Honeywell T4 vs T6

Honeywell T4 vs T6 – What Makes Honeywell T6 Best?


Honeywell T4 and T6 are amazing thermostats that maintain your home’s temperature. Both of them have some handy features; that’s why I’ve shared their differences here so that you can easily make your decision. Let’s get into the discussion –

What Are the Differences Between Honeywell T4 vs T6?

Honeywell T4 Honeywell T6
Honeywell T4 is not Honeywell Home App compatible. Honeywell T6 is Honeywell Home App compatible.
The T4 has an LCD screen. The T6 has a touchscreen.
This is not energy star certified. This is energy star certified.
It has 1 stage Heat/Cool feature. It has 2 stages Heat/Cool feature.
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Honeywell T6 is a very convenient thermostat compared to Honeywell T4. So, I recommend you choose this device for your home. And if you want to know the details, I also describe the details here –

What Features Made Honeywell T6 Best?

  • The display type made the first difference; Honeywell T4 is built with an LCD screen, while you will get a Touch Screen with T6. So, operating your device with a touch screen is very straightforward, which I don’t need to mention.
  • T6 uses Geofencing to help you save energy, which is not available on T4. Moreover, this device is Energy Star Certified, while T4 is not.
  • You can control your device from Honeywell Home App, which is very frank. Contrary, T4 is not compatible with the app. Furthermore, T6 can use Alexa plus Google Assistant, including other voice command devices.
  • Honeywell T6 uses two heat/cool systems and also comes with one cool and two heat pumps. Besides, Honeywell T4 has one heat/cool system, including one heat/cool pump.
  • You will get a professional installation guide with Honeywell T6 so that you can install the device easily. But T4 requires professional installation, so you have to call an authorized professional, which is a little bit of a hassle.

As you can see, the unique features made Honeywell T6 the best thermostat here. You can consider this device; if you are interested in checking the price, just press the buttons below.


Similar Features

  • They come with a 5-year warranty, which is very convenient as you can use the devices for many years to come.
  • Both can be powered by a battery or using a hardwire.
  • The thermostats provide 2AA batteries plus other accessories.

If you are convinced with these similar functions, you can choose any of these two thermostats. But you have to go with Honeywell T6 if you want the best service with improved features.

Other Specifications Chart of Honeywell T4 vs T6

Specifications  Honeywell T4  Honeywell T6
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5  4.7 out of 5 
Dimension  4.06 in x 4.06 in x 1.09 in (H x L x W) 4.06 in x 4.06 in x 1.09 in (H x L x W)
Weight  13.76 Ounces 4 Ounces
Display Type LCD Screen Touch Screen
Type of Thermostat  Programmable  Programmable, Low Voltage, Communicating, Digital
Installation Process  Required Professional Installation DIY Installation 
Program Modes 7-Day Programmable, 5-1-1 Programmable, 5-2 Programmable,Manual / Not Programmed Geofencing, Manual / Not Programmed, 7-Day Programmable, 5-1-1 Programmable, 5-2 Programmable
Power Supply Hardwired, Battery Powered Hardwired, Battery Powered
Included Accessories  Installation Instructions and User Guide, T4 Pro Thermostat, 2 AA Batteries, Honeywell Home Decorative Cover Plate, UW Mounting System, Honeywell Home Standard Installation Adapter (J-box adapter), Screws and anchors Getting Started Guide, Screws, and anchors, Professional Install Guide, T6 PRO WiFi Thermostat, Honeywell Home Standard Installation Adapter (J-box adapter), Honeywell Home Decorative Cover Plate

UWP Mounting System

Fan Function Cycled, Continuous Cycled, Continuous
WiFi Specifications 2.4GHz range 2.4GHz range
Color White White
Warranty 5 Years 5 Years

Features and Benefits of Honeywell T4 and T6 


Honeywell T4 and T6 are smart thermostats that look stylish; these two are lightweights compared to other traditional devices. But the significant difference between the T4 and T6 is the display type. Honeywell T4 is built with an LCD that has buttons. Besides, the Honeywell T6 uses a touchscreen display, which is very simple to operate.

