How To Clean Dyson Canister Filter

How To Clean Dyson Canister Filter


How to clean Dyson canister filter is a trendy question in your mind every time you find the filter is dirty and needs to be cleaned. I assure you the cleaning process is simple and doesn’t take much time.

You should cleanse the filter once a month because, for better functioning of the filter, it is mandatory to wash. The dust and the debris are stuck in the filter, which does not allow the airflow to pass.  

As a result, the machine’s efficiency declines, and the dust is still in the room. 

I will share two models of canister filters and their cleaning methods in this guideline. So, dive into the matter without wasting time. 

How To Clean the Dyson DC39 Canister Filter?

When you think of taking out the Dyson DC39 filter and washing it in cold water, you have to do some steps to bring it out. The filter in Dyson DC39 is in the upper section of the canister and secured with a cover. 

You first have to disjoint the canister from the machine, and to do this, press the release button at the side of the handlebar. Then, wash and make it dry to use. 

Let’s see the process-

First, disconnect the power connection from the outlet. By removing the plug, you can switch off the electric connection of the device. 

Find the button near the carry handle, and press it. By doing so, the cyclone portion and the canister remove from the equipment. 

Now, remove the filter from the top of the cyclone part and take it to the water. Use cold water to drench it, and also make sure not to use a dishwasher or chemical to polish the filter because it will cause filter damage. 

Open the tap and fill the inner part of the filter with water for 10 seconds. Now, turn the filter upside down and strike gently ten times. After completing the task of cleaning the inside section, then give time to clean the surface part. 

Hold the filter under the water and gently scrub the outer part of the filter with your hands. Repeat the process until the waste particles remove from the filter. It needs only four to five minutes to wash the filter properly. 

Place it in a place where there is much airflow. Don’t dry it with the help of direct sunlight, any hair dryer, microwave oven, or a naked flame. Don’t use it until it completes 24 hours to dry.

When it is dry, take it to the cyclone portion and insert it to fit. Set the assembled cyclone and the canister part into the machine and push the handlebar to join the completed piece. 

How To Clean Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Filter?

Now, let’s talk about the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum filter. How to clean it? Well, whether the models of Dyson are cordless or not, it does not matter. The exciting thing is the filter in each model is prone to be washable, and you can do it without facing any hesitation. Vacuum Cleaner Dyson V6 Up Top Dyson V6 Total Clean Price Offre, PNG,  1780x1010px, Vacuum Cleaner, Artikel, Broom, Buyer, Hardware Download Free

Moreover, like other models, in Dyson V6 cordless vacuum filter, the canister filter or the pre-filter is at the top of the cyclone. Therefore, it is not covered with any lid nor press any button to release it. 

Hold the filter stick and turn it upward to remove it from the cyclone chamber. You will see much dust and debris covering the surface section of the filter. Move the filter upside down and tap it on the sink or the dust bin to remove the soot from the body. 

You will easily clean the filter more precisely when you give time to wash it. Only four or five minutes is enough for the wiping procedure.  

Open the tap and set the filter under the water to get wet. Polish the front section to remove the extra dirt and fill the inside part of a filter with water. It has to do so because soot is not only on the exterior but also filth can be found in the interior region. 

Rinse and squeeze it until the water gets clear. For more deep cleaning, you must extract the frame inside the filter. The stick is attached to the filter cover by a small switch. Use a blunt and stiff thing to set and give pressure but not so much to detach it. 

The pole will open out and wipe it if you find any wastage. The process is the same for cleaning the interior section. Just drench and squeeze and make it dust free. 

Now, find a suitable area where there is no possibility of hitting the direct sunlight, and there is a windy atmosphere all time. Leave the wet filter there and count for 24 hours. The saturated filter needs that time to be waterless. 

Don’t put it in the microwave oven or use a hair dryer to make the filter arid. Instead, set it to the required position when it is ready to use. 


The filter is good at its cleaning when it is dust free. It traps the soot and makes your house safe from filth. Moreover, a washed filter doesn’t clog and doesn’t let the machine function more work which may reduce its lifespan. So, maintain the filter sponging regularly. 

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