How To Use Winix Air Purifier

How To Use Winix Air Purifier


How To Use Winix Air PurifierIf you have bought a new air purifier or are planning to buy a new one, consider some necessary things regarding its usage. It is needed if you want the air purifier’s best performance. 

Then, the question is, where to find them? You search for results, but none of the answers attract you.

Well, have a look at my guideline. I hope you will find the answer from here you are searching for. 

Now, let’s talk about it. 

Things To Consider For Using An Air Purifier 

For setting up an air purifier, some matters like choosing the right place, windows issues or time to use, etc., have to be kept in mind. But unfortunately, most people skip these required issues; they set the machine in the corner of the room and use it from there. 

As a result, the air in the home remains the same. 

Here are all the essential things to consider. Look at the matters to follow-

Select the right location for the air purifier 

An air purifier works best when it is in the right area. Your air purifier needs to be positioned where there is much airflow. 

You can ground it in the living room or the bedroom, but make sure the place you select should be ideal for the machine to flow the air to every corner of the room. 

Again, keep a distance of at least 20 cm from the wall or furniture while choosing the region. It gives the machine reach to the four sides of the room to collect the dirt particles from the air and make it clean. 

Don’t turn off 

Don’t turn the air purifier off when you are in the room. Air purification is a long-term process that does not make the air clean in a moment. It takes time to purify the polluted atmosphere. For a small room, it takes thirty minutes, and for a large room, two or three hours is needed. 

Again, you may need to open the window or the door to get fresh air or welcome visitors. So, polluted air from the outside world gets a chance to enter the room, damaging your inside air. 

Moreover, if a patient in your house has allergies, asthma or respiratory illness, or even smokers, it is wise to keep the tool on. Because dust from the outside makes the allergy patient ill or smoking issues make the air polluted. 

So, don’t turn the equipment off to get the best out of this tool. 

Keep windows and doors closed

Always keep the windows and doors closed while the device is running. It is used to eliminate harmful elements like pollutants, allergens, and toxins and make it safe for breathing. 

When the windows are open, the safe air inside the room escapes to the outside, and the contaminated air takes place. In this situation, the machine works more to clean the air, which may impact its filter life and electricity bills.  

Again, shutting off the windows or doors all the time is not good; try to open the window for a few minutes. You can open the windows two times a day. The best time for letting the outdoors come is in the evening. At that time, particles in the air are less than in the day. 

Change the filter regularly

Winix air purifier consists of a HEPA filter. The work of a HEPA filter in this machine is to catch 99.97% of airborne allergens like pollen, dust, smoke, pet dander, and other ultrafine particles as small as 0.3 microns. 

So, washing the filter regularly every ten days is necessary. Otherwise, it will be jammed with garbage and don’t work effectively. 

Change the pre-filter regularly

The carbon filter absorbs odors and catches large particles, and the Winix air purifier has it. It also needs to be clean at a mature time. 

Clean the pre-filter every month with a vacuum to wipe down the dirt from the filter. You can also rinse it with water. But reinsert it when it is scorched to use. 

Leave it on when you are in

You can let your machine run 24/7 while you are not in the house. But it seems to waste your tool’s capacity and makes the machine’s life span short, and you didn’t spend money for that. 

Again, functioning for the whole time absorbs much electricity that may increase your monthly budget expense. 

So, be wise not to use the machine all the time. Only use it when you are in the house. 

Turn it off when sleeping

The air purifier creates sound while it is working. You may be irritated at night by this sound when you are trying to sleep at night. The best thing for the problem is to turn the machine off. 

Winix air purifier has an automatic mode that lets the machine work automatically in different conditions. For example, it runs if there is pollution in the air or stops when there is no need to work. 

You can get the best result from this tool at night. It works without making much noise, which does not hamper your sleep. But, again, its light turns dim when there is no light. If this disturbs you, then switch off the machine. 

Put a purifier near the problem

A room full of dust particles in the air makes you allergic, and you cannot use the space. So, place the equipment near the room to clear and make the air safe for you. 

Don’t let it wet

Always keep your machine dry and clean, not let it wet. If it gets wet, it will be damaged, which you don’t want to do. So, keep an eye on whether the instrument is drenched or not because you don’t want to let your investment go in vain. 


An air purifier is used to clean the air from harmful elements that cause damage to your health. Buying an air purifier is not the solution; it should be set in the right place, and other matters to follow. Otherwise, you will not benefit from it. 

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