HP Envy vs Dell XPS

HP Envy vs Dell XPS – Find Out the Best Laptop Between HP & Dell!

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HP Envy vs Dell XPSHP Envy and Dell XPS come in different high-end models. And we pick the HP Envy X360 to compare with the Dell XPS 13. Both are quality devices, but we suggest you choose the HP Envy X360.

Why Do we suggest the HP Envy X360?

  • This laptop is built with the AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor, on the other side, the XPS 13 has an 11th generation Core i7 processor. Its processor can offer you an outperform compared to its rival, which is very helpful to increase the PC’s performance. 
  • The HP Envy X360 integrated with AMD Radeon Graphics makes your laptop a beast. While the Intel Iris Xe Graphics of the Dell XPS 13 is also great but doesn’t perform like the HP. 
  • The Envy X360 will last for 13 hours with a single charge, while the XPS 13 can give 8 hours backup. Since it lasts a bit longer, you can choose this device. 
  • It has a 15.6 inches display, on the flip side, its competitor has a 13-inch display. Both will offer vivid color performance, but you will be more comfortable with the Envy display. 

When it comes to purchasing a laptop, considering the performance you will get from the device is very crucial. And here, the HP Envy X360 combines with the high-end processor and graphics that will deliver you outstanding performance, so you can select this device. 


Similar Features 

  • HP Envy and Dell XPS feature with Windows 10 operating system, it enhances a laptop’s performance plus makes multitasking a breeze. 
  • These two have a touchscreen display, hence using the display is going to be easier. Also, they were built with a backlit keyboard. 
  • The Envy and XPS are equipped with a limited one-year warranty from the date you purchase the laptop. 

HP Envy vs Dell XPS: Quick Comparison Chart 

Specifications HP Envy X360 Dell XPS 13
Editor’s Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.5 out of 5 
Graphics AMD Radeon Graphics Intel Iris Xe Graphics
Processor  AMD Ryzen 5 4500U 11th generation core i7
Battery Life 13 hours 8 hours
Display  15.6 inch 13 inches 
Weight  4.34 pounds 2.80 lbs
Operating System Windows 10 Windows 10
Hard Disk Size 512 GB 512 GB
Dimension 14.1 x 9.1 x 0.7 inches 7.82 x 11.64 x 0.58 inches
Wireless Wifi 6 Wifi 6
Touch Screen Yes Yes
Backlit Keyboard Yes Yes
Warranty  1 Year 1 Year

Differences and Similarities between the HP Envy vs Dell XPS


HP Envy X360 is built with a professional processor and graphics so that you get incredible performance. It is made with the AMD Radeon Graphics and AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor. 

In contrast, Dell XPS 13 features Intel Iris Xe Graphics and 11th generation Core i7 processor. It also allows you to use the device like a pro. The Intel processor and graphics will take your experience entirely to another level. 

The HP and Dell are packed with fantastic CPUs and GPU, but the HP is a step ahead in performance. That’s why we recommend you go with the HP Envy X360. 

Battery Life 

The Envy and XPS devices can deliver you extended battery life. You will get 13-hours of backup from Envy while the XPS can last for 8 hours on a charge. 

These devices are a powerhouse and allow you to take them on the go. But if you are expecting a longer battery life, the Envy X360 should be your choice. 

Storage Capacity 

Dell XPS 13 has a larger computer storage capacity than the HP, and it is built with 16GB RAM, while the Envy X360 has 8GB RAM. But the HP lets you increase its RAM. So you can do it anytime. However, they have 512GB of internal storage. You can rely on this larger storage to store and access complex 3D data, plus video projects. 

Operating System 

They have Windows 10 operating system and this OS also increases the laptop’s performance. You can do different tasks with this OS easily plus it will take your gaming experience to another level. 


You can see premium quality pictures on the HP Envy X360 because it has a 15.6-inches display, unlike the Dell XPS 13’s 13-inches screen. Both displays have an Anti-Glare feature so that you seamlessly enjoy whatever you are doing. In addition, colors will be more vivid than ever on the HP and Dell. 


The HP and Dell laptops combine with the backlit keyboard so that you can type like a dream, yet you can do a lot of things. You can see each key even if you are in lower light or dark environment. Moreover, the keyboard won’t affect your eyes. 


When it comes to the warranty, these two offer a one-year limited warranty from the date you register & get the laptops. The warranty period will work against any manufacturer issues. But this won’t cover if you damage the device. And you have to purchase the laptops from an authorized store if you want to claim a warranty. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have made a decision on which device to go with. Yet if you are confused, we would say you can select the HP Envy X360. The Envy X360 has a next-level processor and graphics, plus offers a longer battery life. 

Dell XPS 13 is also a great device to select, and it has an Intel processor that will increase the speed of the laptop. So, choose the device that meets your personal preference and budget!

Frequently Asked Questions of Dell XPS 13 and HP Envy X360

Can I upgrade the Envy RAM?

Yes, the HP Envy RAM is upgradeable. 

Can I connect a monitor with the Dell XPS?

Yes, it has two C-Type ports, so you can connect an external monitor with this device. 

Which OS does the XPS 13 have?

It is combined with the Windows 10 Home OS that speeds up the device performance. 

Will I get a 1-year full warranty from HP?

Yes, this laptop features a 1-year full warranty from the date you register it. 

How long is the HP Envy X360 battery life?

Its battery can deliver you 13 hours backup on a charge.

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