Intex Mariner 4 vs Excursion 5

Intex Mariner 4 vs Excursion 5 – Check Why Excursion 5 is Best!


Mariner 4 and Excursion 5 accommodate some handy features to make your kayaking enjoyable. But in terms of picking the right one, which one should be your choice? I’ve shared the differences chart to make your decision effortless.

What Are the Differences Between Intex Mariner 4 vs Excursion 5?

Intex Mariner 4  Intex Excursion 5
The Mariner’s max weight capacity is 1100 lbs. The Excursion’s max weight capacity is 1300 lbs.
It can hold up to 4 people. It can hold up to 5 persons.
This Kayak has 2 fishing rod holders. This Kayak has 4 fishing rod holders.
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I strongly suggest you pick the Intex Excursion 5 kayak rather than Mariner, as it has convenient features to level up your kayaking experience. Are you still confused? Go through the following section to know the reasons in detail –

Why do I suggest Excursion 5?

  • Excursion 5’s maximum weight capacity is 1300 lbs, while the Mariner 4 is capable of 1100 lbs. 1300 lbs make it a handy inflatable boat for the whole family kayaking.
  • In total 5 persons can use this boat but the Mariner can take 4 persons.
  • It has 4 fishing rod holders, but the Mariner 4 contains 2 holders. The 4 fishing rod holders are an awesome addition because they will make your fishing easier and more fun.
  • Intex Excursion 5 is 57.4 lbs, and the Mariner 4 is 86.9 lbs. When it comes to carrying the boat, the Excursion 5 is easier to handle.

As you can see, the features made the Excursion the best inflatable boat for you. You should go with Excursion 5 if you have a comparatively big family.


Similar Features

  • Intex Mariner and Excursion have oarlocks, plus they give you a repair patch, including other handy accessories.
  • Both provide 90-days of warranty. If there are any manufacturer defects, you can repair them for free.
  • These two come with 3 air chambers, ensuring your safety to enjoy the most.

If these similar features convince you, you can pick Excursion 5 or Mariner 4. But if you want more fun with extra facilities, you should go with Excursion 5.

Other Specifications Chart of Intex Mariner 4 vs Excursion 5

Specifications  Intex Mariner 4 Intex Excursion 5 
Editor’s Rating 4.4 out of 5  4.8 out of 5 
Dimension  129 x 57 x 19 inches 124 x 65 x 17 inches
Weight  86.9 lbs. 57.4 lbs. 
Grab Line Yes  Yes 
Motor Mount Fitting  Yes  Yes 
Air Chambers  4 chambers  4 chambers 
Repair Patch Included Yes  Yes 
Welded Rotational Oar Locks Yes  Yes 
Warranty  90-days  90-days 

Features and Benefits of Intex Mariner 4 vs Excursion 5

Seating Capacity 

An inflatable boat’s seating capacity is an important thing to consider, and so does for these two. Intex Mariner 4 has seats for four persons; besides, the Excursion provides 5 persons to sit on the boat. You can select Excursion 5 for you since it has better seating capacity than its competitor model. So your kayaking will be fun with the whole family. In contrast, if you do not have a large family, then Mariner 4 will be a perfect fit for you. Keep in mind; that the seats are inflatable, removable, plus adjustable.

Maximum Weight Capacity 

The Mariner 4 maximum weight capacity is 1100 lbs; on the other side, the Excursion 5 is 1300 lbs. Since the Excursion has a better weight capacity, it is safe than Mariner. And before choosing a boat, you should think about the weight capacity, also consider the person too.

Inflation time 

As we know, these are inflatable boats; that’s why you need to consider the inflation time of a boat. Fortunately, both take approximately 15 minutes with the included air pump. And to deflate it, the required time is the same.


The boats use extruded plastic that is heavy-duty to offer rigidity and comfort. They also ensure their durability; however, the Excursion floor is constructed with a very durable I-Beam. Intex Mariner has a robust molecular structure that makes the plastic resistant to damage if sunlight, abrasion, or impact.

Fishing Rod Holder

The enjoyable part of kayaking is fishing, and both boats include a fishing rod holder. Intex Mariner 4 is built with 2 fishing rods; the Excursion 5 comes with 4 fishing rods. So going with the Excursion would be ideal because it has more fishing rods.

Size and Weight

These two are slightly different in size but are a perfect fit for fantastic kayaking. Intex Mariner is 57 inches wide by 129 inches long by 19 inches high. On the other side, the Excursion dimension is 124 x 65 x 17 inches (long, wide, high). The boats offer sufficient room for all persons in them, and they are easy to carry. Intex weight is 86.9 lbs, while the Excursion is 57.4 lbs, so the Excursion is lighter than its opposite model.

Accessories Included

Both accessories include the same goodies: a repair patch, carry bag, battery pouch, a hand pump, aluminum oars, and a motor mount kit.


The keel is very efficient when it comes to stability so that the boat runs appropriately. Both of them come with an inflatable keel that makes the boat straightforward to handle.


The warranty ensures durability, Intex Mariner 4 and Excursion 5 come up with a 90-days warranty. They are built with high-quality material to ensure durability, yet if there are any defects, then simply contact the manufacturer. They will repair them free of cost, which will save you some bucks. And to get free servicing, ensure you meet all the warranty instructions; otherwise, it will not work.


When selecting an inflatable boat, you need to consider your personal preferences to get the perfect match for you. But I’d suggest you choose the Excursion because it features more handy things than Mariner. It is more extensive, has spacious seating, better fishing rods, and much more. You can also consider the Mariner if you don’t need a boat for five people.

Frequently Asked Questions about Intex Mariner 4 and Excursion 5

Can I put an electric motor into Mariner 4?

Yes, you can put an electric motor into both inflatable boats.

Can I row the boat on my own? 

Yes, it is possible to row the boat on your own, but it is a bit tough, and it could take you about 15 minutes to row 1/4 miles with 550 lbs on the boat.

How much weight can Excursion 5 hold?

It is designed for 1300 pounds, but the boat can squeeze 6 people.

Do they come with a carry bag?

Yes, both of them included a carry bag so that you can keep the kayak in it.

How much time do I need to deflate the boat?

You will need approximately 15 minutes to reduce the, and all you need to do is, roll the boat and then press to air out.

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