How to Clean Dyson Vacuum

How to Clean Dyson Vacuum


If you want your vacuum machine to perform better and give it long-lasting longevity, maintain your device a proper cleaning. 

When you do not wipe the dust from your machine, it becomes the debris’s storehouse, and your instrument will start lagging. Sometimes it may create a strange noise or even damage before maturity. 

So, how to clean the Dyson vacuum cleaner? Check the guideline below. 

Steps To Clean The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Here, the washing process is given step by step for your easy understanding. 

Unplug The Power

The first thing you have to do is to unplug the machine. Dyson vacuum cleaner is a cordless device that is run with battery power. So, disconnect the cord before going through the cleaning process if it is charged, or else you will get an electric shock. 

Clean The Head Dyson Omni-Glide Cordless Stick Vacuum | Canadian Tire

If you are thinking about where you should start cleaning, I suggest you begin the washing procedure from the head. It is the first thing that comes directly in contact with the dirt. 

When you use your machine to wipe the soot from the floor or other surfaces, the head sucks the unwanted particles and sends them to the canister. Moreover, it is the primary place for the long hair or danders of the animals to get stuck in the brush roll. 

It does not take the earthly materials inside it as it is filled with unnecessary things and has no space to transfer them to the box. 

So, cleaning the head is mandatory when you are intended to make the head new again and increase its suction power. 

Use a screwdriver or a coin to open up the cover and get the roll out from the tube. Place the coin or the front of the driver to the vertical line and rotator it anti-clockwise. It will loosen and allows you to reach the wheels.  

Use a microfiber cloth to polish the roller, wash it with water, and let it dry. You can also use a scissor to cut the hair entangled in the roller faster. 


Your Dyson filter consists of two filters, each of which can be washable. Pre-filter is another part of the machine that gets dirty after the roller. When it is covered with much soot, its preventing dirt capacity reduces. As a result, the device has to do much work and is sometimes overheated, which may lead to damage. 

The filter should be cleaned and washed with water:

  1. Strike the filter on the basin’s edge or a dust bin. By doing so, you can separate the extra dust from the body of the filter.
  2. Wash it with water and rub it gently for not to destroy the sticks inside the filer.
  3. Squeeze and rinse it after adequately cleaning and make it dry for 24 hours. 

The same method is to be applied to the post filter. First, rotate it anti-clockwise and detach it from the main body. Now wash it and dry it for 24 hours. 

Hose Pipe

Don’t forget to clean the hose pipe. Like other parts, the hose pipe is to be cleaned. Unfortunately, it can be clogged due to the dirty elements that the air does not pass through. The cleaning method is not so complex; it is also not time-consuming. 

Use a microfiber cloth to polish the surface, and for the inner part, you can use a vacuum cleaner to blow or a piece of fabric with stiff material to wipe the dirt. 

You can also use water to clean the hose pipe. Submerge the hose pipe in a water-vinegar mixture for five to ten minutes, and don’t use a detergent because it will damage your hose pipe. 

After that, rinse and make it dry. 


The canister is the place that where the soot finally takes a rest. So, it is clear that it will get dirty and is the shelter of earthly things. Therefore, always check if it is filled or not, and be cautious if it exceeds the maximum level. 

Put pressure on the canister’s red button to open up the lid and allow the dirt to get out. If you are allergic to waste, cover your face with a cloth and dump it outside. 

You can detach the vessel by pressing the other red button attached to the machine. After separating the container, clean it with a cloth and don’t use any chemical or a detergent. 

Wash it with water to get a better result. If you do so, then let it dry for a day. 

Cyclone Part

The cyclone part is not needed water to wash as the authority does not recommend that. However, if you want to do so, the better thing you can do is to brush or use a dry cloth to wipe the dirt from it. You can also use an air bowler for it. 


Alright, so you have it now. Following the above guideline, you can clean your Dyson vacuum effortlessly. Make sure you do the cleaning process as described to go smoothly.

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