How To Clean Dyson Vacuum Head

How To Clean Dyson Vacuum Head


The head of your vacuum cleaner is the primary point from where the dust, debris, or other things get inside the canister. The machine magnets the waste particles to come and sucks. 

But the machine will not attract unnecessary items if it is full of debris and needs to be renovated. But you don’t know how to uncover it or what things you can use to wipe the dirt out from it. 

In this guide, I will share how you can clean a Dyson vacuum’s head. Let’s dive into the discussion. 

How To Clean Dyson Vacuum Cleaner’s Head?

Usually, the cleaning process of any Dyson vacuum cleaner’s head is the same. Follow the below-mentioned steps to clean it properly – 

  • At first, remove the forefront from the body of the machine. Then search for a horizontal line at the side of a joining part of a head.
  • Use a coin and place it in the line; hold and rotate it anti-clockwise. You will hear a click sound, meaning the removable section is available to apart. 
  • Detach the cover and take out the wheels.
  • You can clean them with a wet cloth or wipe them out. Moreover, you can remove hair entangling the rollers. 
  • Make sure they are dry enough to reuse. 
  • When they are dry enough, set them to their desired position. 
  • Cover the detached part. But make sure to use the broader region of the removable cover first. After that, push the narrow point to the position. 
  • Use the coin again to lock the lid. Now, turn the line clockwise, and continue until you hear a click sound. 


Dyson vacuum needs good maintenance regularly. You clean the other equipment parts but are indifferent to the machine’s head. But it is necessary to give it the same priority, or else it will be clogged, and you cannot clean the surface properly. 

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