Moreover, these devices are the same in size; 4.06 inches high, 4.06 inches long, and 1.09 inches wide. But the weight is slightly different, and the T4 is 13.76 ounces while the T6 is 4 ounces. Also, these thermostats come in white color. However, since the T6 is built with a touchscreen, you can select this for convenience.

Installation Process 

Honeywell T4 required an authorized professional for the installation process, while the T6 doesn’t. The installation is another most significant difference between these thermostats. However, if you choose the T4 plus that wants professional results from your device, don’t forget to call a professional. Remember, Honeywell doesn’t offer free installation with a warranty, so you’ve to pay extra for this. Besides, the T6 provides a professional installation guide that also helps you save some money. Mounting the device is too simple, don’t worry about doing it yourself. Batteries or hardwired can power both thermostats. Furthermore, you will get 2 AAA batteries, including the thermostats in the box.

Easy to Control 

Controlling these devices is simple and straightforward as you can see everything on the screen. The T4 uses an LCD; that’s why you’ve to operate the device with buttons. While the T6 uses the touchscreen, so it’s obvious it is easier to use. However, the screen will show you the temperature, including other things you need to set up in your thermostats. Both of them have the menu, mode, and fan function on the screen. And the T6 also contains Home, sleep, wake, and away from features included. If you want to use a convenient thermostat, Honeywell T6 should be your choice.

App Compatible 

Honeywell T6 is compatible with the Honeywell Home App, but the T4 is not. The app lets you control the temperature, which is very handy as you can do it from any corner of the house. You can schedule the device right from the app. And when the thermostats need to change the filters, the app will notify you. On the other hand, you’ve to check the T4 to change filters and other things.

Voice Control 

You can be connected with the Honeywell T6 through Alexa or Google Assistant voice command. All you just need to do is command it to increase to decrease the temperature or go to sleep mode, and so on. But the Honeywell T4 is not compatible with any voice command. However, if you want to use voice control, ensure you purchase the voice control device separately.

Focus Mode 

The Honeywell T6 can focus on the room that needs the most that T6 cannot. Once you set the device to focus mode, it will heat or cool the room for you. Unfortunately, this handy feature is missing in the Honeywell T4.

Program Modes 

You will get a 7-days scheduled program from these two devices; it allows you to schedule your thermostats for up to 7 days. The scheduled program helps the user save time. And the Honeywell T6 also uses the geofencing function, which connects with your smartphone to use the location. If you are at Home, the device will work properly, and if you are away from Home, geofencing will ask the machine to go into sleep mode. Moreover, the Honeywell T6 recognizes your lifestyle and controls the device according to it. And if you choose the T4, you won’t get those unique features.

Thermostats Stages 

Honeywell T6 provides you with two heat/cool conventional systems thermostat stages, while the T4 comes with one heat/cool function. Moreover, the T6 also offers two heat/cool pumps, but the T4 has one heat/cool pump. Since you will get better thermostat stages with the T6, this should be your consideration.


The warranty ensures a product’s quality; fortunately, Honeywell T4 and T6 come with a 5-years convenient warranty. You can rely on both thermostats and be sure of using them for many years. And if you require any repair during the warranty, you can do it for free.

Final Words 

Honeywell provides some quality devices; the T4 and T6 are two of them. And I highly suggest you the T6 for you again. It is built with a lot of unique features that are missing in the T4. The T6 is also very simple to operate rather than T4. So you can completely rely on the T6, but if you think smart functions do not require you, go with the T4.

Frequently Asked Questions About Honeywell T4 vs T6

Can I connect Honeywell T4 to my smartphone?

No, because the device does not support Honeywell Home App. But you can connect the T6 since it is compatible with the app.

Can I schedule the T6?

Yes, you can, as the device is programmable and uses the geofencing function. The geofencing uses your smartphone’s location to turn on/off the device and does a lot of handy things that are missing in the T4.

Do they have a sensor?

Honeywell T6 uses a smart sensor, but the T4 doesn’t; however, it helps the thermostat adjust the temperature level automatically.

Can I turn off the T6 by Alexa?

Yes, you can, as the device is Alexa compatible, including Google Assistant.

Do they provide a warranty?

Both Honeywell T4 and T6 come with a 5-years warranty that ensures you quality thermostats.

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