iRobot 985 better than E6?

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iRobot E6 vs 985The e6 and 980 are two great robot vacuum cleaners from iRobot, but when it’s about the compare We would say Roomba 985 is the winner.

What features made iRobot 985 Winner?

  • Roomba 985 comes with an ultra-powerful 3-stage cleaning system with 10x suction power; it also has a Power Boost function to ensure you spotless floors. Besides, the e6 airpower is 5x, plus it doesn’t include the Power Boost technology.
  • It has a virtual wall barrier that creates an invisible wall around the area you do not want your robot to cross. It helps reduce any type of accident, but this handy thing is not available on the e6.
  • The 985 features imprint link technology, which is considered a dream cleaning team. When the device is vacuuming, the Braava Jet M6 starts mopping the floor in sequence. In comparison, the iRobot e6 does not provide you this handy cleaning team.
  • It runs for 120-minutes continuously to entirely clean your whole house, or if needed, it will resume and then start cleaning again where it left. But Roomba 985 can run for 90-minutes; also, it is not equipped with the resume feature.

These were the significant differences that ensured iRobot 985 is far better than E6. If you really want a convenient robot vacuum, you can rely on it.


Identical Features

  • Roomba e6 and 985 let you control them manually, with the app, or via voice assistant.
  • They feature a one-year limited warranty.
  • Both have advanced dirt-detect technology.
  • They can navigate stairs and obstacles.
  • These are perfect for the home with pets since the devices will clean up pet hair, allergens, to everything in between.
Specifications  iRobot E6 iRobot 985
Editor’s Rating  4.5 out of 5 4.7 out of 5 
Dimension  13.45 x 13.39 x 3.65 inches 20 x 16.5 x 5.25 inches
Weight 7.23 lbs  4.4 pounds
Suction Power  5x 10x
Power Boost No  Yes 
Virtual Wall Barrier  No  Yes 
Imprint Link Technology  No  Yes
Side Brush  One Brush   Two Brushes 
Filter  1 high-efficiency filter included  2 high-efficiency filter included 
Run time  90 minutes  120 minutes 
Voice Control  Yes  Yes 
Mapping  Yes  Yes 
Dirt Detect Technology Yes  Yes 
Navigates obstacles & stairs Yes  Yes 
Warranty  1-year  1-year 

Differences and Similarities Between iRobot E6 and 985

Vacuum Power 

The suction power or the vacuum power of these two iRobot makes a significant difference between them. Roomba e6 airpower is 5x while the 985 has 10x. Moreover, the 985 includes the Power Boost and can give you a spotless floor after each clean. The power-lifting of the e6 is also improved, and this picks any dirt, debris from the floors, or carpets to give you a clean environment.


Generally, iRobot comes in a round familiar design, and these two are also the same. But there’s a little difference, Roomba 985 has a visual camera on top of the device. At the same time, both have three manual control buttons for docking, spot cleaning, and cleaning. The dustbin is located underneath the device that includes two rubber brushes. However, the dimensions are slightly different; the e6 is 13.45 x 13.39 x 3.65 inches while the 985 is 20 x 16.5 x 5.25 inches. However, if you want an improved device, then go with the 980.

Easy Control Feature 

Controlling these robot vacuums is very simple since they offer three different control functions; manual, app control, and voice assistant. The manual control buttons are available on top of the device that will help you to manually control the device. Also, you will get the handy iRobot Home App that lets you operate them easily. But the app will notify you about the cleaning updates, giving you handy tips to clean more efficiently. It enables you to schedule the robot, and if you are outside of the home, the machine will start cleaning and then go back to its home station. Or simply ask Alexa or Google Assistant to start cleaning or another command.

Visual Navigation 

Roomba 985 has a visual navigation feature, while the e6 doesn’t provide this unique thing. Roomba 985 ensures the entire level is clean since it can map the surroundings. While the e6 cannot map the house, you need to control this device’s direction, which is a little bit of a hassle.

The Imprint Link Technology 

Roomba 985 comes with a cleaning team, while the e6 doesn’t have a team at all. The 985 is paired up with the Braava Jet M6 so that when the robot did its cleaning job, the Braava will start mopping the floor in a good sequence, and you do not need to mop the floor again. While the Roomba e6 doesn’t feature the imprint link technology.

Resume and Recharge 

When it comes to a robot vacuum, you should consider the battery life. Roomba e6 can provide one and a half hours of battery life, and it goes back to the charging station while the battery runs low. It could be perfect for a small house. On the other hand, the Roomba 985 battery can run for 120-minutes or 2 hours continuously before you need to recharge. Roomba 985 will be a better choice since it can run longer than its competitor; it will also detect if the battery is running out of charge; if so, it will go back to the charging station and resume the cleaning it left. The Roomba e6 doesn’t have a resume function, so the Roomba 985 would be a smart choice.

Cliff-off Sensor & Dirt-Detect Sensor 

These machines will roam around your home; also, they will prevent accidents since Roomba e6 and 985 were built with the cliff-off sensor. The anti-drop sensors prevent these devices from falling stairs or avoid any obstacles. But the 985 is a little better since it has a visual navigation system, so this will remember the location and go back to the home station without your help, while the e6 cannot go back itself until you take it. Furthermore, they can detect areas with high traffic to pay proper attention to clean them.


The warranty of the Roomba is only available for North America; also, if you want to get a warranty, then before purchasing the machine, check out if you are getting this from the authorized iRobot store or not. However, both provide a one-year limited warranty, including a money-back guarantee. If you do not get a pleasant cleaning from your robot, you are allowed to replace it or repair it within 30-days.

Additional Features 

Roomba 985 and e6 come with a high-efficiency filter system; it can capture 99% of pets’ allergens. Moreover, they have a washable dust bin; when the vacuuming is done, rinse the leftover debris or dirt from it.


The iRobot e6 and 985 are wifi-enabled smart robot vacuum cleaners. Both allow you to customize your cleaning cycle, or schedule it, and wirelessly control it. As you can see, both share a lot of similarities, yet the 985 is the best between them. Because it has a smart navigation function, longer battery life, comes with a smart cleaning team, and resume function, and so on. These features ensure that the 985 will be the best for you, so I highly recommend the Roomba 985 rather than the e6.

Frequently Asked Questions About iRobot E6 and 985

Does Roomba 985 hit furniture or wall?

If the device has any obstacles on its way, this will change the direction to find a clear path. And if it hits the wall or any furniture, don’t worry, there will be no damage.

Do I need to use the app?

No, the device can be operated without the app as well. The app is an added convenience and lets you use the machine wirelessly.

Are they featured virtual walls?

Roomba e6 doesn’t provide the virtual wall, but the 985 is compatible with this.

Is there any warranty?

Yes, both of these robots come up with a convenient one-year warranty; moreover, they offer a 30-days money-back guarantee.

How noisy is the Roomba e6?

A vacuum cleaner will make noise; it’s an obvious thing, so both the e6 and the 985 will be noisy when they start working.

Can I remotely navigate the Roomba?

Sure, the 985 is compatible with the iRobot Home App, so you can remotely navigate the robot.

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