How To Clean Dyson V6

How To Clean Dyson V6


You have purchased a Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner for regular use to make your house dust free. But you notice that the machine is not performing like before. Why? It happens due to the dust that prevents the gadget from functioning well. 

It will be back in action when you clean the entire machine thoroughly. The cleansing method is simple and can be done in an hour. 

So, let’s see the washing guideline. 

Dyson V6 Cleaning Method

Dyson V6 is a combination of separate parts that can be detachable. So when you think of cleansing the machine, you first have to disjoint the parts and wash them one by one. 

The parts are the brush head, canister, pipe, HEPA filter, pre-filter, and cyclone. These parts are in close contact with the dust and must be polished. 

So, let’s start with how to clean the adjustable parts. 

Brush Head 

First, you need to clean the brush head. But unfortunately, it is the one that becomes entangled with dust or hair or animal dander. When the brush head is blocked with filthy things, it can not suck the waste particles.

Disconnect it from the pipe by pressing the switch that is to be found on the wand. 

After removing the head from the stick:

  1. Search for the screw or a vertical line to open the cover of the brush head.
  2. Use a screwdriver or a coin to unscrew the lid.
  3. Set the screwdriver and rotate it anti-clockwise, and the shield will open up. 

After that, take the roller out and start the cleansing operation. Use a wet microfiber cloth to wipe the wheel. If the broom is covered with hair, it will be tough to separate it with bare hands. So, what to do? Use a scissor to cut the hair, which is the easiest way. 

You can deeply clean the tube if you want. For this, unscrew the other screw to extend the space in the line. It is found on the surface area of the brush head. 

Leave it until it is dry and ready to use. 


The second part is to clean the pipe. First, check if it has a blockage or not. Then, remove the jam with a stiff, narrow ruler or metal. You are also allowed to use a wet cloth to clean the inside section of the pipe. 


The canister is the resting place of the dust. The vacuum cleaner swallows the dust particles and drives them to the vessel for the final dumping. Therefore, it needs to be clean after regular use. Otherwise, it will be overloaded, and the device will create a malfunction due to no access to the bin. 

Release the box by pressing the remove button that is to be found behind the container. But before removing the vessel, check whether it contains dust. If it has, release it by pressing the same button. 

The lid will open up and dump the unwanted things. You should wear a mask or hide your face with a cloth if you have a sickness in the dust. 

Now, separate the bin, wipe it with a cloth, and then use water. But make sure the contacts in a box should not drenched, and don’t use detergent or a dishwasher or any chemical for cleansing.

Now, leave it and make it dry. 


The Dyson vacuum cleaner has two filters, but only the pre-filter is washable. Wiping the filter is essential as it traps the dust and becomes covered with them. As a result, its efficiency continues to decrease.

The filter should be polished once a month to increase its performance. 

Take the filter from the top of the cyclone section. Now, tap it on the sink or a dust bin to separate the dust from the filter. 

Now, use water for further washing. First, clean the surface area of the filter by scrubbing with the palm of your hands. Next, insert water into the filter and let it run for ten seconds. Repeat the process until you find the water runs clean. The polishing procedure takes four to five minutes. 

After completing the wiping approach, take the filter to where there is much airflow and no direct sunlight. Because when the filter encounters the sun rays straight, the risk of damaging the filter occurs. 

Using a microwave oven or a hair dryer to dry the filter is prohibited. Moreover, you can not leave it to the naked flame because the damaging issues remain the same. 

Cyclone Section

As the cyclone part is adjusted with the canister, then it can be a target for the dust to be dirty. When you separate the vessel, you will see dust particles inside the cyclone. Brush it, and the filthy things will remove. If earthly things remain, you have to disjoint the cover of the cyclone. 

It would be best if you had a screwdriver to uncover the lid. Find the hole in the cyclone part, insert the screwdriver, and press downward to discover the inside part. Clean inside using a brush; for the displaced part, you can use water to polish it; afterward, use a dry cloth to remove the water. 

Let the cyclone section dry properly before attaching. 


Giving the vacuum a complete washing process brings the best result for you. It enables the device to work more precisely without causing problems to the gadget. So follow my guideline to know the washing method and get better performance from the instrument. 

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