Honda EU2000i vs EU2200i

Honda EU2000i vs EU2200i – Why Honda EU2200i is the best choice?


Honda EU2000i vs EU2200iWe compared the features of Honda EU2200i and EU2000i and found out that Honda EU2200i is better than the previous version EU2000i.

Which Features Made Honda EU2200i Better?

  • EU2200i delivers 10% more power as it is built with a Honda GXR120 engine that provides additional power. In contrast, EU2000i’s engine is made with Honda GXR100 which isn’t much powerful.
  • With Honda EU2200i, you will get a smart generator app and Bluetooth remote control to adjust the power effortlessly. But, you won’t find this feature in Honda EU2000i.
  • The output wattage of Honda EU2200i is 2200 watts, and EU2000i’s output is 2000 watts. So, with EU2200i, you will get better watts to fulfill your everyday needs.
  • This generator works silently than EU2000i as its noise level is 48-57 dBA and EU2000i’s noise level is 59dBA. 
  • EU2200i’s weight is only 40 pounds, and EU2000i’s weight is 45.6 pounds. When the weight is light, you can easily travel with the generator. 
  • The ventilation space is upgraded in Honda 2200i than the previous one EU2000i.

When you are looking for a modern portable inverter generator, which has a powerful engine, better power, and performance in lower noise and remote control capability, then without any further confusion, go for Honda EU2200i.


Similar Features of Honda EU2200i and EU2000i

  • Both EU2200i and EU2000i are portable inverters. So, you can carry these generators effortlessly.
  • The voltage of them is 120V which will create a huge power to run several appliances.
  • They can be used for DVDs, TV, fridge and more.
  • 3 years warranty is provided with them.

Comparison Chart

Specifications HONDA EU 2200I HONDA EU2000I
Editor’s ratings 4.8 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Manufacturer Honda Honda
Style Portable Inverter generator Portable Inverter generator
Product dimension  16 x 20 x 11 inches 20.1 x 11.4 x 16.7 inches
Weight 40 pounds 45.6 pounds
Dimension 16 x 20 x 11 inches 20.1 x 11.4 x 16.7 inches
Displacement  121cc 98.5cc
Fuel Tank Capacity .95 gal .95 gal
Engine Honda GXR120 Honda GXR100
Output Wattage 2200.00 watts 2000.00 watts
Noise Level 48 to 57 dBA 59 dBA
Voltage 120 volts 120 volts
Warranty 3 Years 3Years

Similarities and Differences between Honda EU2200i and Honda EU2000i


Both EU2200i and EU2000i have very powerful engines. But, when we compared, we found that Honda EU2200i has a Honda GXR120 engine and EU2000i has a Honda GXR100 engine. GXR120 is a commercial series engine. This engine provides extremely quiet, smooth, and fuel-efficient performance.

Besides, the weight is very light. Generally, the size of the generator’s engine makes sure the power which it can produce. The GXR120 provides the best performance at 121cc. Honda EU2200i gives you enough support for heavy construction equipment. We can ensure that the GXR120 is better than the GXR100 for better durability and reliability. 


The Honda 2200i is the upgraded version of the Honda EU2000i. When you use the EU2200i, the company has ensured that you will get 10 percent more power than the old version EU2000i.

The wattage output of Honda EU2200i is 2200 watts, and EU2000i’s wattage output is 2000 Watts. You can use a saw (in construction site), a larger TV with this EU2200i inverter generator. But EU2000i may not have the capacity like the EU2200i.

My generator app and Bluetooth capability

The Honda Company has introduced the modern remote control system through your mobile phone app. This app is known as the Honda My Generator Bluetooth App. This application will assist you with controlling the inverter generator all the more helpful.

You can start, stop and monitor critical operations with this fantastic app. This excellent featured app can only be used on Honda EU2200i, not in Honda EU2000i. Along these lines, if you are searching for this stunning current element, you should go with the Honda EU2200i. 

Other features

The dimension of Honda EU2200i is 16 x 20 x 11 inches, and Honda Eu2000’s dimension is 20.1 x 11.4 x 16.7 inches. With a small dimension, EU2200i will be the best convenient inverter generator for you. Besides, EU2200i’s weight is 40 pounds, and EU2000i’s weight is 45.6 pounds.

The cylinder displacement of EU2200i is 121cc, and EU2000i’s displacement is 98.5cc. The Noise level of EU2200i is 48 to 57 dB, and the noise level of EU2000i is 59dB. So, you can see that Honda EU2200i creates less noise than the EU2000i. So, we recommend you choose the EU2200i portable inverter generator. 

Warranty policy

The Honda Company has ensured three (3) years of warranty for residential purpose and commercial purposes. So, you can work with any of the portable inverter generators without having any panic. 


Honda EU2200i and Honda EU2000i are very useful inverter generators, but when we compared, we found that The EU2200i has the above-mentioned modern and professional work-friendly features, which are not available in Honda EU2000i. So, we suggest you choose Honda EU2200i.

Frequently asked questions about the Honda EU2200i and Honda EU2000i

Can EU2200i be used to charge the #1 battery for starting my boat should it die on the water?

Yes, EU2200i can be used. You have to get the 12V charge cable kit that sells for less than $15, and it must have alligator clips for the battery. This is a wonderful piece of gear for your boat.

What is the meaning of the inverter? How is that different from a generator that does not say inverter?

When you are looking for cleaner power that ensures less electrical noise, voltage fluctuations, and frequency variations, then you should go for an inverter generator. Besides, the inverter generator does not run at a fixed speed. On the other side, a regular generator runs at 3600RPM all the time, and the speed is fixed. An inverter generator can run at lower speeds and be more efficient. 

Can the EU2000i inverter generator handle powering 1000watts of lights for 18 hours a day, every day?

This inverter generator can power 1000Wt, but the fuel capacity is only .95 gal, so it can run only 8 hours. We recommend running the unit for 8-10 hours before refueling and letting the inverter unit cool down. 

What is the weight of the Honda EU2200i? 

The portable Inverter generator Honda EU2200i’s weight is only 40 pounds. 

Between EU2200i and EU2000i, which one is quieter? 

EU2200i is quieter than the EU2000i, as its noise level is 49-57dbA and EU2000i’s noise level is 59dBA. 

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